How long do we have to watch the “Metaverse” news?

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“Metaverse”, “blockchain”, and “NFT”, anyway, it is night talk, let’s talk about them briefly and subjectively.

I wrote “Does Blockchain Games Really Have a Future?” in early June . ” In early December, he wrote “In “Metaverse”, a virtual real estate sold for $4.3 million” . The writing is not very good, but friends who have read it can at least see that I am a little bit repulsive of this kind of things, and I have also received some comments like “you just have a prejudice against them”.

When I was still studying economics, I read a lot of books in order to understand the blockchain more accurately. I also tried to “speculate coins”, and finally lost 2,000 yuan-if I think I am because of the 2,000 yuan. If you “hate” them in your heart… you don’t have to. At that time, I read a lot of white papers on project planning, you know, it is the kind that blows to the sky and attracts investors to buy their own coins. The commonality of this white paper is the fake big sky. Anything is the future, and the people on it look unreliable.

How long do we have to watch the "Metaverse" news?

When I search for “Metaverse”, all the pictures look like this

But buying their coins can indeed make money-when enough people buy them, the price of the coins will rise, even if it is an empty shell. All I have to do is buy when the price is low enough, and then sell it when the big troops arrive. When you throw them out late, or have some unrealistic fantasy about them, you may lose money. My 2,000 yuan is just that.

Perhaps you can see from the description that this kind of shell coin is a typical Ponzi scheme, and the Ponzi scheme can make money in the early stage, but the longer you hold it, the greater the risk. When everyone realizes When this is a scam, the price of the commodity will plummet, approaching its true value (no value), or “zero” in other words.

As for “Metaverse”-it is indeed closer to the game. We pay more attention to “Metaverse” than NFT and blockchain. Tactile also participated in a “Metaverse” conference before. , But almost no one in it can explain what the “Metaverse” is.

According to our understanding of the ultimate goal of “Metaverse”-if you have watched “Summer Combat” or “Number One Player”, it is to realize the kind of virtual world in these works. Both of these examples are relatively popular and concrete, not necessarily accurate. Of course, it’s easier to understand if you have watched “Avalanche”. In short, the future of the “Metaverse” is such a virtual world, where people live according to the rules of the real world, and they can operate a little differently. For example, technologies that are not easy to implement in reality are quite easy to handle in the virtual world, regardless of the laws of physics anyway. In the end, this virtual world “maybe” replaces the real world.

How long do we have to watch the "Metaverse" news?

The virtual world in “Summer Fight”

This concept is used a lot in science fiction, but compared to “science fiction foreseeing the future”, I think it is more like “relying on science fiction when creating technology.” In other words, is it really a new technology?

From “blockchain” to “NFT” to “Metaverse”, if we look forward, the last similar new technology can be regarded as “VR”. Since the so-called “VR first year” in 2016, how many “VR first years” have we experienced? In 2016, my friends asked a question: “Do we really need VR games?” We still have this problem in 2021. Even though Oculus Quest 2 (now called Meta Quest 2) is quite cheap and no longer requires high-end computers, it still does not have a “killer app”, something that attracts me to “have to buy VR”. It’s not that we can’t just buy it for fun, but why do we need a VR device?

Similarly, we can also ask similar questions: Do we really need a “Metaverse”? Do we really need “blockchain”? Do we really need “NFT”?

Putting aside the distrust of the current “metauniverse” companies, assuming they are absolutely reliable, they can make a “metauniverse” that everyone has imagined-do we need a virtual world?

How long do we have to watch the "Metaverse" news?

Facebook’s name change to Meta is not particularly sure to become a “Metaverse”, mainly because their traditional craftsmanship can’t beat others.

From a personal point of view, such high and distant concepts all sound interesting, but they are too far away from reality. Our life is much better than it was ten years ago, and the whole world is, but some technologies have stagnated for a while. In these days when science and technology are slowly moving, we have to invent some less reliable technologies to stimulate the public , such as the repeated “VR”, “blockchain”, “NFT” and “Metaverse”. Their common feature is that no one really needs them, and there are no indispensable needs.

I really don’t want to watch the “Metaverse” news anymore, but it has continuously appeared in the top ten hot words of the year selected by the media. In the foreseeable future, I have to continue to look at them.

How long do we have to watch the "Metaverse" news?

I really like this cartoon showing the “Metaverse”, and the topic picture tonight is also created based on it, because I can’t see it on WeChat, I will put it at the end of the article (Author: Lucas Varela)

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