How can VC and project team build together in the Web3 world?

Framework once wrote in promotional content: Unlike traditional venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, if people have dealt with cryptocurrencies, they have likely dealt with us.

Today, I would like to introduce Framework, an investment company that “takes and understands blockchain seriously”. It can be said that in recent years, blockchain technology has enabled permissionless innovation, fundamentally reshaping consumer and enterprise network business models.

How can VC and project team build together in the Web3 world?

 Co-founder of Framework Ventures

Vance Spencer 和 Michael Anderson

Framework investing is characterized by working with founders and teams to build token-based networks and develop the necessary cryptoeconomics, governance, and community to scale.

The venture capital industry is reaching new heights, in part because of expectations for a new generation of companies built around decentralized systems. Venture capital firms in the U.S. raised $73.8 billion in the first quarter, the most money ever raised in a three-month period and more than some years combined, according to research firm PitchBook.

Some cryptocurrency startups have opted for a dedicated VC firm so they can access the expertise of their partners, Michael Anderson founded Framework with Spencer. Framework has previously helped its startups bolster blockchain security, an important issue in light of recent cryptocurrency hacks.

How can VC and project team build together in the Web3 world?


Anderson said Framework takes steps in the investment to protect the integrity of decentralization. Buy roughly 4% to 6% of the tokens in each project it supports, limiting its influence by keeping a minority vote. The company will dedicate roughly half of its new fund to developing cryptocurrency-based video game companies. Many gamers don’t understand the fun that financial speculation can bring, but founder Vance Spencer believes gaming will be a turning point in ensuring the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies. It’s a vertical that brings everyone into it.

How can VC and project team build together in the Web3 world?

Portfolio Analysis

In April, Framework announced the closing of “FVIII,” an oversubscribed $400 million fund to invest in early-stage blockchain gaming, Web3 and DeFi startups and networks. With the completion of this third fund, Framework Ventures now manages approximately $1.4 billion in assets, not including affiliate Framework Labs. The team has grown to 22 people, of which 7 are investment teams. The rest of the team are mostly engineers focused on running infrastructure, betting and participating in the DeFi market. As the founders say, if you’ve used cryptocurrencies in the past few years, chances are you’ve interacted with Framework.

Many people on the Framework Ventures team have entrepreneurial experience, and when this experience becomes a collective commonality, it has played an important role in shaping the sense of mission, investment focus, and service offerings. Over the years, regardless of the market’s ups and downs, it has cemented its reputation through a track record of building, investing and operating, making it one of the few companies in the field with clear expertise in meaningful post-investment support.

Recently, Framework Ventures officially announced the launch of Framework Tent, a Toekn knowledge base open only to founders in the Framework portfolio. Concurrent with the launch of Framework Tent, Framework will produce nearly 100 NFTs to be offered to founders in the portfolio, giving them access to a curated curated collection of recommended partners, service providers, original content and shared knowledge across the ecosystem list. Ultimately, this portal will evolve into a full-service platform, offering premium services through interactive data, content, event calendars and partnership opportunities only available within the Framework family.

How can VC and project team build together in the Web3 world?

The Framework Tent will be seen as the next iteration of a broad, pre-existing platform offering.

In a competitive industry like cryptocurrencies, platforms or post-investment support and services from venture capital firms and other investors can make or break a project (especially during bear markets). This is the case with Framework.

Back in 2019, Framework co-founders Michael Anderson and Vance Spencer published an argument for “cyber capital”: that crypto-focused VCs need to do more than just hold tokens, they must ” Close to the Core,” backing the network they invest in by building, running critical infrastructure, staking, etc. directly with the founders.

Fast forward to 2022, and Framework’s gameplay has become the standard for VCs and investors across the cryptocurrency industry. With a full team of engineers, Framework is well known throughout the cryptocurrency industry for its ability to support portfolio companies in ways that go far beyond investing.

Today the company runs critical DeFi infrastructure, including Chainlink nodes serving over 200 price feeds, and one of the largest indexer nodes on the Graph. Help with smart contract security reviews, team formation, recruiting and hiring, and leverage market-leading expertise to help founders build product and scale. With companies spanning more than 100 investment projects, The Framework Tent allows project parties to condense much of the work that has been done into a user-friendly and easily extensible platform.

While some VCs offer little or no platform integration capabilities, Framework offers a broad platform run by a lean but efficient, seasoned OG team known for relentlessly efficient execution, such as business building, Business development and user onboarding, technology, governance, tokenomics, and more. Some products include:

– Run critical infrastructure and provide DeFi services

– Business development, web access and presentations in a portfolio of 100+ companies

– Security review of smart contracts and priority access to audit services from top companies

– Product and marketing sessions with DeFi, Ops and tech experts

– Communicate with the tokenomics team, communicate with in-house game design experts

– Consult with marketing executives and introduce multiple PR/marketing/branding agencies

– Founders retreat and offline event opportunities

The ideal realization of crypto investing requires VC firms to do more than just hold tokens: they must actively participate on-chain to help the protocol achieve its goals, grow the community, decentralize, and prosper. Framework has been active in various on-chain functions for several years and is a prolific user of DeFi services. It turns out that in cryptocurrencies, on-chain resumes are more convincing than official seals of large corporations. Founders like to work with people who understand them seriously in a bear market. Steady progress in the industry.

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