How does the NFT that the whole world is paying attention to record Xi’an?

Give digital value to news works and record the history of Xi’an with blockchain. On January 10th, through the NFT (digital collection) trading platform Hi Metaverse, “Hua Business Daily” issued a limited public welfare distribution of digital collections of news pictures with the theme of “Hand in Hand with Your Favorite Xi’an”.

The theme is cast by the 2021 photojournalism of “China Business Daily”, including eight most memorable sub-themes in Xi’an, including “National Games Xi’an”, “Strong Xi’an”, “Cohesion Xi’an”, “Love in Xi’an”, and “Endeavor Xi’an”. Showcasing major events and wonderful moments experienced by the city of Xi’an in 2021. Each piece is limited to 10,000 copies and is given to collectors for free.






NFT provides proof of ownership and free trading, and is popular in the field of art collection

In recent years, with the birth of the programming standard of non-fungible tokens, the value of NFT has been consolidated, and due to the inherent advantages of copyright protection brought about by its uniqueness and non-replicability, it has gradually become popular in the field of art collection.

In recent years, the artistic boundaries of NFTs have been continuously broadened. The early NFT works were just a JPEG picture, and now they have been integrated into many fields such as audio, movies, games, etc., and forms such as NFT gifts and NFT blind boxes have also been developed.

For example, one of the “top” collections in the current NFT collection: the NBA star card blind box, it is hard to find a box.


Since last year, this new whirlwind of technology has rapidly spread to China. Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, NetEase, Sina, Xiaohongshu, and Baidu have successively announced their entry into the NFT field.

To put it simply, NFT can bind a painting, a song, a video or a photo. While providing ownership proof for the owner, it also means that this property asset can be freely traded.


“Hi Metaverse” the first batch of digital national treasure three-color flying horses

How does the NFT that the whole world is paying attention to record Xi'an? “Xiaojun” NFT digital collection

News photos, freeze historical moments, record evocative stories, both artistic and documentary.


The first set of news digital collections in Northwest China, limited release in Juntu Chain NFT

The year just passed, for the people of Xi’an, glory and trials coexist. The people of the city made concerted efforts to hold a wonderful and successful National Games event; united as one, they entered the epidemic sniper battle with determination to win; they saved energy and set off for the future.

How does the NFT that the whole world is paying attention to record Xi'an?

These wonderful moments and hard work worthy of collection can also be completely recorded with the blockchain.

Now, Huashang Daily has digitally forged the photojournalism report in 2021, and cooperated with Juntu Chain to launch the first digital news collection in Northwest China – “Hand in Hand with Your Favorite Xi’an”, with 8 selected photojournalism works, each limited to 10,000 share.

On January 10, this set of news digital collections will be released in limited quantities for free on the NFT trading platform Hi Metaverse of Juntu Chain.

How does the NFT that the whole world is paying attention to record Xi'an?

Collecting 2021 with blockchain is the most digital way to record Xi’an, and it is also another expression of our embrace of Xi’an.

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