How to choose a cloud computing coin for the mining circle game?

The quality of arithmetic coin projects varies, and the benefits they bring vary greatly due to factors such as the physical mining sites and mining teams behind them.

How to choose a cloud computing coin for the mining circle game?

Mining has always been an unchanging topic in the cryptocurrency world, and it is also a business that can never lose money.

This year, under the manipulation of Tesla president Musk’s shouting orders, the market of the cryptocurrency circle can be described as ups and downs; Musk’s versatility is comparable to that of a heroine in a Joan of Arc drama, except that his aim is to get all the wealth in his pocket, from shouting orders for dogcoin, declaring that Tesla does not support bitcoin payments and other dramatic twists and turns, leaving cryptocurrency users in deep water. One day, cryptocurrency users who were indulging in the freedom of wealth brought by dogcoin were silent the next day, sharing “if it drops again, people will be gone” in major communities. The main stream coins plummeted indirectly triggering the small air coins to zero, which can be called a day in the coin circle, three years on earth.

The main market of the bull market is as stable as an old dog, and the small coins are flying, so it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the coins; and the plunge is the best opportunity for the coin people to identify. In the recent plunge of Musk’s tweet announcing “dumping bitcoin”, none of the pet coins that were touted to be in the sky tended to be close to 0. On the contrary, “ICP, FIL, BTCST, XCH” and other coins that are dependent on physical miners or ecology, were The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

In the game of cryptocurrency circle opinion, as small leeks we do not have greater influence to sway the whole market, want to get high returns will have to bear high risk, but this risk is mixed with too much gambling, often the consequences are unbearable to lose all the money. After years of experience in the coin circle, I believe that mining is the only low-risk, high-yield project that is stable in both the bull and bear markets. When the bear market comes, hoard the coins; when the bull market comes, sell the coins. The only risk is that you can’t take the coins in the bear market.

Although it is said that mining is a sure thing, but after more than a decade of gaming in the mining world, the threshold is no longer like when Bitcoin was first introduced for everyone to enter; especially the popular coins such as FIL and CHIA that have become more popular in recent years, the threshold is even higher in the case of mining machine explosion, making it inaccessible to ordinary coin users. In this frenzied and urgent market, the arithmetic coin was born, perfectly solving the problems of high market threshold and physical mining field maintenance, giving ordinary coin users the opportunity to join the mining army. However, the quality of arithmetic coins on the market varies due to the different physical mining sites and mining teams behind them, and the benefits they bring vary greatly. So how do you choose a coin of arithmetic to avoid the plunge in the market and the uncontrollable damage caused by the mining circle game? I’m going to analyze the more popular projects available on the market!


BTCST is a token collateralized by 0.1TH/s real bitcoin arithmetic, with a power consumption ratio of 60W/TH. miners contribute arithmetic to the platform in exchange for BTCST tokens issued on the coinan smart chain. holding BTCST is equivalent to owning the underlying arithmetic, and collateralizing BTCST on the chain entitles users to receive mining rewards in the form of bitcoins. All BTCST tokens, with the exception of 1,000,000 initial circulating tokens, will be released linearly each week for 25 weeks.

The price premium of BTCST, which relies on bitcoin miners plus endorsements such as Coinan, is very severe to a certain extent, so its true value is calculable, but its expected future value is very ambiguous. For investors who use it as a mining product, the inflated price is certainly unacceptable (not as good as mining machine hosting or cloud computing power). For retail lobbyists who speculate, it may also lack room for imagination in the current bull market. Furthermore, the linear release cycle in 25 weeks is too long and may experience a bull and bear at the rate of coin renewal.


XCH is the mining token for Chia, an attempt to improve on proof-of-work-based blockchains with a new consensus algorithm called spatial and temporal proof. Instead of consuming massive amounts of power and wasteful single-purpose ASIC hardware to validate transactions, spatial proofs take advantage of the oversupplied surplus disk space that already exists in the world today.

Chia has been a huge hit this year, pushing up the hard drive market under the banner of hard drive mining, leading to “hard drives off the market” once hitting Weibo hotspots, and the reality is that more businesses are not selling their products, and prices are calculated by the minute, with spikes and drops being common, completely disrupting the entire hard drive market. The XCH token is currently priced as high as 1000u, and there is no more room for growth by market value.


Factor (FTR) is a digital asset financial ecosystem that uses arithmetic as settlement collateral and is dedicated to solving the existing mining – on-chain finance problem.

Factor has abundant mining resources in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Sichuan, China, and the team assets behind it include, but are not limited to, the largest mining pools and cloud mining service providers at home and abroad.

At present, the physical world is migrating to the digital world, and the physical IPFS mines across the country give strong arithmetic support for FTR digital passes in the physical world; the arithmetic power of IPFS miners and the valuable pass FIL provide value guarantees for the FTR passes issued by them.

The Factor project team has standardized and encapsulated the arithmetic power of IPFS miners from multiple head entity mines. At the current unit price of FIL’s arithmetic power, it is around 15,000 RMB per T. Its initial anchor arithmetic for a single pass is 0.001T effective arithmetic.

Factor will encapsulate 2P arithmetic in the first phase and ensure that the total number of passes circulating in the market always corresponds to Factor’s total IPFS mining capacity, making pass holders legally and functionally equivalent to owning the underlying Filecoin mining rights through regular third-party audits, monitoring and disclosure.

The essence of Factor’s use of arithmetic as settlement collateral is to transition the wealth form of the miner from commoditization and equity to a new phase of digitization.

IPFS arithmetic drives the development of Factor, while Factor pulls the growth of IPFS arithmetic. The team plans to integrate the potential arithmetic of global mines at a later stage to make it a successor component of the ecology, so as to continuously expand and improve the FTR-FIL arithmetic integrated financial ecological service system in Factor ecology, and continuously promote the development of IPFS mining through technological innovation.

You chose PIG, I chose DOGO, we all once had a bright future, we are now waiting in line on the rooftop. In the cryptocurrency world choice is greater than effort, risk is not equal to gain, while desiring high gain you should also do a good job of risk prediction, and arithmetic coin may become one of the methods to avoid risk in the future.

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