How can I copy the bottom of the market 100%?

Let’s take a look at the market first. Yesterday, the market fell sharply again. The market fell below 19,000 for a time, and the ether was even worse, and it fell directly below 1,000! So can this place be able to buy the bottom again? This question is very critical!

Personally, I think this position should not be overly bearish! From the emotional point of view, the current fear and greed index are both at low levels. According to the market sentiment theory, the possibility of another big drop is very small; from the perspective of miners, most of them are currently at the shutdown price of mining machines; from the technical point of view Look, the current indicators are basically in an oversold state.

So from the point of view of the key question, how to be very successful in bargain hunting, what kind of skills and methods are there?

The first point: to see if there is a turning point in the trend!

If the overall trend of the market reverses, the downward trend has been broken, and the market will often appear in the bottom area! If the trend has not changed, then it is time to buy the dips early, and the more you buy, the more you lose! !

The second point is to see the breakthrough! !

Pay attention to the key pressure level of this wave of market! ! If this key pressure level has completely broken through, it means that the strength of the rise is very strong, and of course the probability of rising in the later stage of the market is high!

If these two adjustments are in line, I will tell you that the probability of successful bargain hunting can reach 100%!

So how can you copy the big meat of this wave of market? Everyone download link:

(Can be copied to the mobile browser, open and download~)

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