How has VR technology developed over the years? Which step has it been applied to?

When it comes to VR, everyone should be familiar with it, so how has the current VR development been since this trend became popular?

Virtual reality technology (English name: Virtual Reality, abbreviated as VR) is a new practical technology developed in the 20th century. Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. This is an explanation from Wikipedia.

VR technology can be divided into four stages, the first stage (before 1963) the simulation of sound and shape dynamics is the stage that contains the idea of ​​virtual reality, the second stage (1963-1972) the budding stage of virtual reality, the fourth stage (1990 to present) ) The further perfection and application stage of virtual reality theory, the fourth stage (1990 to present) the further perfection and application stage of virtual reality theory.

At present, VR technology is relatively mature, and it has also been applied to many industries. It has a wide range of applications in film and television entertainment, education, design, medicine, military, aerospace, etc.

In addition to these, VR also plays an extremely important role in the construction industry.

In the scope of smart construction sites, VR safety education is a very important part. He can simulate the on-site environment and operation procedures to train practitioners in safety and make them more professional. At the same time, you can experience emergency situations and respond calmly when unexpected situations occur.

Zhixing Huazhi is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, based on the construction industry, providing one-stop information solutions for practitioners and managers in the construction industry. The company has been deeply involved in the industry for several years, and has always adhered to innovative research and development. At present, it has obtained dozens of intellectual property rights. According to various construction site informatization technical standards issued by the state, it has independently developed the “Craftsmanship Cloud” one-stop comprehensive service platform for construction site informatization. .

How has VR technology developed over the years? Which step has it been applied to?

In the future, the development of VR technology will definitely get better and better, and we also hope that this technology can be popularized for the benefit of all mankind.

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