How did Metaverse Real Estate conquer investors?

“Three-Body” author Liu Cixin once bluntly said: “There are two roads in front of human beings: one outward, leading to the sea of ​​stars; the other inward, leading to virtual reality.” Tesla CEO Musk is actively exploring the sea of ​​stars. But Facebook (Meta) CEO Zuckerberg has taken the road to virtual reality.

The meta-universe craze triggered by Facebook’s name change also stimulated the crypto market’s interest in the encrypted meta-universe protocol. The native tokens of The Sandbox, Decentraland and other protocols have seen considerable increases in the days after Facebook announced the name change. It is worth mentioning that The Sandbox and Decentraland have a common feature-real estate is the basis of the virtual world constructed by the agreement. Only through the purchase of real estate, users can create and build in it, and maximize its value.

Next, we will discuss with you the value and development potential of Meta Universe Real Estate in the virtual world.

The underlying logic of the real estate value of Yuan Universe

The concept of meta universe real estate is very easy to understand, because it has a case to follow in the real world. Since entering the era of farming, real estate has become the most important means of production in human society, and all basic human activities must be based on real estate. The same is true of the meta universe.

The meta-universe world as we understand it is a virtual world. Using RobloxCEO Dave Baszucki’s definition of the meta-universe, the meta-universe includes at least the following elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization .

Just like, in the Chinese Focus of Cointelegraph on November 16, Enjin co-founder and CTO Witek Radomski mentioned “We have a responsibility to try to build a meta-universe in a decentralized and fair way.” The meta universe should be orderly, not a “user is the creator” or controlled by a “centralized entity.” The meta universe is not a virtual world that can be arbitrary.

When we live, socialize, play and create in it, we must follow the “rules of the game” of the current meta-universe. And Meta Universe Real Estate is the “carrier of rules.” Among them, Meta Universe Real Estate gives users the right to “interact”. Users can follow the corresponding rules of the meta universe and complete value creation in it.

However, until now, the meta-universe is still an immature concept, which is still evolving and evolving. Through Metaverse Real Estate, users can enrich the concept of Metaverse with their own proprietary understanding and behavior.

Both capital and powerful individual buyers have begun to purchase real estate under different Meta Universe agreements.

Not long ago, PolkaFantasy, a cross-chain NFT market in Japan, ended the second round of Land Sale on October 29. In a short time, the land of rare grades S and SS was sold out. Afterwards, on November 2nd, the Aave ecological NFT platform Aavegotchi meta-universe game Gotchiverse completed the first round of land auctions with a bid of approximately 40.6 million GHST (worth approximately US$100 million).

The land in the Sandbox is also repeatedly auctioned at high prices. On July 4, the official Twitter of The Sandbox stated that NFT investor @seedphrase had bought a piece of 24*24 virtual land at the price of 3644834.6103 SAND tokens (approximately US$874,000). Previously, the highest transaction price of virtual land on The Sandbox was $650,000, and the purchaser was Wang Chun, the co-founder of Yuchi. Allegedly, this land will be used to build a Dogecoin enthusiast headquarters.1637051325108352.jpg

How to define the “value” of Meta Universe Real Estate?

The high prices of these meta-universe real estates are related to their attributes and scarcity as a means of production. But this value is abstract. In other words, this value is “future value”, and its true value cannot be measured in the short term.

So, what are the aspects of “future value”?

The Narrative Value and Emotional Value of the Metaverse

The narrative logic of the meta universe determines its value foundation, and the emotions of people who yearn for the meta universe determines its value increment. The meta-universe is considered to be one of the ultimate goals of human development, or the sea of ​​stars, or the virtual world, and its narrative value is revealed from this. Different positions have different cash flow choices, and the end points that lead us to will also be different. And we are trapped in it, and we vote for the future we are looking forward to with our actions time and time again. With the advancement of technology, the future we want will come. The Metaverse Real Estate is the most important means of production and cornerstone, which also determines its position in the entire Metaverse narrative logic.

Metaverse development potential

The greatest value of Yuan Universe Real Estate comes from Yuan Universe’s own development potential in the future. Whether it is Facebook, Microsoft, or traditional giants such as NVIDIA and Byte Headline, they have shown their concerns about the meta universe to the outside world. At the same time, many people are yearning for a virtual world like the “number one player”, looking forward to immersing themselves in the virtual world, controlling the clone and enjoying the efficient social network. It can be considered that people’s beautiful vision for the life of the meta universe has contributed to the rapid increase in the valuation of the meta universe. The intervention of capital has catalyzed the emergence of value bubbles in the meta universe, and these bubbles will in turn stimulate more people’s enthusiasm for the meta universe.

The “hype” and “future” of Yuan Universe Real Estate

However, we must also be vigilant against the hype upsurge of Yuan Universe Real Estate.

As we all know, the meta universe is just a very interesting and novel concept. However, many people only mention its origin in the novel “Avalanche” and the movie “Number One Player” when introducing Metaverse, and it is difficult to derive some new large and general concepts. Sean Yu, the co-founder of MGA, mentioned in the sharing of CT Chinese Shanghai event “Meeting Metaverse·NFT World New Wave” that Metaverse currently has huge controversy and we cannot give an answer in a short time.

Moreover, if we are eager to develop the meta-universe, we will often get twice the result with half the effort due to the lack of infrastructure. Just like the plot in “Three-Body”, after knowing that the Trisolaran is about to come, mankind was eager to develop the aerospace industry, which resulted in the Great Depression. After abandoning development, a dazzling civilization was developed in a short period of time. Whether Metaverse will follow this development path is unknown, but it is worth thinking about and applying it to investment strategies.

In addition to the insufficiency of infrastructure, another problem in the development of Metaverse is also worthy of our attention. When each meta-universe was launched under the agreement of the meta-universe concept, another problem appeared. Just like developers have launched various public chains, although they directly promote the prosperity of the public chain market, they have also created data islands. The emergence of each meta-universe will gradually become ecological islands. As the number of Meta Universe increases, the scarcity of Meta Universe real estate will disappear, and the investment value will drop sharply.

For meta-universe, interoperability is more important-people are looking forward to a unified meta-universe, Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA and byte headlines are among them, they are a member of the meta-universe, not four A meta-cosmic subject. Different from the development path of public chain “everything in a lifetime”, different meta-universes will eventually be unified, and every human being can participate in it. Among them, Yuan universe real estate, as the most important means of production, will exert its greatest value.

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