How did it succeed? Talk about the ecological characteristics of BNB Chain

Why Premium Projects Moved to Choose BNB Chain

Stocks can exhibit certain characteristics or laws in long-term operation, just like a person’s personality, for which we call it “stock”. In other words, stock nature is an exogenous characteristic of a stock that is given by the behavior of investors. This law does not only apply to stocks, but also public chains in the crypto world. For example, Ethereum was once called a rich chain due to its high transaction costs.

Unlike the stock nature, the characteristics of the public chain are composed of the physical characteristics of the public chain itself and the characteristics of the users who use the public chain, and the latter has a greater influence.

If you carefully study the development of crypto projects, you will find that the characteristics of the public chain play a decisive role in the success or failure of the project. To this end, this article will explain why high-quality projects choose BNB Chain from the perspective of public chain characteristics, and how BNB Chain attracts many high-quality projects.

From Solana First to BNB Chain First, it takes only 3 days

Gameta is a Web3 gaming platform originally created on the Solana network. Gameta mainly provides infrastructure and publishing services for casual games, thus attracting more gamers from Web2 to Web3.

On the Solana network, Gameta used to climb from 0 to the top of the game charts in a matter of months. According to DappRadar data, the Gameta Solana network has about 31,000 daily active users.

After completing the Solana network toppage, Gameta migrated to BNB Chain on August 27.

Three days after the migration, Gameta soared to number one on the BNB Chain game list. The data shows that 48 hours after the migration, Gameta added 35,000 new users. In 7 days, Gameta users increased by 486.73% and transactions increased by 203%. The latest data from DappRadar shows that Gameta’s MAU monthly active users reached 1.63 million.

How did it succeed? Talk about the ecological characteristics of BNB Chain

Source: DappRadar

Gameta is just one of many projects that have migrated to BNB Chain from other public chains, and from the most basic data, it is not difficult to understand why many high-quality projects have migrated projects to BNB Chain. Compared with other public chains, BNB Chain has a higher ceiling, and Gameta’s new users in BNB Chain 3 days have exceeded the months of hard work on Solana. Moreover, high-quality projects that can achieve excellent results in other public chains have no barriers to BNB Chain.

The characteristics of the public chain determine the ceiling of the project

The ceiling height of BNB Chain is the result, not the cause. Why BNB Chain’s ceiling is higher than other public chains requires a more detailed analysis.

As mentioned above, a large part of the characteristics of the public chain are derived from the user characteristics of the public chain. For projects, choosing a public chain is not as much a user on the public chain. Judging from Gameta’s feedback, users on BNB Chain have a group of experienced users. Or rather, they are a group of users who are not new to the blockchain. More than 39% of users in this group have extensive experience in blockchain gaming, and they love new content and are able to get started quickly.

The user nature of BNB Chain means that the ceiling for innovative high-quality projects will be higher than other public chains. Of course, in addition to the user features, BNB Chain itself is also required.

BNB Chain is compatible with most major technologies, making project adaptation and setup easier and faster, and eliminating the need for time and effort in user education. For users, the learning cost is low and the start is fast. After moving to BNB Chain, Gameta said that most of Gameta’s users are mainstream mobile game players, and BNB Chain allows the team to efficiently link on-chain activities with users’ gaming habits without too much interference.

The success of Gameta shows how important the public chain features are to the project. And how did the public chain characteristics come about? To this end, we will continue to explore the mystery of the birth of the BNB Chain feature.

All-round support

In fact, behind every public chain that can succeed, there is no lack of support from the founding team. Just as ConsenSys sold a lot of ETH in the early days for building the Ethereum ecosystem. The same is true of BNB Chain, except that BNB Chain can provide more help and cover more details than other public chains.

Judging from the many public materials and interviews built on the BNB Chain project, the official team of BNB Chain supports the project in all aspects, including technical, ecosystem, marketing and PR advice, the design of the token economy, and AMA support. Gameta said that BNB Chain has given rich resources to help projects and coordinate Gameta’s relationships within the BNB Chain ecosystem, expanding Gameta’s service and user horizons. At the same time, BNB Chain gave Gameta a maximum 100% discount on gas fees for the first 3 months to help the project grow in the long term.

As one of the most active public chains at present, the advantages of the official team of BNB Chain are more in being familiar with the whole process of project operation and controlling the details. Working with a large number of projects, the BNB Chain team has long been familiar with how to capture users by maximizing the value of the token economy, how to target marketing, and so on. This is one of the reasons why many quality projects like to be built on BNB Chain.

For earlier projects, BNB Chain is also supported by the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) incubation program. Since February 2021, BNB Chain has partnered with Binance Labs to host the MVB Incubation Program, which has been successfully held for 5 seasons to date. From the MVB program stand out from the familiar projects such as PancakeSwap, WOO Network, Project Galaxy and so on.

For projects participating in the MVB program, BNB Chain and Binance Labs will conduct a 6-8 week tailored training on the BNB ecosystem for the project team. Quality projects also have the opportunity to receive investment from Binance Labs.

The success of BNB Chain is not just the result of Binance’s support, but the result of multiple efforts. The BNB Chain team supports the development of high-quality projects in all aspects, and high-quality projects attract a large number of user participation. A large number of users have opened up the imagination space of high-quality projects, thus attracting other public chain high-quality projects to migrate to BNB Chain. Finally, high-quality projects and user aggregations build the features of BNB Chain.

The development of BNB Chain provides a set of templates for the development of public chains. The public chain needs its own characteristics, but this feature is the result of the joint efforts of users, teams, and projects.

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