How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

The end of the rainbow universe is real estate, but the Metaverse is not

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Author|Li Hao


“Junjie Lin bought land in the blockchain Metaverse”, my friend Li Lei told me that his favorite idol bought three pieces of virtual land in the Metaverse game at an average price of 6000MANA (MNAN is a virtual world platform Decentraland Tokens), the price is about 195,000 yuan, and the three plots are equivalent to 780,000 yuan.

One week after Lin Junjie started the virtual land, Hong Kong real estate giant and CEO of New World Development Group Zheng Zhigang announced his investment in The Sandbox, the virtual world game of Metaverse, to purchase its largest digital land with an investment of approximately US$5 million, equivalent to RMB 32 million.

Real estate speculators and celebrities enter the Metaverse, making virtual real estate transactions become popular. Li Lei joked, “How much money do I have to spend to be a neighbor with Lin Junjie in the virtual world”?

With curiosity, we visited the virtual land Decentraland purchased by JJ Lin, the Honnverse Rainbow Universe in China.

This article will take you to understand the following three questions:

1. What is the land in Decentraland, and why can it attract Lin Junjie to buy it?

2. Is the Rainbow Universe in China the same as Decentraland?

3. What kind of future is Metaverse?

Start a piece of land, all facilities depend on weaving?

A few years ago, a pixel style game called “Minecraft” once occupied the vast computer game download area. As an infinitely open sandbox game, in “Minecraft” you can build your own house. Raise pets, set up barriers, and even simulate chicken eating games.

In short, start mining with a hoe. All community game styles, survival, creation, and limits are all created by the players themselves.

The Decentraland purchased by JJ Lin is a game similar to “Minecraft” in style and gameplay. In this game, players start a game with their own programming.

Why did this sandbox game, which is almost the same as “Minecraft”, attract JJ Lin to spend 780,000 on virtual land? Next, the jioupai led everyone to explore.

Open the Decentraland official website and find that Decentraland is divided into 3 parts, exploring Decentraland games, buying and selling Decentraland land, decoration and Decentraland game scene editing. Let’s explore the mystery of this game one by one.

First of all, I clicked on the explore Decentraland game. It is worth noting that this game based on ETH can only log in according to the metamask wallet, and log in by other methods such as email can only be in guest mode.

I clicked on the Decentraland game, and what caught my eye was the game pinch face. For a new user, you need to have a character, including gender, hair style, and clothing. One of the accessories needs to be purchased for an additional 1MANA (MANA is the Decentraland blockchain Tokens), but you can enter the game without purchasing.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Metaverse game player selection interface

After I created my identity, I entered the Decentraland game. After clicking on the land around JJ Lin, I found myself standing in a villa near the game Genesis Square. The owner’s bicycle, deck chairs and other facilities were parked in the villa yard.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Lin Junjie’s surrounding villa district streets

After running on the map for a while, I found the virtual land purchased by Lin Junjie, a street around Creation Plaza. 

I found that there is a Nintendo-style house around the land purchased by JJ Lin. At the top of the house is the monster in Mario, the brick monster. There are also two piranhas and a row of Mario at the door of this house. Question mark props. 

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

On the left is the real estate of JJ Lin Metaverse, and on the right is the real estate of Nintendo players

On the other side of the street where Lin Junjie lives, there is a bar. The whole body of this bar is decorated with purple atmosphere lights. The bar’s LOGO says “LOVE LIVE?” After entering the bar, the bar owner wrote in a message, “We will be there every weekend. Here open PARTAY, you are welcome to join”.

According to senior Decentraland players, this bar added a lot of screen plug-ins for streaming media during the scene construction, so every week there will be anchors singing here on the big screen on the second floor of the bar.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Metaverse bar real estate

However, compared with the nearby Nintendo and the opposite bar, Lin Junjie’s house is still in a rough state. In the game, apart from the trees given at the beginning of the game and the initial courtyard appearance of the house, there is almost no sign of decoration.

“Is there only these in the Metaverse? It’s similar to “My World”, right? What else can you do in the Metaverse besides building construction and bars?” said Li Lei, who was sitting next to me.

After our visit, I found that this game, known as the strongest blockchain Metaverse, is far more than that.

During my visit, I discovered that Decentraland has also built a big carousel similar to Macau betting. Players can bet on the game with MANA tokens in multiple players. The points on the big carousel can also be chosen at will like real betting, and the winners One will win the chips of the other three.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Metaverse Gaming Place

However, since I visited this gaming hall in the morning, no one in the hall can bet on the big wheel with me.

After visiting the Decentraland game as a tourist, I also want to buy a piece of land of my own in the Metaverse. So I made a second visit to see how much it would cost to be a neighbor with JJ Lin?

I clicked on the land sale button on the official website, and found the same plot of land with JJ Lin according to the address shown in the screenshot of JJ Lin’s Twitter. 

JJ Lin’s game name in Decentraland is JJlin#98aa. According to JJ Lin’s address on the blockchain, I found his contract address: 0x225558706370bef1760c52e76a07be9c104c98aa.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Lin Junjie’s game address, profile picture, and purchases

According to the ETH browser, JJ Lin has not only bought 3 plots recently. As early as July this year, JJ Lin had already purchased the same encrypted monkey avatar like Justin Sun to enter the NFT assets, and JJ Lin’s Twitter account used it. Encrypted monkey avatar.

However, when I wanted to buy the plots around Lin Junjie, I found that the land that could be bought at 6000 MANA doubled to 20000 MANA overnight, and the price of the land more than tripled, which would cost 400,000 yuan equivalent to RMB 400,000.

And in this plot of land being sold, someone wrote, “The plot closest to JJ Lin is cheap, welcome to consult me ​​to buy it!” According to my guess, this should be sold by the scalper who grabbed the plot near JJ Lin.

It turns out that there are not only scalpers in the real world, but also real estate in virtual land. 

When I visited Decentraland land related information, I found that not only the land can be sold in the Decentraland game, but the clothes, accessories and even names made by the players can be sold in the form of NFT.

In the Decentraland mall, you can click on the NFT button to see the clothes, shoes, and masks made by the player. These products are priced differently according to the number of NFT issued.

Among them, legendary NFTs are the most rare, with item prices as high as 1000MANA, while epic and rare items have more NFTs, so they are not valuable.

For example, legendary NFT masks can be sold for 66MANA tokens (equivalent to RMB 1320) due to their scarcity, while epic clothes can only be sold for 1MANA tokens (equivalent to RMB 20) due to the large number.

And in the official trading mall, players can also trade their own squatting ID. When I visited, I saw someone squatting Zuckerberg’s ID and selling 50,000 MANA (equivalent to RMB 1 million) in the official mall. .

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Metaverse NFT Mall display

It turns out that making money in the blockchain world is so simple? As long as you are creative, you can make money? Under the trend of curiosity, I began to explore the third function of Decentraland-the scene editor.

I got a 32m*32m piece of land in the scene editor, and the land editor showed information such as a land asset package on the right. 

After investigation, I found that the Decentraland land asset package contains green plant-based creation city, desert and lake-based pirate materials, fantasy series with bizarre scenes, science-fiction castles focusing on science and technology, and Chinese elements. The material for the Year of the Pig and a gallery of NFT displays and social links are the main interactive functions. 

Decentraland players can combine the above products through their own creativity. For example, I assembled a Maldives scene in the Decentraland editing simulator that day. Although I have never been to the Maldives myself, it does not prevent me from building one in the game. It belongs to the Maldives.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Odd-even school drawing, Metaverse Maldives

It is worth mentioning that the NFT gallery and social link functions can be actually used in Decentraland games. If you leave a WeChat QR code in the social link, click the button to add the WeChat QR code.

The video plug-in in the editing is also very powerful. Players can install the video plug-in in their own house construction. The video plug-in fills in any video playback address to rebroadcast.

The bar opposite Lin Junjie used a lot of streaming video plug-ins to achieve a similar effect as a resident singer in the bar. 

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Metaverse social link module

In addition to creative scene editing on your own plot, you can even show your company’s name and logo in the plot to let more people know about this company.

For example, after deleting the Maldives scene construction, I used the scene material to place a picture of the name of the odd and even company, and configured it with a courtyard style that is only available in China.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Odd-even drawing, the name of Metaverse Modular Company

After exploring the three functions of Decentraland, whether it is the scene social function, the NFT trading function, or the scene editing function, all have the prototype of the Metaverse.

But when I wanted to buy a piece of land, I looked at the price of the land, and then at my empty wallet. I found that not only I could not afford a house in reality, but also in Metaverse.

The end of the rainbow universe is real estate, but the Metaverse is not

Decentraland is the first fully decentralized game world. Decentraland is controlled by DAO, which owns Decentraland’s most important smart contracts and assets. Through DAO you can decide and vote on the way the game world runs. (DAO is a concept derived from the concept of blockchain, that is, Bitcoin can still operate normally without a founder for 19 consecutive years, and the core is driven by unified interests, and voting rights are dispersed in everyone’s hands. The DAO in the article refers to the community)

This self-introduction of the game about Decentraland shows the difference between Decentraland and the first domestic Metaverse game-Rainbow Universe.

Li Meng, Chairman of Tianxia Show, introduced at the Rainbow Universe press conference, “The Rainbow Universe is a 3D virtual social product based on blockchain technology. The product is mainly based on the 3D virtual planet in the Z era. Users build virtual identities, avatars, virtual spaces, virtual props, and virtual social interactions, and will unite global social celebrities to create an immersive pan-entertainment virtual life community for users, and provide users with application scenarios such as use and communication based on NFT assets.”

Simply put, Rainbow Universe is known as the domestic version of Decentraland, and people can also build houses, create characters, and buy and sell land in the game.

According to official sources, the “Rainbow Universe” platform will issue a total of 350,000 virtual houses. These virtual houses have 13 types of houses according to the different topography of planet P. The circulation and scarcity of each type of house are different. The level of the house is from high to Low levels are divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, and C. The higher the level, the more rare it is. The price ranges from 8.88 yuan to 88 yuan, or even higher.

According to Weibo News, on the first day of the launch of Rainbow Universe, the 88-yuan Rainbow Universe real estate was priced at 100,000 yuan by Xianyu. To this day, there are still many active sellers selling Metaverse real estate on Xianyu. 

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

Legend: Xianyu users hype up Hongkong Real Estate

However, the big V of the currency circle told jioupai that Rainbow Universe and Decentraland are both blockchain technologies but not the same. Rainbow Universe uses blockchain centralization technology, while Decentraland uses ETH decentralization technology. 

What is the difference between centralized games and decentralized games? 

In 2003, Linden Lab released a game called “Second Life”. This game is the same as Rainbow Universe. The developer only provides land, and all creation is determined by the game player.

In 2006, this simulated business game with more than 5 million registered users and more than 3 million active users was rejected by millions of players.

In June 2006, all residents were required to provide Linden Lab with a valid credit card or PayPal account or reply to a mobile phone text message. Users who failed to provide a credit card account and mobile phone number were therefore banned from Linden Lab and could not log in to their account.

This means that if you don’t own the private key, you don’t really own the asset.

On this day, a large number of game players lost the resources they had worked so hard to collect in the game, as well as the products they created in “Second Life”. Since then, the reputation of “Second Life” has also plummeted.

According to Wikipedia records, the centralized game “Second Life” is completely controlled by the game developer, and there have been instances where official spamming of the transaction currency in the game has led to the devaluation of the game currency.

And Linden Lab has the ultimate authority of the game. The game is completely determined by the official from production to operation. Once Linden Lab ceases operations, all the assets of all customers in the virtual world will be wiped out.

The Rainbow Universe released in China is exactly this game. You can see the user agreement under Open Rainbow Universe. In the user account description, there is a “Rainbow Universe has the right to change the member’s permission design.”

This proves to a certain extent that Rainbow Universe, like “Second Life”, officially has huge permissions in this Metaverse game, and even the real estate in the central core area you bought may be taken back at any time.

In the comparison between Decentraland and Rainbow Universe, Decentraland distributes most of the permissions to users, and adds a DAO (community voting) mechanism to the Decentraland page, allowing most users to decide the direction of the game. 

In addition to the different sizes of official powers, Decentraland is also different from Rainbow Universe in terms of economic governance. As an NFT publisher, Rainbow Universe needs to make a profit. The continuous issuance of a large number of game coins will cause the game currency to depreciate and increase prices.

In the Decentraland game release, the number of tokens issued at the beginning is specified. All players are participating in the governance of the Decentraland community step by step and watching the MANA rise. The players in the Decentraland community as early builders are more similar to shareholders than gamers, thus Greatly enhance user stickiness. 

From the perspective of Decentraland and Rainbow Universe, the supply of land prices, NFT issuance, and dress release in Rainbow Universe are all official. Therefore, if the official wants to make a profit, the reason why the supply of Metaverse real estate exceeds supply is also due to the official trading of Metaverse real estate. 

However, the Decentraland game has stipulated the land supply since the first day of the game release, and the real voting rights are in the hands of the Decentraland community members. If the Decentraland community members want to increase their profits, they can only attract more people to play Decentraland. , Or do Decentraland better to make yourself more profitable.

Therefore, the end of the rainbow universe may be real estate, but the end of the Metaverse is obviously not.

We have knocked on the door of Metaverse

In 1992, the famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson launched his novel “Snow Crash”.

In the book, Neil Stephenson describes an online world parallel to the real world and named it “Metaworld”. All people in the real world have a “network clone” in Metaverse.

Both the imagination and reality of the Metaverse are inseparable from the development and evolution of the Internet.

Around 1989 to 2005 was the Web1.0 stage, and the main products were mailboxes and web pages that people were accustomed to. In the Web1.0 stage, everything in the Internet is created by the platform, owned by the platform, controlled by the platform, and benefited from the platform. 

After 2005, the Web 2.0 period was the second generation of the Internet, and the main applications were social networks and e-commerce. At this stage, the platform only provides an infrastructure, and there is very little content created by itself, and most of the content is created by users. 

However, the platform quietly expanded its rights, relying on its control over the technical infrastructure, and took the ownership of user data without a dash of blood.

In addition, how to distribute the value created by these digital content is up to the platform. The value of the massive data footprint generated by users in the process of using the Internet is also held by the platform free of charge.

Comparing Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, it is not difficult to see that although Web 1.0 is not user-friendly and limits the production of digital content and data to a small range, it is in line with the market economy of “who creates, who owns, and who benefits”. The basic principle. 

Web 2.0 is distorted and unreasonable in terms of the ownership and value distribution of digital content and data. The basic rights of creators are deprived and user value is arbitrarily drawn. This is actually a system of digital slavery. 

Recently, the hot exploration of WeB3.0 has begun to show that people hope that there will be a WeB3.0 that is completely different from Web 2.0. According to some descriptions, the yet-to-be-coming WeB3.0 rules should be user creation, user ownership, user control, and protocol distribution, all based on users.

In other words, under this Web3.0 rule, data will no longer be useless data, but upgraded to digital assets, and people’s creative work in the Web3.0 era will also be attributed to their own digital assets. . 

If the steam engine releases productivity with 1,000 times the power and completes the replacement of human labor, then Web3.0 may break the slavery of digital assets and release the energy, creativity and explosive power of the world’s data.

The Metaverse is a world built on Web3.0 rules/thoughts.

From the current scene we can describe and imagine, the DEFI platform, decentralized games and NFT-related trading websites constitute the three major infrastructures of Metaverse.

Among them, DEFI is a decentralized value exchange place, where each person or institution can convert the tokens in the Metaverse into real currency or equivalent. Here, the value of people in the Metaverse is connected with the value of the real world.

Decentralized games exist as a place for survival and value creation in the Metaverse, where people create content and develop everything they own.

How much does it cost to be a neighbor in Metaverse with Junjie Lin?

The NFT trading website is a place for people in the Metaverse to trade/exchange virtual items. People can use the tokens they create in the Metaverse to buy their favorite products.

DEFI, NFT, and decentralized games have become a closed loop, and the three core infrastructures of the metaverse have emerged. However, there are still several big gaps between the Metaverse that people can come into contact with in terms of immersion, Metaverse rules, and diversified system structure.

The Metaverse we are exploring now may be just the tip of the iceberg of the future world. And this corner is full of imagination, which has caused many giants to bend their waists.

Write at the end

Taleb once said in “Black Swan” that history is leaping forward. It is always inadvertently, jumping on the fault we can’t imagine.

When I watched the number one player for the first time in a movie in 2018, I was shocked by the phrase “Oasis is not a game alone”.

Are there really countless people who will resist the invaders who invade the Metaverse, not for life and death, for profit? I don’t know that summer.

But after experiencing the Decentraland game that JJ Lin also participated in, I seem to understand a little bit. 

In an oasis, everyone is the creator of an oasis, and an oasis is a “world” created by everyone with time and energy and resources. Therefore, the oasis needs everyone to protect it together.

Now we have glimpsed the tip of the iceberg of the Metaverse, and there is still a vast expanse of content that is worth exploring, and it is by no means a simple virtual fire to generalize.

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