How far is the integration of traditional games and chain games?

Last week, Minecraft suddenly announced that it banned the use of NFT or blockchain technology in the game, and put the Metaverse game NFT worlds deeply bound to it on the stove. a small impact.

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And how did this event come about? What are the deep-seated problems behind it? This has to start from the beginning.

1. Minecraft and NFT Worlds

Minecraft is a first-person sandbox game originally developed by Swedish game designer Marcus Alexei Poisson and maintained by MojangStudios (Microsoft has acquired MojangStudios, which It belongs to Xbox Studios), and NetEase is the exclusive operator in mainland China. As a sandbox construction game, “Minecraft” presents the world not with gorgeous pictures and special effects, but focusing on gameplay.Players can create and destroy in-game blocks in the three-dimensional space of the game, and even experience different game modes in multiplayer servers and single-player worlds, creating exquisite buildings, creations and works of art.

How far is the integration of traditional games and chain games?

NFT Worlds is a decentralized, customizable, community-driven, gaming monetization platform built on decades of open source development within the Minecraft community. NFT Worlds also mentioned in the white paper why Minecraft was chosen as the underlying foundation. First, considering the delivery time of game platform development and the rapid expansion of NFT; second, NFT Worlds team members have nearly ten years of experience in Minecraft ecological development; third, Minecraft already has a huge player base; fourth, cross-platform support , players can access NFT Worlds through the Minecraft game client on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and other devices; considering these factors, Minecraft, an open source game ecosystem, is the best choice for NFT Worlds.

How far is the integration of traditional games and chain games?

At the beginning, NFT Worlds found some official Minecraft cooperative communities, allowing players to add their own skins and various MODs to the NFT Worlds trading system. Later, more and more players began to participate in NFT transactions, and even some third-party groups that cooperated with Mojang directly put the NFT upload portal into the game community.

At the time, Mojang was not overly concerned with the community’s problems, and there was no order to ban the practice. But in January 2022, the unofficial organization Blockverse created a Minecraft NFT server and publicly sold 10,000 NFT goods, defrauding a group of players of $120 W. This also paved the way for the majority of players to boycott NFTs in the future.

2. Event backtracking

On July 21, 2022, Microsoft’s game developer Mojang updated the Minecraft “Minecraft” user guide, announcing that in order to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for players, the integration of blockchain technology into Minecraft client and server applications is prohibited, The use of blockchain technology to use Minecraft in-game content (such as worlds, skins, character items, or other mods) to create related NFTs is also not permitted.

On the same day, the NFT Worlds project team responded to the Minecraft ban on its Discord channel. The team stated that it is currently communicating with the relevant personnel of the Minecraft team to understand the reason for the ban and strive to continue operating on the Minecraft platform. If the communication does not achieve the expected results, NFT Worlds will consider the following two alternatives: 1. Migrate the project to a game engine and game platform like Minecraft. 2. Transform into a GameFi platform to provide technical services for game developers or game studios.

On July 22, 2022, NFT Worlds co-founder ArkDev tweeted that the NFT Worlds future action plan will be announced over the weekend.

On July 23, 2022, NFT Worlds posted on social media that it will develop new games and platforms that are compatible with Minecraft plug-ins and other components based on the core mechanism of Minecraft. The new games will refer to Minecraft but will not use open source code to prevent violations. law. NFT Worlds also stated that it is currently recruiting developers from the Minecraft ecosystem to join NFT Worlds, and the launcher and game pages of NFT Worlds will remain open until new game development is complete.

On July 26, 2022, NFT Worlds condemned Mojang Studios for not considering players, platforms and creators, so they decided to abandon Minecraft, and will unite multiple independent production teams that have launched product projects on NFT Worlds to make a brand new game together to replace Minecraft.The new work will still take the Minecraft system as the core, and its gameplay, appearance and game performance will be familiar to old players, and compared with Minecraft, there will be more improvements in graphics, graphics, etc. NFT Worlds claims that this new game will be completely free, and there will be no in-app purchase system, and will continue to use the previous game mode, giving all players the opportunity to obtain items through the in-game blockchain mechanism and NFT currency rewards.

3. Views from all parties

Support for NFT elements

Once Minecraft’s NFT ban was introduced, it was supported by players and some media. Industry reporter Irwin bluntly stated in the comment area of ​​the relevant information: “Two people (referring to the two founders of NFT World) can earn money by ‘free-riding’ from existing game works without paying any fees to Microsoft. It’s crazy to take millions of dollars… Some MC maps were once sold for 18 ether (about 334,000 yuan) each, and it’s unbelievable that it hasn’t gone out of business.”

The well-known game platform Steam has also made it clear that it rejects NFTs. Their “Hellraiser” DLC launched last year was unanimously criticized by players for adding NFT elements.

In April, Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed: “There are currently no plans to bring NFTs to this fan-favorite MMO.”

Against NFT elements

Likewise, for those who support Minecraft, there are those who oppose the NFT ban.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Game, the well-known game “Fortnite” developer, said on Twitter in response to a user “asking the company to follow Mojang Studios’ ban on NFTs”: “Developers should be free to decide how to build their games. , while players are free to play them or not, I don’t think game app stores and OS makers should interfere by imposing their views on others. We definitely don’t.”

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, pointed out in an interview with Cointelegraph on the 23rd, “Mojang Studios did not cite evidence, did not even correctly identify what NFT is, and did not talk to NFT Worlds. Excluding minority opinions in this way is actually harmful. It kills the entire community of (Minecraft) and stifles its development.” He believes that “NFT technology or crypto assets do not inherently promote inclusion or exclusion, it all depends on how the technology is deployed to promote community value. Where appropriate, NFTs in games or Metaverses can provide platform users with a reconfiguration of economic power that cannot be done in the traditional Web2 model.”

As the audience of NFTs becomes wider and wider, traditional VCs such as Ubisoft, and game developers Square Enix and GSC Game World have also become interested in NFTs. In December last year, Ubisoft launched the Quartz NFT platform for selling NFTs. The firearms, helmets and clothing in the game “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” have been made into NFTs. Players can obtain them according to the play time, and they can be found in the game “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint”. Free trade on the Quartz NFT platform.

4. Traditional games VS chain games

At this stage, it is meaningless to judge who is right and who is wrong. The dispute over this incident reflects the struggle between traditional game players to exclude and tolerate elements of chain games. In the final analysis, it is an inevitable exploration on the road of game development.

The reason why game developers and players are opposed to the integration of blockchain and NFT elements is mainly because the development of this field is still in the early stage, the quality of the projects is uneven, and the way of hype and the distrust of players can easily bring about traditional brands. to negative effects. Although the GameFi industry already has many supporters, most people see short-term benefits, and the life cycle of most chain games is only a few months, and the industry is still full of a lot of bubbles.

So, are traditional games and chain games destined to go their separate ways?

In fact, this is not the case. The current development trend has opened up a lot of connections between the two, and the further integration of the two is still very worth looking forward to.

1. Game screen

With the increase of capital injection into the chain game industry, many chain games have begun to seek large-scale production, trying to make achievements in game screen and game experience.

Framework Ventures co-founder Vance Spencer has tweeted that in the next 5 years, there may be about 1,000 AAA crypto games on the market, and conservatively, 10% of these games will be successful.

In fact, a number of chain games known as 3A level have been officially announced, such as Big Time, which has already been launched, and the much-anticipated Phantom Galaxies. In terms of picture quality alone, the overall production level of chain games has been improved several times. a level.

How far is the integration of traditional games and chain games?

Players have always paid great attention to the texture of the game. Therefore, the pursuit of the screen by the chain game project also shows that they are aligning with the production level of traditional games.

2. Gameplay

After a long period of development, traditional games have produced some classic games with unique and innovative gameplay; however, it is precisely because of the participation of many development teams that the game market has become extremely fierce.

First of all, from the perspective of gameplay, the division of chain games is the same as traditional games, including MOBA, Racing, RPG, Breeding and other types, just to add financial attributes, many chain games cannot set too complicated gameplay, more will use small games mode. But recently, with the addition of many traditional game studios, the types of chain games have begun to enrich. Big Time Studios, for example, has members from companies like Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, and Riot. There is also Civitas game developer Directive Games, with teams from CCP Games, LucasArts, Weta Digital, Ubisoft and Tencent.

Compared with traditional games, the unique advantage of Chain Games is that it has the blessing of the Metaverse and NFT. Judging from the market response, the top chain games such as Decentraland and The Sandbox also combine these two attributes. The reason for their long life cycle is their positive circular economic model, coupled with the huge advertising value .

How far is the integration of traditional games and chain games?

The essential difference between NFT props and traditional game props is that they belong to the players themselves. A game alone may not reflect the value of NFT, but what if it is combined with a series of games produced by a game developer? Then its value will be magnified several times. For players, purchased equipment and skins can be used across games or leased to others; for game developers, players who have purchased props are very likely to be recalled to subsequent games. This is undoubtedly the real Metaverse belonging to gamers.

This is exactly what Yuga Labs did. Holding the big IP of the boring ape, they will create the use scene of the boring ape, which is subversive for the game launch process of traditional game practitioners.

3. Game gold

The biggest difference between traditional games and chain games is the part of gold. Loyal players value the experience the most. No matter whether they spend money or not, they only want to gain pleasure from the game itself. Once the financial attribute is added, it will inevitably deteriorate the player’s pure experience. Furthermore, the threshold for chain games is extremely high, and it is necessary to understand a series of background knowledge such as blockchain wallets and NFTs, which will directly dissuade traditional players. Therefore, if traditional games and chain games want to integrate, they must make trade-offs in these aspects. .

Now, many chain games have begun to abandon the paid mint model to lower the threshold of the game, in order to reduce the difficulty of entry for players, coupled with the attention of leading VC institutions and developers on infrastructure such as cross-chain and NFT leasing , the future chain game will definitely be more suitable for the majority of ordinary players.

A considerable number of traditional game players also rely on gold to earn income, such as selling equipment, boosting, etc., and later even spawned the now hot e-sports industry. In the field of chain games, gold players have spawned chain game guilds, and e-sports elements are gradually being introduced. Earlier this month, Binance and Big Time held a live broadcast of an e-sports competition in the form of a flash book competition. A total of 16 teams signed up to participate, attracting many players to watch.

Judging from these changes, chain games and traditional games are bound to start to seize the game market and compete for gamers. And once players accept the gold setting of chain games, it is difficult to return to traditional games. This is also an important reason why traditional game developers are eager to try Lianyou.

V. Summary

Of course, it is impossible for chain games to replace traditional games on a large scale at the moment, because its playability is still worthy of further development. How to combine “fun” and “gold” is an in-depth topic for many chain game developers to do, and this is by no means something that can be accomplished overnight.

In addition, the original IP capability of the game is also a big problem. Instead of focusing on short-term immediate interests, we are committed to creating high-quality games, which may be an effective help to promote the positive development of the chain game field.

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