How do young people get recruited out of the digital collection

Extended reality, digital twin, blockchain, artificial intelligence… Technology has been reshaping the world from all dimensions. In 2021, with the arrival of the first year of the “Metaverse”, the door to the era of digital art collections has quietly opened, and the era is whizzing away to the future digital world. Some sensitive entrepreneurs suggested that digitalization is the “key to survival” for enterprises.


Faced with challenges, young people are often the first to take up.

Long Fan, the 33-year-old director of the Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, has become a member of the research army of this technology because he believes that blockchain technology has the potential to rewrite the “trust” model between people. After years of trying, looking back and looking back, many people will praise this young man who is under the tutelage of Academician Yao Qizhi, the winner of the Turing Award – he is so sharp. But not everyone is like Long Fan. When the future comes, many people don’t know what to do next.

The China Youth Daily, located at No. 2 Haiyang Cang in Beijing, decided to find answers with young people, and marched into the new digital economy with the glory and dreams of the traditional newspaper industry.

Walking out of the movable type printing room, I quickly pulled up the telephone line and dialed up the Internet to connect to the information age. Although the tide of the Internet and mobile Internet in the 21st century is getting higher and higher, Haiyang Warehouse No. 2 can always withstand the challenges, with a new look and youth. people standing together.

On June 6, the first public class of “Youth Universe” of China Youth Daily and the digital collection platform of “Leopard Leopard Youth Universe” were officially launched, arousing the attention of many young people. This is an important measure for China Youth Daily to implement the national cultural digitization strategy.

The “Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of the National Cultural Digital Strategy” issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council clarifies that by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the cultural digital infrastructure and service platform will be basically built, and online and offline integration, interaction, and three-dimensionality will be formed. Covered cultural service supply system.The 71-year-old China Youth Daily “Leopard Change” has become a trend-setter in the digital wave.

The person in charge of China Youth Daily said: “From the Internet to the Metaverse, it is our mission and responsibility to provide high-quality cultural services for young people. In the current ‘no digital life’, we still have to take the initiative, actively innovate, and serve Young people can provide better digital products, especially to carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture through digitalization.”

Haiyang Cang No. 2 is being iterated from a spiritual landmark for generations of reporters into a “home of the youthful universe”, and the creation of a high-quality digital content ecology related to youth is put on the agenda. The “Blockchain Application Scenario” and “Rocket Youth”, which are jointly built by China Youth Daily and a number of institutions, are becoming an important starting point for the digital transformation of this old-fashioned newspaper. “, which is another “new” after the “opening” of these laboratories.

How is this public class different?

This class is close to young people, and we will “fashion play” with the youth universe with everyone. The “most fashionable interaction points” between youth, culture, science and education, data, and innovation are all displayed here.”Serving the growth of young people and promoting social progress”, whether in the real or virtual world, the China Youth Daily takes this as the purpose of running the newspaper. The open class expresses the rigorous reporting genes of the China Youth Daily in a youthful voice. Authoritative experts are down-to-earth. They respond to the questions that young people are interested in with words that young people can understand, and strive to present a “better user experience”. .

The first lesson focuses on the disruptive technology blockchain and its digital collection, one of the most popular technology derivatives, to respond to the concerns of young people. What is blockchain and how will it disrupt life?What development opportunities do young people have in the blockchain field? What is a digital collection? How did it catch on fire? Are digital collections an IQ tax or an opportunity? What kind of collection is worth collecting? How to avoid being cut leeks?

Li Ming, director of the Blockchain Research Office of the China Electronics Standardization Institute, and front-line practitioners from the Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, have a detailed understanding of basic concepts, technical logic, application scenarios, basic gameplay and pit avoidance guidelines. An in-depth answer was given.

When it comes to technical logic, Long Fan told China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily that the application of blockchain technology “can reduce the cost required for people to conduct transactions and build trust in production and life”. In his view, the “decentralized and tamper-resistant” technical soil of the blockchain rejects the growth of information gaps and lies at all. This technology will eventually subvert all intermediary Internet platforms and become a new platform between people Bridge of Trust. This bridge can carry thousands of troops, including supply chain records, housing rental information, as well as virtual images and digital collections that have become increasingly sought after by young people.

Talking about the basic gameplay, Li Chenxing, a 2013 undergraduate student of the Yao Qizhi Experimental Class of Tsinghua University and a 2017 doctoral student of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information, said that digital collections are different from the collective memory QQ show of young people in their early years. With the blessing of blockchain technology, “it is The display and circulation of digital collections are not attached to specific companies”, which is one of the reasons why digital collections can have value.

When it comes to the pit avoidance guide, Li Ming said that on April 13 this year, the China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association, and China Securities Association issued an initiative to prevent NFT financial risks, which for the first time clarified the non-fungible token for the first time. The statement confirms its positive role, and also mentions that NFT has risks such as speculation, money laundering, and illegal operations. “Generally speaking, what the initiative is preventing is the financialization of digital collections, not the digital collections themselves.” Li Ming said.

In order not to be “cut leeks”, he gave three specific suggestions: learn more about the instructions for platform users, clarify the necessary information such as platform subject qualifications and relevant copyright licenses; do not participate in financial violations, and do not participate blindly with a speculative mentality; When you participate, you need to do what you can, and don’t spend too much.

The person in charge of China Youth Daily said that this open class is the first beautiful scene experience that China Youth Daily has joined hands with young people to enter the “Youth Cosmos”, and has entered the spiritual home growth journey of the digital world. It is a more youthful and fashionable middle-aged youth. Report the practical measures of walking with the times, cheering for youth, and looking forward to the future together.

Next, there will be the second and third lessons… The world has never stopped moving forward. No. 2 Ocean Shipping Warehouse, past, present, and future, no matter how many waves it has experienced, it will watch over the spiritual home for young people. China Youth Daily has been “fighting side by side” with young people, experiencing, exploring, growing, and moving towards the future together.

1. How does blockchain subvert life, and what opportunities do young people have?

Long Fan, Dean of Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, 2006 undergraduate student of Tsinghua University Yao Qizhi Experimental Class, 2010 MIT PhD student

You can understand the blockchain as a decentralized distributed storage database network, in which all the participants store and verify the contents of the database together, and what kind of information is stored in the database determines the blockchain what can be used for. The blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization and cannot be tampered with. Its most important advantage is that it can reduce the cost required for people to conduct transactions and establish trust in production and life. In the Internet 2.0 era, there is always a need for a centralized platform to match everyone, and everyone builds trust through this centralized platform. In the Internet 3.0 era, we can write code into smart contracts for what the platform does, and then Deploy it on the blockchain.

New things are constantly being produced, and this field is a blue ocean. If young people want to join this industry, they must keep learning at all times. This is a field that is not very suitable for “laying down”. Second, young people need to maintain the ability to think independently and identify the real logic behind new things. Find the real direction to exert force, and finally be able to succeed.

2. What is NFT and what is digital collection?

Yang Guang, Research Director of Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, 2006 undergraduate student of Tsinghua University Yao Qizhi Experimental Class, 2010 2010 PhD student of Tsinghua University Interdisciplinary Information Institute

NFT refers to non-fungible tokens.

Non-homogenization corresponds to homogenization. The money we use is the homogenization token. One dollar can be used to replace another dollar. Painting is the non-homogenization token. same, not interchangeable.

Each of the non-fungible tokens derived from blockchain technology has its own unique properties, such as digital collections, which are realized in the form of non-homogeneous tokens.

The ownership of a digital collection can be determined in the form of NFT. In the Metaverse, it is impossible for every item to rely on an offline company to confirm the rights. If so, the power of this company is very large, and the risk is also very high, so it is more convenient to let the blockchain technology to confirm the rights. reliable.

3. Why are digital collections popular?

Li Chenxing, undergraduate student of Yao Qizhi’s experimental class of Tsinghua University in 2013, doctoral student of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Interdisciplinary Information in 2017

The market for collectibles has always existed, ranging from antiques to philately, to blind boxes that have become very popular in recent years. They can satisfy people’s needs for art appreciation, identity, and the need to display scarcity. Does it have to be in kind to satisfy this need? Not necessarily, such as game skins. The true digital collectibles come from the combination of digital products and blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology facilitates the development of digital collections in three ways. The first is the independence of the platform. The display and circulation of collections are not attached to any company. Any third party can read the data and decide how to display these collections. The circulation of collections is also realized according to the open protocol interface. The second is transparency and traceability . The blockchain system will record a digital collection. Every link in the process from casting to issuance to circulation cannot be tampered with. Only by verifying the history of the blockchain, you will know a collection. Is it real or fake. The third point is openness and low threshold . Compared with physical collections, digital collections reduce the cost of circulation and distribution of collections and help stimulate the vitality of the market.

4. Is digital collection an IQ tax or an opportunity, how to avoid being cut off?

Li Ming, Director of the Blockchain Research Office of the China Electronics Standardization Institute and Chairman of the IEEE Blockchain Conformity Assessment Committee

On April 13 this year, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association, and China Securities Association released the “Initiative on Preventing Financial Risks Related to NFTs”, which for the first time clarified the statement of non-fungible tokens and confirmed its positive It is mentioned that it has certain value in enriching the digital economy model and promoting the development of the cultural and creative industry. At the same time, it is also mentioned that NFTs have risks such as speculation, money laundering, and illegal operations. Overall, the initiative is to prevent the financialization of digital collections, not the digital collections themselves.

In the process of participating in digital collection activities, you should pay attention to the following three points: First, you need to understand the instructions for users of the platform in detail, and clarify the necessary information such as platform subject qualifications and relevant copyright licenses; second, do not participate in financial violations. Blindly participate in the mentality of NFT; NFT is still in the early stage of development, and needs to explore related aspects such as legal supervision, standards, technology, etc. When participating, everyone needs to do what they can, and do not consume excessively to prevent unnecessary economic losses.

5. What kind of digital collections are worth collecting and how to avoid pits?

Jiang Weishutu ecological Taopai digital collection director, product technology director of Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute

When we buy digital products, no matter what channel, we need to pay attention to three key elements.

The first is the blockchain used. For digital collections, I think it is more suitable to be issued on the public chain, so that the nodes will not be controlled by only one or a few limited stakeholders, and will not be bound to “big”. The rise and fall of “factory” is more open and transparent, more open and reliable, and more durable; secondly, you can choose to open the digital collection of the alliance chain.

The second is the copyright of the collection, that is, whether the collection has legal copyright or the authorization of the copyright owner. If the collection does not have copyright or the legal authorization of the copyright owner, it is a fake from the beginning, and its value is impossible to talk about later.

The third is the distribution strategy of digital collections. Generally speaking, the more famous the author or brand of the collection, the more exquisite the design, the less the number of releases and the higher the price, the more valuable such collections are for collection and investment. We remind everyone to be careful of the temptation of high returns. Investing in digital collections must be rational and prudent, with an understanding of the industry and awe of risks.

6. Why does the space spirit enter the Metaverse?

Wang Xiaoning Deputy General Manager of the Military Industry Hongtu Company of the Press and Publicity Center of the National Space Administration

This year marks the 66th anniversary of the establishment of China’s space industry. On the occasion of “China Space Day” on April 24 this year, the News and Publicity Center of the National Space Administration and China Youth Daily announced that they will jointly launch a joint digital collection “Aerospace Youth Digital Badge”. .

On the one hand, the two parties are committed to promoting the spirit of spaceflight, promoting spaceflight culture through multiple channels, and guiding young people to know more about, love, and participate in spaceflight; There is very rich creative space in aspects such as , form, and expression techniques. The “Space Youth Digital Badge” jointly launched by the two parties this time is a very good exploration and attempt. Our joint launch of the “Space Youth Digital Badge” is also to convey China’s aerospace spirit and aerospace culture to young people in a youthful and digital experience, so as to encourage more young people to maintain bold imagination and curiosity, maintain Love and dream, bravely go to your own dream exploration journey.

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