How the number one player of Metaverse Metaverse, the super public chain NA (Nirvana) Chain, set off a decentralized “ecological revolution”




The concept of Metaverse originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published by Neil Stephenson in 1992. It originally meant a parallel digital world separated from the physical world but always online. People can use virtual identities to explore automatically. With the promotion of encryption technology, the combination of NFT technology and DeFi technology has shown the feasibility of the concept of Metaverse, which has brought new value growth points to the development of super public chains, and thus opened up the super public chain. The prologue of the public chain’s exploration of Metaverse.

How does the super public chain NA (Nirvana) Chain break through

Following the technological foundation brought by the Bitcoin concept, the traditional super public chain has gradually evolved into three directions in the wave of the times.

They are:

The approachable C-end flow entrance, typical representatives are Axie , UniSwap

Bring efficient and convenient technical services to developers. Typical representatives are Solana and Cosmos

As the cross-chain bridge application of the relay hub, the typical representatives are Near, DOT

With the emergence of the concepts of NFT and DeFi, Metaverse, as a popular NFT ecological derivative market, has brought a new reference direction for the development of traditional public chains, that is, “Metaverse”.

NA (Nirvana) Chain, as a new generation of public chain, upholds a differentiated competitive strategy and is committed to finding new value depressions in the saturated crypto market. The hot metaverse Metaverse has brought new development aspirations to NA (Nirvana) Chain, bringing more possibilities to people by constructing a virtual world that is synchronized and parallel to the real space.


GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse of NFT applications indicate new directions for public chain breakthroughs

The palace of digital art and the rising virtual civilization give the super public chain NA (Nirvana) Chain, which tries to combine the concept of metaverse Metaverse, more imagination.

NA (Nirvana) Chain, as a new generation of super public chain, keenly recognizes that Metaverse has six characteristics: identity ID, social interaction, immersive games, an economic system that combines NFT and DeFi, virtual civilization, and diversified ecology. , Around the six characteristics, NA (Nirvana) Chain has conducted in-depth exploration, from GameFi to SocialFi, to open up the game, social, and public chain ecology, construct a “three-in-one” metaverse metaverse super ecology, break the barriers of the encrypted industry chain, and realize the industry chain Fusion.

With the help of the metaverse concept of Metaverse, NA (Nirvana) Chai has produced the prototype of diversified value solutions to promote the technological changes brought about by the crypto world.

Powered by Metaverse, NA (Nirvana) Chain created GameFi and SocialFi super ecological prototypes

NA (Nirvana) Chain launched a virtual reality world built on the blockchain. Through decentralized governance, players can enjoy governance and voting rights. Through an immersive ecological experience, the virtual digital world and the real world can be integrated. .

In the NA (Nirvana) Chain super ecology, GameFi is the first one among them. NA (Nirvana) Chain has shown us a brand new and fairer business model through GameFi. With the support of NFT and DeFi, it has improved traditional games. The rules have been optimized to change the traditional game segmentation mode, connect players together, and return the ownership of game assets to players at the same time. Based on the encrypted token economic system, a game of “Play To Earn” new economic system is created. Help real people achieve income growth in the virtual world.

Through GameFi, NA (Nirvana) Chain has created a shared and autonomous value network. Secondly, as an ecological linking hub, SocialFi promotes the activity among players based on the value network, and achieves high ecological liquidity. The essence of SocialFi is the manifestation of personal value, that is, everyone can gain benefits by manifesting their own value.

The value discovery of GameFi is completed by the “Play to Earn” mode, and players from all over the world can create value and capture value by playing games. The value contained in SocialFi is hidden in the interactions. We need to capture the value from SocialFi through every interaction between players and players.

In the virtual ecology of NA (Nirvana) Chain, in order to better promote player interaction, players will have their own identity ID. From the moment they have the identity ID, the player will be in the network value of SocialFi.

Regardless of whether it is a large organization or an ordinary player, the identity ID is the same. Everyone obtains higher value benefits by tokenizing their social influence and forming a self-consistent economic system. In this economic system, players can create content, output content, express speech, and social interaction to increase their identity influence. Based on their identity influence, they will receive SocialFi social dividends.

Similarly, NA (Nirvana) Chain has launched the NFT-IP system in order to better promote users to create more distinctive and personalized IP. Both individuals and organizations can issue their own fan tokens in the NA (Nirvana) Chain ecosystem. Fans NFT, namely Fans Token/Fans NFT, promotes the enthusiasm of players in social networks by establishing an encrypted circle of fan groups, which makes the value ecology of SocialFi and GameFi continue to expand, and finally forms a closed loop.

NA (Nirvana) Chain’s infinite conception of the three-dimensional ecology is a dimensionality reduction blow to the traditional business model

With the empowerment of Metaverse, NA (Nirvana) Chain proposes a new governance dimension for the future business governance model. By shaping an open three-dimensional platform (game + social + super public chain), it brings real reality to players At the same time as the sense of space, it also brings sensory impact and enjoyment.

The Internet solves the problems of economic and commercial activities in two-dimensional space. The super ecology created by NA (Nirvana) Chain is an “infinite ecology” built on a three-dimensional perspective. In this ecology, there is no time, no space, no end, no Winners, no losers, all participants are to allow the NA (Nirvana) Chain super ecology to continue indefinitely. Relying on NFT and DeFi technology, this super ecology will become the common intersection of traditional technology and emerging encryption technology. The breakthrough of enterprises and individuals in the digital world brings new opportunities, opens the era of meta-universe marketing, and brings more feasible business solutions!

NA (Nirvana) Chain has created a “Third World” of Chainlink’s real world and virtual practice

NFT’s digital equity proof has promoted the development of Metaverse. GameFi and DeFi ecologically fit, and the in-game assets are confirmed. The combination of NFT and SocialFi realizes infinite social networking under the shared value network and fills the social network of Metaverse. Blank, and the final integration of these three forms the super ecology of NA (Nirvana) Chain.

On the whole, the super ecology created by NA (Nirvana) Chain is the new form of the next generation of the Internet. It is a concrete manifestation of the digital future. It is a subversive innovation. NA (Nirvana) Chain takes the lead in laying out this track, which means In the future, we will have more power to speak and become an important entrance connecting the real world and the virtual world.


It is precisely by virtue of this value trend that NA (Nirvana) Chain can more accurately grasp the blurred boundary between the reality and the meta universe, open the door to industry innovation and economic benefits, and become an innovative public chain without boundaries and ceilings. The block chain industry brings new growth points, creates a shared value network, and realizes the mutual integration of encryption economy and real life!


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