How does UENC unlock the underlying value “password” in the digital economy era

With the continuous maturity of 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, countries around the world are facing a profound information technology revolution. In the past 20 years, the public’s perception of the digital economy has become more intuitive. The digital economy is undoubtedly the most dynamic, innovative, and radiating economic form.

Times create dividends

Looking at the world, the digital economy is growing at an incredible rate. In 2020, the global digital economy will reach US$32.6 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 3.0%, accounting for 43.7% of GDP. In developed countries, the GDP of the digital economy has reached 54.3%. Among them, the digital scale of the United States reached 13.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020, maintaining the world’s number one advantage.

The “Blue Book of Digital Economy: Frontiers of China’s Digital Economy (2021)” shows that my country’s digital economy will continue to grow rapidly during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. It is estimated that in 2025, China’s digital economy will exceed 32 trillion yuan in value added. Among them, the added value of digital industrialization is about 15.52 trillion yuan, and the added value of industrial digitalization is 17.15 trillion yuan.


The digital economy refers to an economic form in which humans use big data (digital knowledge and information) to identify, guide, and realize the rapid and optimal allocation and regeneration of resources, and to achieve high-quality economic development. As a relatively broad concept, all economic forms that directly or indirectly use data to guide resources to play a role and promote the development of productivity can be included in its category.

At the technical level, the digital economy encompasses all known technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). At the application level, ecological models and smart manufacturing are all typical representatives. The advantages of blockchain technology are becoming more obvious, and its application potential is also attracting attention.

In the industry, blockchain is known as the representative of new technologies that change the world. From scratch to the establishment of a blockchain industry system with ever-enriching applications, from the extreme backwardness of information infrastructure to the development of a relatively large-scale application ecosystem in the world, the development of public chains has achieved leading advantages; from traditional industries to districts The application of block chain accelerates chain reform, and new forms of integration, such as online education, network medical care, and cloud office new models, are emerging in an endless stream. Block chain reform is booming on the land of China.

Blockchain technology is disruptive. Among all technologies, blockchain is a new type of infrastructure that will reshape the future social trust system, just like the Internet. As a low-energy basic public chain, how does UENC open up the public chain value transmission channel and link the ecology? What is its unique value password?

Contribute to the era of low-energy mining value

In recent years, as the energy cost of cryptocurrency mining has risen, carbon emissions and waste emissions have also increased, thereby exacerbating the climate crisis. The cryptocurrency market is faced with problems such as slow transfer speed, block congestion practices, expensive transfer fees (especially represented by ETH ), and difficulties in cross-chain interoperability between public chains and public chains that need to be solved urgently.

UENC (United Engine Chain, engine chain ), as a high-efficiency and energy-saving decentralized public chain system, implements a low-power CPU working mode through DPOW’s consensus algorithm.

Each UENC node has a complete node function in the network. It reduces the complexity of the algorithm under the premise of ensuring security, and realizes fast and highly concurrent payment transactions on the chain. At present, any available computer can participate in the infrastructure construction of the network. In the ecosystem, UENC has the following advantages:

Decentralization : UENC does not need to trust intermediaries, trust is completely built on the code, anyone can build a new province ecology on the protocol and participate in it, and maintain extremely high security.

High liquidity market: There is a free token circulation market in UENC’s ecology, which brings users high value-added asset circulation capabilities. The more users participate, the greater the market potential.

High freedom and openness: Any user can use smart devices anywhere to participate in UENC’s ecological network to use efficient point-to-point transaction processing capabilities.

As a low-energy basic public chain, UENC has a complete ecological layout and deep technical background. UENC’s mission is to create a feasible technical solution that integrates all blockchain network assets, allowing users to obtain real industry dividends. At the same time, it provides the best practice field for many ecological participants so that UENC ecological participants can Feel the charm of UENC in the process of “mining”.

From the perspective of industry professionals, the best strategy for investing in mining is to select a value ecology with high growth potential and participate in mining as soon as possible. After returning to the capital, hold the token assets unswervingly for a long time and wait for the high returns brought by the time. 

Become a UENC mining participant, you can obtain a larger number of tokens at a lower cost at the beginning of the ecological establishment, and hold the subsequently mined tokens for a long time after the return of the cost, and obtain the value dividend of ecological growth.

The road to the public chain is long and hindered. At present, UENC’s technical team is constantly making efforts on the road of exploration and innovation, and the wealth effect it brings may just be the beginning. In the future, it will also contribute more to the development of the digital economy.

The huge value and energy changes brought by UENC have brought new trends to the industry, and we have been able to see the general picture of the low-energy-consumption chain public chain system. It can be said that UENC has seized the opportunity and will create a future of unlimited value.


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