How do I pick up scaleswap’s airdrop?

Scaleswap offers IDO participants lower fees, instant trade execution, and a dramatically improved DeFi experience.

Project Introduction

(1) User-oriented and competitive

Scaleswap’s core competencies are mainly reflected in: institutional-grade security features, decentralized fund insurance, robust reputation scoring system, hardware wallet integration and user-oriented UI/UX, all of which provide significant improvements to the IDO experience.

(2) Fast transaction speed and low GAS fees

Scaleswap integrates with Polygon’s (formerly Matic) Layer2 solution and fully customizes unique features to provide IDO participants with lower fees, instant transaction execution, and a significantly improved DeFi experience.

(3) Feeding Token Holders

Token holders will enjoy multiple benefits, mainly in the following three ways.

a. Holders will have priority participation in the pool or access to advanced features (e.g. quota auto-setting feature).

b. Token holders can build governance organizations in ScaleDAO.

c. Token holders also have the opportunity to receive airdrops.

Project Highlights

(1) Ether Layer2 scaling: fast transaction speed and low fees.

(2) Institutional-level security features.

(3) Decentralized fund insurance.

(4) Powerful reputation scoring system.

(5) Hardware wallet integration.

(6) User-driven UI and UX.

Step 1: Visit the website

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

Click sign up to register

Step 2: Enter your email address and set your password, and check the box

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?
How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

Note: Please find the coinmarketcap link in your mailbox within 1 minute to authenticate

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

Click on Click

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

You have successfully logged in will appear, then visit the first step of the website

Step 3: Click on the model to join the list

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

Step 4: Visit (the event will start at 23:00 BST on 5.21)

How do I pick up scaleswap's airdrop?

Please register your account in advance and you can receive the airdrop by completing the tasks as required at that time.

Scaleswap official website:

Scaleswap official WeChat customer service: Scaleswap

Scaleswap Telegraph Group:

Scaleswap official Twitter:

CoinMarketCap Official Twitter.

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