How far is the interstellar observation linking reality and the virtual Metaverse?

Virtual and reality are being linked, and we seem to have glimpsed the light of the future… Not afraid to open up uncharted territory and space is perhaps the most important driving force for the advancement of human civilization.

Parallel virtual world “carnival”

Among all the hot topics in the capital market in 2021, the topic called “the most revolutionary and closest to completely changing the world” may be the meta universe . Earlier, the news that “Bytedance will acquire Pico for 5 billion yuan” spread like wildfire. Until the end of August, the acquisition news was confirmed, and the amount of the acquisition rose from 5 billion yuan to 9 billion yuan, Yuan Universe completely attracted the attention of a lot of capital.

At present, Tencent , Facebook, Nvidia and other major manufacturers have made huge investments in the VR field. On August 31, iQiyi announced that its subsidiary iQiyi Intelligent has released a new generation of hardware products-Qi Yu 3, which is considered to have Challenge the strength of international giants.

For a while, the meta universe became a concept that could be hot with bare hands. It is not an exaggeration to call 2021 the “first year” of the “meta universe”. 

In the opening chapter of the movie “Ready Player One”, Spielberg explained “Oasis” in the voice of “movie actor” Wade.

The oasis was created by the genius Halliday. In the oasis, people can surf on the 15-meter high wave in Hawaii; climb Mount Everest with Batman, and there is also a planet-sized casino. Except eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, everything can be done in the oasis. To use the original words in the “Ready Player One” movie, “Only you can’t think of it, no oasis can’t do it”.

The “oasis” here is actually like a more successful form of expression under the concept of “meta universe”.

According to the official description, the so-called meta-universe is a virtual augmented physical reality that presents the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence. Based on the future Internet, a 3D virtual space with the characteristics of connection perception and sharing , that is, a 3D virtual space that runs parallel to the real world. Man-made space.


Is Metaverse the next Internet?

Venture capitalist Matthew Ball summarized 4 key characteristics of the metaverse:

1. Must cross the physical world and the virtual world;

2. Must contain a complete set of economy;

3. Provide “unprecedented interoperability”, which means that users must be able to move their avatars and items from one location in the meta universe to another, regardless of who operates each location.

4. Not operated by a single company, but operated by many different parties in a decentralized manner.

The meta-universe can be simply understood as an artificial digital world parallel to the physical space where we are . It can be a completely fictitious virtual world or a mirror image of real life. People in any corner of the world can use some kind of VR device to enter the same digital space and interact with others inside. In addition to pure entertainment and social interaction, you can also work, do business, and so on. The pass of this digital space can be exchanged with the pass of our physical space.

Metaverse, like the Internet, was not created by a single company, but by countless companies and countless users. Just as each of us is a contributor to the Internet, in the future, each of us will also be a contributor to the meta-universe. In the meta-universe era, everyone will also have a variety of devices that allow us to access the meta-universe, and everyone’s life, social economy, and business activities will be inseparable from it.


Rome was not built in a day, how far is the meta universe?

But Rome was not built in a day, and the meta-universe cannot be realized immediately. In fact, we still cannot realize the meta-universe era like the Internet era. The reasons are mainly concentrated in two points:

The first is the hardware conditions. Unless VR/AR devices are as common as mobile phones, it is difficult to realize the meta-universe. The second is the richness of content. Metaverse needs content and requires every developer to create from the bottom up, open source, and open ecologically. Otherwise it is easy to become an island instead of the universe.

But don’t worry, as Mathew Ball said, the emergence of the mobile Internet was not born with the invention of the mobile phone. With the advent of mobile phones, the establishment of the WAP protocol, the invention of 2G, and the birth of smart phones, step by step, everyone is inseparable from the mobile Internet unknowingly, and new economic, social, and business practices have emerged from this.

Just as the mobile Internet is produced by a lot of infrastructure, Meta Universe also needs the same underlying construction to slowly form a system. Technological changes require a lot of technological changes to converge.


IPFS Distributed Storage Helps the Bottom Construction of Meta Universe

As an important force in the technological transformation of Web3.0, IPFS distributed storage can become the underlying infrastructure of Meta Universe and NFT, and contribute to the realization of Meta Universe.

NFT is the basic element of the construction of Metaverse. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized payment platform based on smart contracts. NFT can provide meta-universe economy, and meta-universe allows users to participate in platform construction more confidently through NFT.

In the economic carrier of Metaverse, the actual application of NFT in various fields requires IPFS distributed storage. Traditional centralized storage methods are costly, inefficient, insecure, and easy to lose data. They cannot cope with the current massive data sources on the Internet and are unsatisfactory.

IPFS distributed storage is different. It can provide verifiable storage in a distributed network, enable content addressing for reference data, support long-term transmission of more valuable data without loss, and serve as the main storage of data.

As a decentralized distributed storage, IPFS has the advantages of high security, low cost, and high efficiency. While satisfying the huge data system of Metaverse, distributed storage technology can be used to ensure the sustainability of data.

Concluding remarks

“A Brief History of the Future” says:

“If we can create thousands of false worlds, and this world has only one real world, then how do we make sure that the world we are now in is one ten millionth of the real?”

When the “meta universe” becomes a reality, it is possible for human beings to experience another world immersively with a virtual identity, and thus have the opportunity to have a broader life experience. And in the future of that meta-universe, what mankind will face may be a new social form.

Virtual and reality are being linked. We seem to have glimpsed the light of the future, but it is not yet known. The only certainty is that the pace of human exploration has never stopped and will not stop. Not afraid to open up uncharted territory and space is perhaps the most important driving force for the advancement of human civilization.

“It is a war to control the future”, our journey has just begun…


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