How strong is the wealth-making effect of SBF: Researched 80 projects and discovered these

For a long time in the past, Solana has been questioned in the circle, “PoH consensus technology is too difficult to make it.” Now the doubts are getting weaker, and those people who were once have been convinced by Solana ( SOL ).


At the beginning of 2021, SOL was only $1.8 USD, and now it has exceeded $210, which is more than 110 times higher.

The explosion of Solana and the rocket-like rise of SOL have allowed people to witness the strong wealth creation effect of SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of Alameda Research, and also the founder of FTX Exchange) behind it.

Not only that, its exchange FTX completed a series B financing of up to 900 million U.S. dollars in July this year, and the company’s valuation reached 18 billion U.S. dollars, creating the highest record in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Today we will take a look at what are the investment highlights of SBF and Alameda Research, which projects have been invested in this year, which projects have issued tokens, which projects have not yet been issued, and who is likely to be the next Solana?

Portfolio highlights

According to the official website of Alameda Research, it was established in October 2017 and manages more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in digital assets, and trades 100 to 10 billion U.S. dollars in thousands of digital currencies and their derivatives every day.

On its official website, we also found the highlights of its public portfolio. Among them are the current popular projects Solana, 1inch, and popular investment institutions Multicoin Capital.


Golden Finance found that out of 29 token projects, there are 4 Solana ecological projects, 8 DEX and wallet projects, 12 DeFi projects, and 2 privacy projects, including Mobilecoin and Manta worthy of attention.

In addition, according to public information, 18 projects have issued tokens. According to CoinMarketcap data integration, these tokens have increased in the last three months as follows, and 4 of them have doubled:


In addition, according to CoinMarketcap data, Alameda Research’s (SBF) investment portfolio has risen and fallen in the last 7 days as follows:


2021 investment

According to public information, Golden Finance found that Alameda Research’s investment this year is still based on Solana ecological construction and DeFi.

Among them, Alameda Research led the investment including Zenlink, TrustToken, Impossible Finance, MCDEX, Coin98 Labs, Nerve Finance, OVEX, Alchemix Finance, Efficient Frontier, InsurAce , Automata Network, Fantom Foundation, Oxygen,, etc.

In addition, in the combing of Golden Finance, it is found that Alameda Research has appeared together with investment institutions such as Multicoin Capital and Three Arrows Capital.

Among them, the projects jointly invested by Alameda Research and Multicoin Capital include UXD Protocol, Eden Network, Helium, Burnt Finance, REALY, MCDEX, Coin98 Labs, Solana Labs, Oxygen, Manta Network.

Projects jointly invested by Alameda Research and Three Arrows Capital include Balancer Labs, Manta Network, dTrade, Lido Finance, Nerve Finance, Volmex.Finance.

It should be noted that, among all the projects mentioned above, apart from FTX, there is one and only one project in which SBF works-Serum, a co-founder and consultant. In addition, Alameda Research has participated twice in DODO, Mask Network and other projects.

Obviously, with the help of Alameda Research and FTX, SBF will fully open up the upstream and downstream of cryptocurrency, and can receive projects from the top and manage the media and other service organizations, and a crypto empire will emerge leisurely.

Finally, Golden Finance is trying to contact Alameda Research to understand its investment logic and the next investment focus, but it has not yet received a reply.


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