How the Metaverse is changing the content creation paradigm

Content makes up the essence of the Internet and comes in many different forms, with the current iteration of the Web2 Internet supporting text, audio, video, or a combination of all three. However, content is not a free resource. It is content creators who are today the opinion leaders, influencers, and cornerstones of critical services that many businesses rely on, such as advertising, marketing, and public relations management.

The need for content and its quest for independence (embodied by thousands of bloggers and independent performers) has spawned a massive online economy and reaped benefits that many top artists would struggle to match. This economy is called the creator economy: allowing independent individuals to express themselves by providing viewers with content they are willing to pay to consume.

1. The rising power

The creator economy is a huge force: it surpassed a $104 billion market by the end of 2021. Given the snowballing demand for new content from platforms such as TikTok, empowering independent artists and performers, it is difficult for experts to predict the potential market size of the creator economy in the near term.

How is the Metaverse changing the content creation paradigm?

The reason for the unpredictability is that the creator economy is a novel phenomenon that started with the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine at home unleashes the talents of creators and unleashes creativity, while others in isolation need the content they create to entertain.

Considering that micro-entrepreneur founders are closely associated with influencer marketing, a market size of approximately $13.8 billion, it is understandable that further scaling this phenomenon could bring prospects. What’s more, experts believe that the transition to new technology mediums will overwhelm the market and industry by giving content creators new opportunities to promote products and services.

2. Dispersion of talents

More than 50 million entrepreneurs are driving the talent economy, attracting more than $800 million in venture capital.These numbers are just the beginning as new venues are being built quickly.

The development of blockchain technology has brought about a complete revolution in financial markets, empowering individuals rather than institutions and passing ownership of data and funds to their holders. The characteristics of blockchain, such as immutability and complete transparency, have penetrated into many industries, and business orientation has shifted from centralization to decentralization.

DeFi and GameFi have acquired a large number of users from traditional banks and games, and it is only a matter of time before content creators change the environment in which they operate. The content creation model has changed. Combined with blockchain technology, users can motivate content creators, and creators can directly monetize the content without sharing revenue with centralized institutions.

3. Entering the Metaverse

The development of the Metaverse – an all-digital environment powered by Web3 and virtual reality – heralds a new era of content creation. Never before have such advanced tools enabled people to realize radical ideas in the real and virtual worlds.

How is the Metaverse changing the content creation paradigm?

Metaverse enables creators to visualize anything in stunning graphic detail. Anything imaginable with creativity can be realized in the Metaverse for the benefit of all involved. Relying on the Metaverse’s limitless opportunities to incorporate virtual reality, content creators will be able to unleash their creativity and let it run free.

The blockchain foundation of the Metaverse provides additional benefits to content creators as it allows them to employ various mechanisms to monetize content through the versatility of the internal cryptocurrency . Users can stake their digital assets to specific creators, encouraging them to publish more content of a certain type. Pay to access special content or simply reward their favorite creators with a donation. There are many ways to monetize content, content creators can always be sure that their talent will be rewarded, and no hosting platform can take away their income.

How is the Metaverse changing the content creation paradigm?

The prospects for businesses are even more lucrative in terms of the content creator economy penetrating the Metaverse.Marketing, advertising, and promotion generally get new developments, as content can be customized in endless ways and seamlessly integrated into the channels of selected creators. The Metaverse offers businesses a whole new realm of audience reach, while creators are a take-off ramp to get products and services in front of users, at a cost.

4. Digital hindsight

The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet as we know it today: a completely user-centric environment designed to take creativity to the next level. However, viewers will not be the only source of income for content creators, as businesses are eager to enter this lucrative niche and take advantage of the possibilities offered by native, organic and highly versatile advertising integration in VR content.

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