How SakeSwap ILO pushed open the new world of IDO

SakeSwap launched ILO on liquidity crowdfunding to build pools, which can easily solve the high crowdfunding threshold, rush and lack of liquidity in the distribution of projects such as DeFi and NFT.

Following the completion of the dark horse breakthrough in the AMM field, SakeSwap has surfaced again in the IDO trend.

Since the outbreak of DeFi in 2020, a token issuance method with great DeFi characteristics has gradually entered the public eye, that is, IDO (Initial DeFi Offering or Initial DEX Offering) began to make its way into the market.

And the birth of this model was first traced back to the first half of 2019, by the announcement of Raven Protocol in its DEX for IDO, but because any field related to decentralized open finance is a chain reaction, DeFi did not attract the attention of investors at that time, IDO model also failed to make a sound.

It wasn’t until Uniswap made a splash in the AMM model, allowing those proliferating DeFi projects to issue tokens by deploying smart contracts to create pools of money to carry out IDO on Uniswap to bring the market to a climax again.

SakeSwap redefines IDO to sink liquidity value to users

Along with the deepening of the decentralization concept, more and more DEX are involved in IDO issuance mode, which also leads to constant network congestion and rising Gas fees, most investors no longer have an advantage with whales and scientists, and the token price in the pool is significantly pulled up after the latter’s massive capital entry, and the liquidity value cannot be reflected in the project, which is naturally not conducive to price discovery.

The ILO launched by SakeSwap on liquidity crowdfunding to build pools can easily solve the situation of high crowdfunding threshold, rush and lack of liquidity in the issuance of projects such as DeFi and NFT.

ILO for the project side, abandoned the cumbersome issuance process, reduce their own costs, enhance the project liquidity, while in the liquidity pool of the co-funding, capital utilization is maximized to handle, both for the project side and users, the interests are doubly expanded while being protected. This also makes ILO be launched quickly out of the circle to attract NFT projects, and become the preferred liquidity issuance platform for NFT, DeFi and other projects.

In addition, SakeSwap has gone live on the Coinan Smartchain BSC, and is also the only DEX on the BSC with a slippage capture function . At present, 15 tokens and 18 trading coin pairs are online, and there are constantly new high-quality projects joining, so there is huge space for mining.

Project value at a glance


CrossFi is the first project on SakeSwap BSC, a decentralized asset lending and liquidity sharing protocol based on cross-chain interoperability technology, which aims to solve the problem of asset segregation on different master chains.

When the project made its first decentralized exchange coin offering on SakeSwap, the total liquidity pool raised was 90,000 BUSD, and each CRFI = 1.5 BUSD. The project successfully completed the sharing of 60,000 CRFIs within 9 minutes by leveraging the ILO liquidity supply and large community base. All participants are fair competition, without any disturbance of giant whales, completely low threshold for everyone to participate.

Currently CrossFi has launched a new liquidity farming pool on SakeSwap with an APY of 163.462%

How SakeSwap ILO pushed open the new world of IDO

In addition, decentralized projects such as ECAT, FOTO, FANS, etc. have all completed their ILO asset issuance within a minute of SakeSwap.


Unique.Fans is a NFT adult artist and fan offering latform better solutions. Fans is part of the new creator economy driven by blockchain technology. The platform will provide a ready-made marketplace for NSFW artists to convert their work into NFT on the blockchain.

FANS completed ILO on SakeSwap and sold out in less than a minute, and within 1 hour of going live, the FANS price soared 317%, while the APY went up to 1000% in the FANS-ETH farming pool offered by SakeSwap.

How SakeSwap ILO pushed open the new world of IDO


FOTO, an early-launch NFT project, had over 100 users visit and complete the FOTO ILO in just 1 minute when it created it on SakeSwap for its initial liquidity offering, and opened up 411.11% on BiKi, the centralized exchange that went live in the latter debut.

How SakeSwap ILO pushed open the new world of IDO

And after completing the FOTO Liquidity Crowdfunding (ILO), users gained up to 10 times more. It also became one of the projects that helped SakeSwap open up an important distribution platform in the DeFi and NFT space.


ECAT, the EtherCats Governance Token, an NFT collection game. SakeSwap’s development of ECAT as the preferred NFT platform was a qualitative leap forward, with an instant price increase of 430% from $0.01$-0.043$ and ECAT / ETH pool liquidity of over 238 million.

Current price.

How SakeSwap ILO pushed open the new world of IDO

And the APY can be as high as 800%+ in the agricultural pool provided by SakeSwap. It can be said that SakeSwap advances the value discovery of the project from different perspectives.

SakeSwap is establishing IDO distribution order

SakeSwap started as a Uniswap and Sushiswap fork, making a different and critical change in model innovation. In the earliest competition for liquidity mining pools, SakeSwap completed a deep strategic plan on how to innovate crowdfunding and create a minimalist issuance model, and the fair concept of crowdfunding to build pools was mapped to investors’ eyes, while DeFi and NFT as decentralized financial open fields, asset issuance methods have never been fancy, but SakeSwap emerged to make IDO and other issuance order to be gradually standardized.

Of course, the order established by SakeSwap is not yet mature, and there is still much room for development. In addition to providing liquidity for project assets, the platform is also in the process of developing decentralized derivatives. is the first perpetual contract protocol platform built on the Coin Security Smart Chain (BSC) that uses the automatic market making (AMM) model, which can significantly increase the efficiency of market making liquidity by 4,000 times. And the already-launched has already received multi-million dollar strategic investments from GBV, Horizon, CMS and many other institutions.

Currently, the SakeSwap ecosystem is being gradually improved, and the development of all product models will start around the platform and project liquidity, allowing IDO to establish a standardized order and project value to be more easily discovered.

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