How does blockchain technology help urban public safety management?

How does blockchain technology help urban public safety management?

Blockchain is an important part of a new generation of information technology. It is a new type of database software integrated with a variety of technologies such as distributed networks, encryption technologies, and smart contracts. It is expected to solve the trust and Security issues promote the transformation of the Internet from transmitting information to transmitting value, and reconstruct the information industry system. At present, major countries in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology and further deepening the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council of my country attach great importance to the development of blockchain technology and industry and raise it to the level of national strategy.

In June 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Committee jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Application and Industrial Development of Blockchain Technology”, which will apply traction, innovation drive, ecological cultivation, multi-party coordination, Safety and order as the basic principle, and put forward key tasks such as empowering the real economy, improving public services, consolidating the industrial foundation, building a modern industrial chain, and promoting the development of financing.

The Shanghai Financial Information Industry Association, in conjunction with the Blockchain Technology Application Alliance, Zero One Finance, Zero One Think Tank, 01 Blockchain, Darlene Think Tank, EqualOcean and other professional institutions, has selected a batch of innovations through pre-project solicitation, research, and review The application cases are compiled into the “2021 Global Blockchain Innovation Application Demonstration Case Collection”, which will be released on the Blockchain Forum of the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference .

The selected projects in this case cover public service fields such as smart cities, government services, medical health, culture and entertainment, and evidence collection; real economy fields such as supply chain management, product traceability, and data circulation; and financial fields such as digital finance and digital asset transactions . It is hoped that through the compilation of case collections, the case-based projects will be promoted to form a scenario-based demonstration driving effect, further promote the innovative integration of blockchain technology and related industries, and support the digital transformation of various industries and the high-quality development of the industry.

Starting from this article, we will classify according to different scenarios and systematically show the actual application of each excellent case. This article is a case ” Urban Digital Public Security Management Platform-VeTrust  declared by Shanghai VeChain Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Weixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Application scenario description

As a city-oriented intelligent management and control platform, governments at the macro level can grasp the overview of public safety operations within the jurisdiction of the government at the same level and within the jurisdiction of the lower government; at the micro level, governments at all levels can grasp in real time specific to any department within a certain enterprise organization The state of public safety management.

Based on the public health and safety management needs of the “field”, generate the “site health code-field security code” representing public service facilities and places, and construct the “site health code-field security code” by linking “personal health code” and “cargo health code-cargo security code” Three-dimensional infection prevention and control network” provides corresponding digital management platform services and tools.

2. Project plan introduction

Relying on experts from domestic health, disease control and other related management departments, as well as the most authoritative DNV risk management methodology in the world, combined with on-site management and control best practices to form inspection standards for different control points in various places, and apply blockchain, Artificial intelligence and other technologies have created a digital management platform for urban public health and safety

How does blockchain technology help urban public safety management?

Source: VeChain Technology, 01 Blockchain·Zero One Think Tank

The platform is characterized by light investment, light startup, and blockchain technology combined with professional training. It aims to provide enterprise users with a set of effective hands, strengthen their own risk management level under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, maintain survival and seek business growth .

The DNV infection risk management solution methodology brings together DNV’s medical standards, risk management best practices, HSE and quality management systems, and maturity safety rating standards. Under the framework of this methodology, Weixin, as a self-risk evaluation platform, first accurately targets the application scenarios of hotel infection risk control, providing hotel companies with an authoritative, credible, and industry-proven self-risk evaluation system, improving their infection risk control level, and Significant business progress was made during and after the epidemic.

For example, for infection prevention and control in hotels, Weixin provides 107 checklists. Users follow Weixin APP prompts for internal verification, and submit the results and supporting materials to the blockchain for storage. Through the custom module, each user’s customization can be realized. Weixin models, analyzes and evaluates the data, and finally calculates the red, yellow, and green risk status, and generates a “public place health code” that can be used for self-declaration:

Hotel “public health protection self-declaration electronic code” display

Green code: represents that infection risk management meets the requirements;

Yellow code: It basically meets the requirements and needs improvement;

Red code: It means that it does not meet the requirements and needs to take active measures.

3. Project implementation effect

It is a pioneering proposal to change passive inspection into active self-inspection, and use data intelligence technology to ensure the effectiveness and sustainable improvement of self-inspection effects.

Public companies can find infection risk management services that are more suitable for their own development on the basis of Weixin. On the one hand, they can build a better public image during the epidemic, and on the other hand, they can fully transform third-party services through long-term optimization of their food safety and hygiene management levels. For self-interest.

At present, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel, Suzhou Hotel Nikko, Starcastle Pension, Qingdao Haobang Resort, Spring and Autumn Tourism, Qinhuangdao Dental Hospital, Tsinghua Sunshine Dental and other hotel institutions have successfully applied Weixin’s “Field Security Code” service. Expand the coverage of sensory control services, and contribute wisdom and strength to the establishment of a benchmark for the establishment of a “digital urban public health management and control system”.

4. Advantages and innovations

(1) Technical advantages

Through VeChain Technology’s one-stop blockchain data service platform VeChain ToolChainTM, Weixin provides secure and stable underlying blockchain technology support. Among them, through the data presentation module of VeChain ToolChainTM, the hotel can disclose its own “green code”, publicize the epidemic prevention work of each joint to the public in a complete and transparent manner, and enhance brand image and trust. All consumers who scan the QR code to verify can get more peace of mind.

(2) Guidance of scientific methodology

The methodology that Weixin relies on is derived from the method used by DNV to assess hospital infection risk management, which brings together DNV’s medical standards, risk management best practices, HSE and quality management systems, and maturity safety rating standards.

Weixin’s “Field Security Code” is a lightweight Saa S service, which will display a list of inspection items in the form of a small program (also supports PC-side web page operations), and the operator only needs to follow the checklist and related operations prompted by the system It is required to complete the internal inspection of the unit on a regular basis and submit the corresponding execution certificate.

1. Responsibility to the individual -each operator only needs to complete the tasks within the scope of his own responsibility, and the person in charge of unit health and safety can get an overview of the unit’s health and safety implementation;

2. Time-sharing and block -for each inspection content, the inspection frequency will be set according to actual needs, taking into account the management effect and execution efficiency;

3. Data on the chain -the results of each operation and the corresponding proof materials will be time stamped at the time of submission and the operation of data uploading to the blockchain will be completed synchronously, avoiding data tampering in the later stage, and ensuring that the “field security code” can be authentic and Objectively reflect the health and safety implementation status of the user unit.

5. Commercial value

(1) Benefits of government digital management

Provide the government with a digital management and control tool covering “urban public health and safety management” in its jurisdiction, and build a grid management platform through two dimensions of vertical administrative district level and horizontal functional departments, so that the status of “urban public health and safety” can be real-time It can be seen that it fills the gap of “smart city” in the “public health management” section.

(2) Social benefits

The construction of public health in large cities is related to people’s livelihood, economic development, social stability, and national security. It is an extremely important and urgent strategic task. With the further improvement of residents’ living standards, residents’ lives have shifted from the pursuit of “quantity” to “quality”. The health, hygiene and safety of urban life and working environment are important evaluation dimensions for the improvement of urban public service quality in the future. An important starting point for attracting more talents to settle down and stable development.

(3) Economic benefits

The global economic development has entered a new historical stage. On the one hand, sanitary and healthy urban service infrastructure and systems are an important starting point for the differentiation of urban business environmental services. More companies are rooted and developed steadily, which is the most important factor in the stability of urban economic life. Important premise. On the other hand, facts have proved that for an epidemic disaster like the “new coronavirus”, proactively building an active prevention system is the most economical and effective health strategy.

Applicants: Shanghai VeChain Information Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Weixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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