How to advance to become an airdrop master?

There are two kinds of logic for airdrops, one is the reward for internal test users and users; the other is the project launch to gather popularity.

How to advance to become an airdrop master?

Hi, guys. There are three main ways to make money in DeFi World, apart from participating in the project’s liquidity mining and IXO new coins, the last one is receiving airdrops (jerking off).

Don’t underestimate this last way, because DeFi World is in the early stages of development and there are opportunities everywhere, and there are many people who can get rich in this way.

The actual fact is that you can find a number of useful tools to help you become a veritable master of airdrops.

The logic of the air cast has two kinds, one is the reward of the inner test users, users; the other is the project on line to pull together the popularity.

The first one, because the project side on the line, usually launched before the test network to carry out preliminary testing, which requires the help of our test users.

Usually we can receive the tokens of the test network for internal testing according to the instructions, the system will take the address of our wallet as a transaction trail, and record our transaction data and operational data.

Based on the data, the project owner will find out the shortcomings and loopholes in the operation, and improve the project to ensure that the project will run smoothly when the main website is launched.

Throughout the process, we help the project to test and provide data to them.

The project owner usually launches the platform coin after the main website is launched, and then in order to thank the early beta testers, they usually distribute some tokens to the beta testers in the form of airdrop.

Another situation is that some projects do not have a platform coin at launch and will only launch their own token model after a period of development.

Many projects will give tokens to these users in order to thank the early adopters or long-term users, such as UNI in the early days and AMPL later.

The second logic is more straightforward, that is, to pull in the popularity, to know that the survival of a project in addition to the project itself to be good enough, but also in the popular flow of continuous support to be able to have better development.

This is the same principle as opening a supermarket, you have opened a new supermarket, others do not know you for the first time will not dare to enter the store transaction, so the supermarket usually have to do – some activities, such as handing out eggs, handing out candy and so on, others will taste the sweetness, you will go to trade or even help you promote.

So a start-up DeFi project wants to get a piece of the highly competitive decentralized world and get big traffic and big capital.

The first step is to attract others’ attention, and the best way to do this is definitely to conduct an airdrop of tokens before or after the launch, which is equivalent to a supermarket handing out eggs for publicity.

Of course the project will attach certain conditions, such as attention to its Twitter, DISCORD and so on; at this time if you are a white you may be very confused, what is twitter, telegram, discord it? What are these tools? Where to download them?

The next content is for the white tailor-made airdrop master tool book, just like the previous launch of DeFi utility tools, as long as these tools are downloaded and collected, and then repeatedly practical in the actual battle, you will certainly progress to a real airdrop master!


chrome This browser needs no introduction, whether you install the small fox wallet or visit DeFi website, is a best browser, can say that the installation index is 5 stars.

If you haven’t installed it yet and want to find a more reliable way to download it, I recommend you go to 360 Software Manager and search for “chrome”, then download the 64-bit stable version.

VPN (Ladder)

The importance of scientific Internet access is self-evident, without further ado, we recommend a reliable paid software: Yundai.

Website:; register and choose a paid package.

Little fox wallet

We lead airdrop masters must be able to interact a lot, have a web-based multi-currency wallet is unable to escape, small fox (metamask) is your best choice!


Our public number has an installation tutorial: How to participate in DeFi from 0 for cryptocurrency whites?

TP Wallet

Mobile wallets are a must for mobile airdrop masters, it allows you to quickly create wallet addresses as well as interact with them. With so many mobile wallets, we prefer TP (Token Pocket).

Why TP wallet is preferred? You’ll find it simple, feature-rich and supports multiple chains and applications.



One of our regular operations to receive airdrop is to follow Twitter, if you haven’t registered your account yet, go to注册一个账号. In the web side we have logged in, generally can save the account, the next login directly open on OK.

If you need a cell phone, you can also download a client to facilitate interaction, IOS to go to the store to download.



Jerk hair of course to leave your email address, for the follow-up notice you through IDO or airdrop conditions as a means of communication, we try not to use QQmail and other domestic mailboxes, there is the possibility of not receiving.

We can choose Gmail or outlook, recommended Google Gmail. not yet registered, then hurry to the following URL to register a bar.



Telegram is a kind of cross-platform real-time anonymous chat software, which is usually provided by project parties to their fans to communicate, and following Telegram is also one of the means to obtain many project airdrop qualifications, so let’s also go to download one.



This community application is also something we are bound to encounter in the airdrop community, and we can usually access it directly or download a client for easy use.



Usually want you to stay Github project is to find experienced people involved in the preparation of open source projects.

Not registered can enter the URL:

Some occasional tools will be used

Students can register according to the needs of discretion: medium, oil tube, facebook, instagram, reddit.

So how do we check whether we have received tokens after jacking airdrops?

First, we can directly open the mobile wallet to see if there are new tokens, sometimes others send you airdrops you do not show, then you have to add the contract address of the tokens, so you can see.

Secondly, we open the blockchain browser and copy the wallet address directly on the browser so that we can view all the transaction records of that address, which is very detailed. Bookmark the following key blockchain browser addresses.

  1. Firecoin Ecosystem Chain:
  2. Coin Smartchain:
  3. ethereum :
  4. Solana :

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