How should DAO’s 2022 start?

In 2021, with the big fire of concepts such as blockchain and Metaverse, another derived term-DAO has also received widespread attention. The so-called DAO, in simple terms, is a new decentralized community organization formed based on blockchain technology that is different from the current company system. It is the basic organizational form in the Metaverse .

The corporate structure’s “control” of social resources has brought about various drawbacks such as waste of resources, wealth tilt, income inequality, and curbing healthy competition. On the other hand, DAO uses a decentralized community autonomy model, which is governed by community members, and distributes various resources fairly based on the contribution of members. The co-construction and sharing characteristics of DAO are also considered by many to be one of the most potential directions in the future social organization structure .

How should DAO's 2022 start?

In 2021, the development of DAO has undergone many changes. While the concept of decentralization continues to gain popularity, the organizational model of DAO has been adopted by many organizations and institutions, and the continuous development of organizations and institutions is promoted through collective governance in the community.The specific form of DAO has shown a diversified development in 2021, and a large number of DAO projects and applications have appeared in the fields of venture capital, media, funding, and collection.

But while DAO is growing like a raging fire, it also faces many practical problems, which hinders the development of DAO to a certain extent.

The most common is the frequent governance attacks . DAO relies on smart contracts to realize code automation governance, and makes project decisions through community voting. It seems that it is going further and further in the direction of autonomy. But in fact, in terms of technical means, there are still many security vulnerabilities in the program code. Some malicious attackers use DAO’s voting mechanism to attack its governance and obtain benefits from it.

At the beginning of 2022, DAO has received the support of many people in terms of the recognition of ideas. Compared with the traditional social structure of the company, people have a stronger interest in DAO. Therefore, the development of DAO needs to solve some technical and social problems .

In a short period of time, we can’t expect much of the leap-forward progress of DAO’s decentralized technology. Therefore, if we want to solve the intelligent attacks faced by DAO, it will be very effective to find another way through manual governance. Strategy. In the long history of mankind, human supervision and censorship have played a very important role.

How should DAO's 2022 start?

Of course, the rule of man will inevitably be centralized. In some people’s eyes, it seems to run counter to the decentralization of DAO. In fact, in the current social situation, the combination of rule of man and autonomy in DAO is not contradictory. Complete autonomy is the future development direction of DAO, and in the current situation that neither technology nor ideology can achieve complete autonomy, manual governance will be a supplement and improvement to the loopholes.

As various countries around the world recognize and support the form of blockchain decentralization in terms of policies and regulations , DAO has gradually been protected in laws and regulations, which is also a manifestation of the integration of rule of man and autonomy in DAO. Under the authoritative supervision of the national government, DAO will also present a more orderly state.

DAO’s 2022 can be said to be a stage of strengthening the infrastructure , and the high-rise buildings will rise on the ground. Nowadays, DAO has many shortcomings in both hardware and software foundations.

The DAO in 2022 may be a crucial year for it. What is its future, let us wait and see.

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