How blockchain technology can make donations run under the sun

Thanks to the technical characteristics of distribution, openness and transparency, and information traceability, blockchain technology has played an important role in the anti-epidemic action in various places.

A number of enterprises led by China Xiong’an Group Digital City Company and Qulian Technology Company jointly initiated a blockchain-based charitable donation platform – Shanzong. Using the alliance blockchain network, the entire donation process can be realized. The chain is open, tamper-proof, traceable, and subject to public supervision.

According to the statistics of Shanzong Charity Donation Management Traceability Platform, up to now, there have been 1,545 love donations for this epidemic, 194 in demand, and hundreds of millions of registered materials.

How blockchain technology can make donations run under the sun

The relevant person in charge of Fun Chain Technology told the reporter of Blockchain Daily that in response to the three major problems in charitable donations: “demand is difficult to speak out, donations are difficult to make, and the masses are difficult to believe”, the “Shan Zong” platform uses the alliance blockchain network to provide charitable donations. Donation provides a credible and efficient solution for the whole link.

It is understood that the “Good Track” platform uses the consortium blockchain network to provide full-link credible and efficient solutions for charitable donations. The “Good Track” platform allows the demander to release information conveniently and quickly, the donor can successfully complete the donation of materials, the recipient can receive the donated materials in time, and the public can see the whole process of donation, so that every donation can be It can find a foothold and provide all sectors of society with an open, traceable, and feedbackable regulatory approach for the entire process.

In addition, the “Good Track” platform introduced the Hangzhou Internet Notary Office node, and through online verification of the deposit information, it further ensures that the publicized on-chain information cannot be tampered with, thereby enhancing the society’s trust in charity.

The platform has four major highlights: First, credible supervision. The key donation data in the platform has been stored on the chain, and no one including the platform initiator can tamper with the data on the chain, which ensures the traceability and traceability of information and information sources, and facilitates supervision and accountability.

Second, openness and transparency. The platform provides a convenient and fast on-chain information browsing portal, provides public donation information query services to everyone, and improves the information transparency and credibility of donation behavior.

Third, process optimization. The platform is committed to opening up the whole process of charitable donations, including “seeking donations – donation docking – sending donations – logistics tracking – donation confirmation” and other links, optimizing the information flow in each link and the actual operation time to reduce the difficulty of completing donations and improve the efficiency of donations.

Fourth, the platform will also provide legal protection. Hangzhou Internet Notary Office provides corresponding notary services for the platform, and takes legal measures to effectively prevent dishonest behaviors such as fraudulent donations.

How does blockchain technology play a role in it?

The blockchain reporter found on the platform that for each project that has been donated and to be donated, the platform has “allocated” the corresponding block information, block height, unique identification of the deposit certificate and the deposit certificate on the chain. time, and clearly marked that the project “has been deposited in the QuChain blockchain”.

The chairman and CEO of Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as distributed, difficult to tamper, and traceability, can effectively solve the problems of complex processes and black-box operations in traditional charity projects. The blockchain records the source and destination of social donation materials and charitable donations on the chain, improves the tracking mechanism of materials and charitable funds, records and stores the collection, distribution and use of related materials, and ensures that the financial data of charities is authentic and auditable , to realize the disclosure of donation information and the traceability of material flow.

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