How much is a Metaverse city worth?

In the Metaverse city, gravity does not exist, and material limitations do not exist, and the human imagination will also enter a new dimension.

At the end of The Three-Body Problem, the solar system has collapsed into a two-dimensional world, and even the entire universe is facing collapse. Yun Tianming gave Cheng Xin a “small universe”. In this small universe, there were fields, a few white houses, and a few trees.

Cheng Xin was able to escape the collapse of the universe in the small universe, waiting for the birth of a new universe.

This kind of romance that only straight men of science can understand may not have to wait until the end of the world, but can be realized in the “Metaverse” first.

What does a Metaverse dwelling look like?

The British Zaha Hadid Architects, which is marked by curvilinear buildings, announced in March 2022 that it has created a “cyber city” in the Metaverse, where people can use virtual images to enter digital buildings, Land can also be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

How much is a Metaverse city worth?

The fictitious city, called Liberland, is based on the Free Republic of Liberland, founded by Czech politician Vít Jedlička, who claimed to own a small piece of unclaimed land on the border between Croatia and Serbia (referring to Unclaimed and uninhabited), and based on this, a virtual city named Liberland Metaverse was created.

In fact, before the birth of “city”, “residential” has already sold well.

In 2020, artist Christa King created a Metaverse residential work “Mars House” that can be called the representative of her meditative philosophy design.

The piece depicts a futuristic, sci-fi LED room:

An open-plan room with a minimalist gradient space and floor-to-ceiling glass walls rendered in Unreal Engine overlooking a moody mountain.

You can experience it through a VR device, which brings the audience into an immersive meditation room created by the artist with his digital awareness.

“Mars House” also became the world’s first digital home. “I can imagine that there will be digital buildings in the future,” said designer Kim. As VR headsets mature, “people will spend time in digital houses, digital spaces.”

How much is a Metaverse city worth?

And this “Mars House” was also sold on the NFT art trading platform SuperRare at a high price of 288 Ether (more than 510,000 US dollars), which also heralded the germination and development of the Metaverse real estate.

How hot is virtual real estate?

The so-called Metaverse real estate refers to the invisible space in the virtual world. In this space, each parcel of land can be turned into an NFT, you can dig soil, build a house, or even build your own community or brand, and then sell it for auction on the open market.

Currently, The Sandbox and Decentraland are the two major “land providers” for the Metaverse platform, and both have a limited amount of “land”, and both companies say they will never create more.

“The Sandbox” features many famous real estate owners, including American rapper Snoop Dogg, who spent $450,000 on a virtual piece of land to develop his own “Snoopy” The Snoopverse.

Hong Kong real estate giant and New World Development Group CEO Zheng Zhigang also announced an investment to buy one of the largest digital plots in the “sandbox” to build an innovation center, with a reported investment of about US$5 million.

The well-known singer JJ Lin also stated on Twitter that he also owns digital land on the “Decentraland” virtual platform.

The two platforms cover virtual plots, artworks and other customizable assets, and emphasize the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In other words, once the player buys the plot launched by the platform, he will have complete control, he can design buildings on the plot, run the game, and can also resell it to others through the market.

As a result, due to the high demand, lots of these platform launches are often snapped up in seconds by players and investors, and some have turned to secondary markets like OpenSea to buy. The strength of the “real estate speculators” is amazing. Many plots on Opensea have been resold several times, and the price has risen several times.

How much is a Metaverse city worth?

According to MetaMetric Solutions, Metaverse real estate transactions totaled $500 million last year, especially after Facebook rebranded as Meta in October last year, which saw an eight-fold surge in Metaverse real estate transactions.

Where are the business opportunities?

At present, there are three business opportunities that can be cut into the fastest.

The first business opportunity is to buy and sell.

After you purchase the land, you are its sole owner, and the land will no longer belong to the Metaverse platform it is on.You can access your digital parcels on Sandbox or Decentraland, or build things with the platform’s building infrastructure.You can also resell it on secondary markets like opensea.

The second business opportunity is as a virtual architect and designer.

Users who buy digital plots need to hire developers or architects to design the plots, just like in the real world, to help users build the buildings they want, and for a fee.

The third business opportunity is to be an intermediary and help others find housing.

Real estate agencies such as NFT Property Group, MetaMetric Solutions, and Metaverse Group are now acting as intermediaries, helping users search for land parcels in specific areas.

Regardless, behind the staking is an investment in the imagination of the future. Will the Metaverse City be the urban form of the future? We don’t know, but in the future, people will definitely not experience a single universe, instead, they will hop across multiple interoperating “parallel” universes.

After all, in a Metaverse city, where gravity does not exist, nor do material constraints exist, the human imagination will also enter a new dimension.

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