How to apply Metaverse Medicine in the Metaverse

Metaverse medicine is one of the first industries or fields to explode. In the future, the Metaverse will change the current hospital connection model, and it will also completely change the current medical treatment logic and doctor-patient relationship. Maybe in the not too distant future, people’s sense of gain when they touch the Metaverse medical treatment will be more real and urgent than the Metaverse entertainment.

With the upgrading of technology, the leap to liberate doctors’ hands has been realized. Virtual doctors and medical diagnosis are described in the garden. Patients can wear VR equipment to communicate with doctors face-to-face, but in fact medical behavior should not only satisfy emotional value, but also The important thing is how to accurately and quickly diagnose the patient’s condition and how to treat the disease in the future. AI medical can also use deep learning technology to automatically identify clinical data indicators, simulate the doctor’s thinking and diagnosis reasoning, and conduct patient inspections and report analysis at the same time. , providing medical advice.

How to apply Metaverse Medicine in the Metaverse

There’s a hospital in the Metaverse

The UAE has launched the first Metaverse Hospital to provide patients with medical services without leaving their homes.

This virtual hospital (UAE) is managed by Thumbay Group, a healthcare provider. The hospital provides VR or AR equipment to patients, and patients can visit the hospital through the equipment. From the information desk, outpatient clinics, to each department, there are corresponding doctors Liaise with medical staff and patients.

This Metaverse Hospital in the United Arab Emirates has opened a beneficial exploration of immersive medical treatment. Of course, people’s imagination of Metaverse + medical treatment is not only limited to immersive medical treatment. Industry insiders pointed out that if Metaverse Medical will really come, then AR/VR Technology may be the entrance to the Metaverse for the medical field.

How to apply Metaverse Medicine in the Metaverse

How does AR/VR empower precision medicine?

AR/VR technology is being widely used in multiple medical scenarios.

The human brain is a very complex and sensitive organ. For brain tumor surgery, success is more than simply successful removal of the tumor. Brain surgery must be performed with great precision and minimize damage to surrounding brain tissue. One of the tricky surgeries.

In the past, although intraoperative navigation technology was beneficial for surgeons to handle complex organ operations, due to the extremely complex brain surgery, the operation was still highly dependent on the surgeon’s surgical skill. And mixed reality technology can help surgeons even more in this regard.

How to apply Metaverse Medicine in the Metaverse

Meta-medical scenarios are widely used

The rapid development of emerging technologies represented by current information technology and artificial intelligence has greatly expanded the scope of time, space and people’s cognition. Human beings are entering an era of intelligent interconnection of all things, and “human-machine-object” is integrated. In the new era of ternary integration of human, machine and object, it is further promoting new scientific theories, technical viewpoints and development systems of multi-domain cross-integration including Metaverse, human-machine integration, virtual-real interaction, human-machine collaboration, and swarm intelligence. Among them, the Metaverse is a typical scenario in the era of “human-machine-object” ternary integration. It will become an important carrier for accelerating the construction of digital China and realizing the digital economy, and it will also be the best testing ground for artificial intelligence technology.

When the new infrastructure for health data collection is completed, graded diagnosis and treatment will be accelerated, and medical resources will further sink. Real-time monitoring, home monitoring, and community-based detection will meet the needs of most non-emergency patients and patients with chronic diseases. With the help of artificial intelligence, online consultation, cloud diagnosis and other functions, it is better to keep minor illnesses out of villages and serious illnesses out of counties. For hospitals and doctors, the run on medical resources by the top three hospitals will be alleviated, and the time allocation of doctors will be more reasonable. Physicians will devote more time and energy to diagnosing complex diseases, academic research and innovation.

Today, we may feel various inadequacies in medical testing and monitoring equipment, and universal Metaverse medicine is still far away from us. However, with the rapid development of related equipment and infrastructure, access to health data will be gradually simplified to almost no role. Maybe in the not too distant future, Metaverse Medical will be as convenient and fast as we are now when we turn on our mobile phones to order food. People’s sense of gain when they touch Metaverse Medical will be more real and urgent than Metaverse Entertainment.

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