How much do you know about Metaverse Risk being named by CCTV?

Recently, Metaverse has once again attracted the attention of the public, but this time it was not because of the large-scale admission, but because of CCTV’s naming and criticism.

On December 13, according to CCTV Finance Channel, there are currently many blockchain game companies on the market that attract investors in the name of high yield, and these investments are subject to high risks and are not subject to legal restrictions. Some experts said that although the investment in these blockchain games relies on Metaverse, in fact a large part of it is a new type of scam under the banner of Metaverse, and investors cannot control the risk. As soon as the news came out, it caused extensive discussion.

After all, the concept of Metaverse has been popular for some time. The layout of industry giants has led many people to believe that it will be a new era change comparable to the Industrial Revolution, but no one can give a complete picture of what the Metaverse is. Everyone agrees with the definition.

The development status of the Metaverse

Definition of Metaverse

Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, and builds an economic system based on blockchain technology. , The virtual world and the real world are closely integrated in the economic system, social system, and identity system, and each user is allowed to carry out content production and world editing.

This definition may seem confusing, so let’s simply imagine that you live on an island with your virtual identity, work on this island every day and do tasks, and you can sell your own clothing and furniture. Then you earn part of the money. You can use the money to buy tickets for the virtual artist’s concert. When you attended the concert Happy, you met a few friends. If you are like-minded, you met offline and eventually became you. Friends in real life.

Of course, the definition of Metaverse is still evolving, and different participants have their own ways to continuously enrich its meaning. Therefore, for the concept of Metaverse, people’s description of him is still in the stage of competing with imagination.

The current development status of the technology needed by Metaverse

In the definition, we also said that the Metaverse integrates a variety of technologies, so the development status of these technologies also reflects the development trend of the Metaverse to a certain extent.

1. The communication basis of Metaverse: 5G

If Metaverse wants users to have a good sense of immersion, it needs higher resolution and frame rate, so the support of 5G technology is very important. However, as far as the current development of 5G is concerned, it is obviously in the early stage, and there is no strong 5G application, so the demand and penetration rate of 5G in the market are not high.

2. Metaverse data processing: cloud computing, artificial intelligence

Cloud computing: Whether it is a large-scale game scene or a better experience for users, Metaverse is inseparable from the computing power foundation of cloud computing. With the development of large-scale games, cloud computing, cloud storage, and cloud rendering have all developed rapidly. As the foundation of Metaverse, it can be regarded as a strong support, but how to better provide real-time interactive content to Metaverse is also now. Issues that need to be considered in the development of cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence can greatly improve computing performance. The efficient operation of content production, content presentation, and content review in the metaverse cannot be separated from artificial intelligence. But to achieve maximum freedom in the Metaverse, AI technology needs to get rid of the limitations of artificial scripts and develop to more advanced deep learning and reinforcement learning, so that it can present randomly generated and never repeated games in the Metaverse. Experience, allowing players to explore and create freely. At present, AI technology has always been a field supported by the government. After several years of development, although initial results have been achieved, it is still impossible to achieve AI that conforms to the Metaverse vision in a short period of time.

3. The combination of reality and reality in the Metaverse: expanding reality, robots, and brain-computer interfaces

Expanded reality: It includes the familiar VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (fusion display). These technologies are all designed to give Metaverse players a more immersive experience. At present, a dominant trend has emerged in the VR industry. AR technology has also produced a large number of excellent products with the strong support of Apple’s developer ecology. MR is a standard proposed by Microsoft, and there are products presented, which can be said to expand reality. The prospects for development are quite exciting.

Robots: Robots become another channel for linking to the Metaverse through the physical simulation of the physical body.

Brain-computer interface: Brain-computer interface technology is becoming the focus of competition for technology giants, but it is currently mainly used in the medical field.

4. The world blueprint of the Metaverse: digital twins

Digital twins are the creation of dynamic twins of real things in virtual space. The Metaverse needs digital twins to construct an extremely rich immersive environment and create an immersive presence experience. The development of digital twins is also showing signs of development. The closest product to our lives is Baidu DuMix AR. It is believed that in the next four to five years, digital twin technology will have an explosive breakthrough.

5. Metaverse’s authentication mechanism: blockchain

The virtual assets and decentralization technology given to the blockchain make it possible for the value attribution, circulation, realization and virtual identity authentication in the metaverse. Therefore, the blockchain technology is also an indispensable part of the realization of the metaverse. However, the development of blockchain is still in its infancy, and regulatory issues are also one of the main obstacles to the development of decentralized technology.

Development status

Even if the concept of Metaverse is not yet clear, it cannot be prevented from becoming the focus of capital and public opinion. At present, many people believe that the next frontier of investment in emerging markets should be the encrypted cloud economy, and Metaverse is currently in the development of the Web 3.0 Internet. The frontier.

This potential for interconnected evolution has begun to attract Web 2.0 companies like Facebook, which is turning to Metaverse and changing its name to “Meta”. Other leading Web 2.0 technology companies may need to start exploring Metaverse to stay competitive, which has also triggered a new round of investment in emerging encryption categories such as Metaverse.


However, any major changes in any industry or industry are the result of the gradual accumulation of the industry, and there are obvious signs. This time the concept of Metaverse seems to have suddenly popped out after being wrapped by capital. Therefore, many opponents think it seems to be It is the trap of capitalism.

Anyone’s exploration of the future development of mankind should be encouraged, and any flicker in the name of science needs to be vigilant. The Metaverse mentioned so far is actually more like people’s vision, and this vision may carry people’s confidence in technological development, but also carry people’s desire for various dreams to come true.

However, we should also realize that the true Metaverse is still very far away. After all, many core technologies are currently in preliminary development, and many core issues involved in technology have not yet been resolved.

Some worries about Metaverse

For such a new thing as the Metaverse, its shortcomings should be a topic that we cannot ignore. Today’s Metaverse speculation is too bright and dazzling. Whether it can bring people a whole new world, it takes a long game and iteration. Then there are a few concerns about the future development of the Metaverse that may require us to think about it.

1. About capital exploitation

Some people say that Metaverse is a trap for capitalists. This is not groundless. In a game, all users are after all a player. Once the Metaverse develops to a fixed period of time, we may earn a living in the Metaverse. Then every minute and every second we play in the Metaverse will be labor, and the means of production may be firmly held in. In the hands of the platform. The most important thing is that playing and making money will blur the boundary between play and labor, thereby obscuring the exploitative nature of capital, and making us unknowingly become ordinary users who are being exploited.

2. Regarding capital monopoly

Nowadays, various industry giants are deploying Metaverse. Why is this? Is it just because they see that the Metaverse is the future development trend? In fact, it’s not entirely. I’m afraid that the competition for the production materials in the Metaverse is also the most important reason. With the development of Metaverse, a trend may slowly appear, that is, the means of production are in the hands of a small number of enterprises. But in real life, Meituan will at least have the government to control when Meituan has made a monopoly. What about in the Metaverse? In Metaverse, capital can only be allowed to carry out monopoly operations, and ordinary users can only consume their own time to work for monopoly giants without legal protection.

3. Decentralized mechanism  decentralized result

The bottom layer of the Metaverse is a peer-to-peer interconnected network, which logically bypasses the need for platform intermediaries, which is a challenge to centralization. However, in reality, the holdings of virtual assets are more and more inclined to large investors and institutions. Isn’t this a centralized monopoly on distribution results?

4. Regarding supervision

There can be no rules and regulations. If there is no supervision in Metaverse, there may be capital monopoly or even capital violence. Therefore, Metaverse will surely face the regulatory issues of various countries in the future development.

5. Economic risks and addiction risks

In addition to the above concerns, economic risks and addiction risks also require everyone to be vigilant. Today’s games still have the risk of indulging in them, not to mention the Metaverse fancy immersive experience. Nowadays, the virtual world has not yet become a reality. Some people are already trapped in it at the time of being unable to extricate themselves, so once the Metaverse comes, will people really have the ability to balance the relationship between virtual and reality?


Although this article focuses on the development bottlenecks of the Metaverse and some unavoidable problems, it does not mean that the future of the Metaverse is gloomy. It’s just that the hype about the concept of Metaverse is overwhelming, so I want to let everyone down through this article.

However, the trend of digitalization is unstoppable, so we should believe that Metaverse will give us a brand new future. But any new thing needs to go down one step at a time, and the Metaverse is no exception. It requires the precipitation and iteration of technology. As the forefront of technology, the establishment of the Metaverse must require more time and patience.

The road is hindered and long, and the line is coming! I believe that one day in the future, we can go shopping, shopping, and chatting in the Metaverse with friends who have been together for thousands of miles, and we can also travel to distant places that we have never been to and explore the wonders of the world together…

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