How can ViaBTC Capital, which focuses on industry infrastructure, become a rainmaker in the crypto world?

Via BTC Capital relies on ViaBTC’s full-chain ecology, and aims to integrate the advantages of multiple resources to provide one-stop investment and financing services that many traditional investment institutions do not have, thus becoming an indispensable and not everyone can do in the field of infrastructure in the crypto world. rain Man”.

In the traditional Internet investment world, there have always been “rainmakers”, such as Hillhouse Capital (Zhang Lei), which facilitated the handshake cooperation of two industry heavyweight rivals, and Tencent , and ultimately achieved a win-win business collaboration.
In short, the “rainmaker” can change the “weather” in a certain area of ​​the industry, match and create new transactions or collaborations , thereby generating wonderful chemical reactions and achieving the effect of “1+1>2” .

As an “industry veteran” ViaBTC Group’s investment platform that integrates capital, resources, and post-investment services, the newly established ViaBTC Capital aims to rely on ViaBTC’s rich industry resources to aggregate technologies, talents, projects, and funds in related industries around the world . So as to become the “rainmaker” of the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain world.

The investment and financing of the crypto industry has entered a deep water period

Blockdata statistics show that during the third quarter of 2021, the amount of corporate financing disclosed in the crypto industry reached US$6.586 billion, with a number of 339, a record high compared to the second quarter.
Correspondingly, the previous first and second quarters were 3.83 billion US dollars and 5.131 billion US dollars, although this is a record high compared to last year-the total financing amount for the whole year of 2020 is only 3.802 billion US dollars, but compared to the third quarter It’s still a little ugly, which shows the blowout trend of the entire industry’s investment and financing track this year.

How can ViaBTC Capital, which focuses on industry infrastructure, become a "rainmaker" in the crypto world?

The most active investor in the third quarter was Coinbase Ventures, which participated in 18 transactions, followed by Animoca Brands and Polychain Capital, who participated in 10 and 11 transactions, respectively.
The largest financing in the industry so far is naturally the US$900 million Series B financing completed by FTX in July at a valuation of US$18 billion (FTX recently completed another US$420 million financing at a valuation of US$25 billion, Sequoia, Temasek, etc. 69 Investment by domestic institutions), it will be difficult for other projects to stand behind in a short period of time.

In general, investment institutions not only showed a clear upward trend in total amount and frequency of shots, but also single large financings began to appear repeatedly, which also means that the original era of small-scale investment and financing in the encryption industry is gradually moving towards The institutionalized “regular army” has shifted from time to time .
Just as the crowdfunding platform Republic completed a US$150 million Series B financing not long ago, the token issuance and financing platform CoinList completed a US$100 million Series A financing. The strong wind started at the end of Qingping. From the popularity of Republic and CoinList, which focus on investment and financing projects, can also get a glimpse of the overall trend of industry investment preferences and capital layout ideas:
in the crypto industry itself Under the background that the development path is gradually connecting to the mainstream financial world, with the continuous development of the encryption industry and the continuous expansion of the volume, for the industry innovation projects that emerge every day, the encryption investment field has become a direct sharing of industry development dividends, etc. In the front row .

The similarities and differences of ViaBTC Capital

On October 23, ViaBTC Capital, a wholly-owned investment institution under the ViaBTC Group, was formally established and established a special venture capital fund of US$50 million, focusing on supporting infrastructure projects such as Web3.0 and Layer2, as well as application projects such as DeFi, NFT and DAO. , Aiming to realize the synergy effect and concept application landing of infrastructure business.

As a veteran of the crypto world, ViaBTC Group itself was established in 2015. In the early days, it was mainly engaged in the cryptocurrency mining pool business. In recent years, in addition to deep cultivation of cryptocurrency mining pools, it has also successively deployed in various segments of the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry ecology of mining pools, wallets and public chains has been constructed, which is well known to the public.
This has also accumulated rich resources and contacts in the industry. Therefore, as a wholly-owned investment brand under the ViaBTC Group, ViaBTC Capital is equivalent to the ViaBTC Group’s external block chain project investment and incubation window, through investment to achieve the ViaBTC Group’s Vision layout:
ViaBTC Capital aims to invest in innovative projects that have synergistic effects on the company’s existing businesses, and at the same time, with the help of strong overseas communities and solid technology, it can empower the invested projects, help the investment portfolio grow, and directly share industry dividends. .
This is also the differentiated positioning of ViaBTC Capital compared to other traditional traditional investment institutions—not just a simple investment institution. With the help of the “ViaBTC ecology” behind it, it means that  ViaBTC Capital is connected to the public chain ecosystem (CSC) and wallet (ViaWallet). ), etc., which can integrate its own multi-resource advantages to provide one-stop investment and financing services that many traditional investment institutions do not have .
In short, it not only puts the money in place, but also provides one-stop industry resources covering the entire development chain of the project . This is also the biggest difference and advantage of ViaBTC Capital compared to other investment institutions in the industry.

Focus on industry infrastructure, deepen the GameFi track

From last year’s DeFi to this year’s new public chain ecology, Layer2 expansion solutions, Web3.0 and Metaverse, the entire industry investment track is iterating rapidly, from the previous battle between the currency circle and the chain circle to gradually linking the real world , And build a financial model through DeFi, so that more people and institutions begin to accept this virtual asset paradigm.

From this perspective, ViaBTC Capital’s optimism on DeFi, GameFi and other tracks also has a clear logical context:

Since late last year, the Ethernet Square arise expanding problem of making the new currency to the public chain headed by an intelligent chain began to emerge, blossom, has burst fire Solana, Matic, Fantom and other competitive public AVAX chain, while the second floor star Arbitrum 8 The official launch of the month also attracted a large amount of funds to the second floor.
The game industry has also explored the Roblox model with user creation as the core and economic system as the core. The game UGC model is widely recognized by the market, and the new style of NFT has gradually become popular with capital. At the same time, the game itself is a very mature track. And the combination of games and finance has natural advantages.
Therefore, ViaBTC Capital focuses on investing and mining early potential projects of DApps such as Web 3.0, Layer2, DeFi applications and infrastructure, NFT, GameFi and DAO.

As of the current public reports, ViaBTC Capital has also completed investments in projects such as Qredo, Lunarcrush, Pianity, Solster, etc., with investment styles covering industry infrastructure such as Web3.0 and Layer2 .

At the same time, ViaBTC Capital also revealed that when investing in specific industry segments, ViaBTC Capital not only focuses on exploring new models of early projects, but also includes industry-recognized popular projects with relatively mature products.
That is to say, ViaBTC Capital’s criteria for screening projects are mainly based on the team and products. “Investment projects are actually investors.” Secondly, it depends on the products and their innovations: For example, the current decentralized cross-chain asset management agreement Qredo that ViaBTC Capital has invested in , LunarCRUSH, a cryptocurrency data platform, and Pianity, a music NFT platform, all have a strong integrated background and relatively mature products.
In addition, in the projects that ViaBTC Capital has invested in, such as NFT browser, Web3.0 indexing service and Investment DAO, although the product is relatively early, the comprehensive background and industry experience of the team are good.
In general, ViaBTC Capital tends to explore early projects with new models . In addition, if an excellent team has a good idea, it is also happy to support it, and once the target is selected, it is committed to the full ecological empowerment after the investment. To accompany the growth of the project.

A growing “friend circle”

“Going alone fast, everyone going far.” After the crypto industry broke through the trillions of market value, the entire industry track became more segmented. Various innovative projects emerged one after another, and the iteration speed was extremely fast. It is difficult to cover the entire industry with one family alone. It is inevitable that the project tracking research is inadequate.
Therefore, recently, the investment pace of some leading and star investment institutions has obviously become the same, and many times they have shown a trend of group investment. In this regard, ViaBTC Capital expressed that it is also very willing to communicate and share with professional investors in the industry in order to capture market information in advance.
ViaBTC Capital believes that a strong investment network is also a major advantage for the growth of the investment portfolio. If it can invest in a project with a cooperative investment institution, it will give full play to their respective resources and advantages to empower the growth of the project.
Therefore, ViaBTC Capital is also deepening and expanding its investment relationship network. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation with Pantera Capital, IOSG Ventures, Shima Capital and many other institutions, and established the ViaBTC Capital global encryption ecosystem alliance, which is committed to the dark horse project of the encryption ecosystem. Provide capital support, economic model advice, international business resources and marketing construction services.
In addition, although it is a rookie that has just been established, the institutional partners in ViaBTC Capital’s “Circle of Friends” are gradually expanding, such as WOO Ventures, Blofin, TokenInsight, Foresight Ventures, etc.:

  • At the ecological end of the crypto industry, ViaBTC Capital has formed an alliance and is committed to realizing the “hard core investment alliance” that promotes industry innovation;
  • On the market side of the crypto industry, ViaBTC Capita advocates the creation of a decentralized capital market ecosystem, which integrates the power of everyone in the industry and accelerates the birth of innovative projects;
  • On the application side of the encryption industry, ViaBTC Capital focuses on the layout of industry pain point solution projects and the discovery of potential dark horse applications;

According to official disclosures, ViaBTC Capital will also have a heavyweight cooperation expansion plan in the future, which is currently under planning.

Be the “rainmaker” in the crypto world

Although “Rainmaker” is indispensable, it is not something everyone can do, because it must have the full chain of ecological service support capabilities to create new trading and collaboration opportunities.
For ViaBTC Capital, perhaps relying on ViaBTC Group’s one-stop industry resource support, it can also be and is also committed to being a “rainmaker” in such a crypto world:
* On the one hand, it will make strategic investments to form Business synergies like Tencent;
* On the other hand, it will also have primary and secondary business investment sections
like Hillhouse, Sequoia Capital, etc .; In addition, ViaBTC Capital adheres to the “ strategic investment + financial investment ” dual Wheel-driven business model, continue to focus on and layout the blockchain field.
Among them, the strategic investment is for the purpose of long-term holding, focusing on the strategic direction of the acquisition and construction and optimization of the asset portfolio, forming a synergistic effect on the existing business of ViaBTC Capital; while the financial investment is oriented to financial returns and selecting the appropriate target portfolio investment.

Finally, ViaBTC Capital also hopes to become one of the preferred capitals for entrepreneurship and creative implementation in the blockchain world, and accelerate the ecological development of the entire encryption industry through investment empowerment.

So, looking at it this way, the core vision of ViaBTC Capital is to rely on the ViaBTC Group to deeply cultivate the basic track of the investment industry, realize the synergy of the infrastructure business, and become the “rainmaker” of the infrastructure of the blockchain world .

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