How to buy and sell NFT on the tweet trading platform Cent

Cent is a creative income platform, a tweet trading platform, and an NFT creation and issuance platform. On Cent you have complete control over the monetization and distribution of the content you create.


Cent has a simple interface and complex technology of mission, so that everyone can get benefits from anywhere. Simply put, this is an evolution and upgrade from the development of social networks to sources of income. It runs on the two core principles of “incentive” in(cent)ivization and “distributed” de(cent)ralization, hence the name.

Cent was created based on some key ideas: First, social networks are actually content networks. Automated systems, code, and robotics will continue to replace human jobs and their sources of income. Usually this kind of work is not directly dependent on human-specific labor. The only labor peculiar to human beings is the labor that computers (currently) cannot do. The foundation of the future economy must rely on things that are difficult to translate into algorithms. This foundation must be composed of certain profit-making mechanisms, and these mechanisms can directly use the non-algorithmic parts of human beings-viewpoints and creativity to profit.

Cent’s Valuables is a tool that can turn tweets into NFTs. Any user can buy others’ tweets or sell their own tweets. Previously, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made his first post on Twitter. The tweet, which is also the first tweet in the history of the entire Twitter platform, was made into an NFT through the Valuables tool and auctioned, and finally ended the auction for more than 2.9 million US dollars.

Therefore, Cent can be regarded as a platform driven by Digital Identities. Cent provides tools for people who make a living by creating, planning, and working together. All activities (texts, pictures, videos, interactions…) of users on the Internet are exclusive to the users themselves and their collaborators. Users should control where the content appears, how personal data is used, and (most importantly) how it is monetized. All ownership records are permanently stored in encrypted digital storage on the public network, and users can view them at any time. Digital identity is also independent of the platform. Users can freely create identities on any existing network (and platforms that will appear in the future), and come and go freely in it.

It is worth mentioning that Mask Network invested in the NFT creation and distribution platform Cent. With the support of Cent and its tweet trading platform Valuables, Mask Network expects that users can directly buy and sell tweets on Twitter, and provide real-time tweet NFT price query functions in the near future. Users who scan the content they like, or who want to support production, can also directly open a price to have relevant tweets.

The tweet itself will still exist on the Twitter platform. Through the transaction operation, the user purchases a unique digital certificate that is verified and issued by the tweet author himself through encryption technology. In addition to the digital signature from the author’s wallet address, the digital certificate also includes the metadata of the original tweet: such as the publisher, the time of publication, the content of the tweet… Cent stated that these metadata will be stored on the Matic chain. Users can do everything they want with the tweets they own, including secondary sales on Valuables.

In fact, you can try to participate in Cent and post your first tweet.

First, the user needs to register-log in to the mailbox-fill in the user name


Follow the steps to create and publish a post


There will be an icon in the upper right corner after publishing. Click this icon, and the post will be minted and will always be engraved on the immutable ledger of the blockchain.

After that, the user will be able to manage the newly created NFT posts and set the selling price of the NFT posts. If someone is willing to pay the amount set by the user, the NFT posts will be transferred to the address associated with their cent account.


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