How big is UPWAN’s “ambition” to enter the intranet safely?

In the “dark forest” of data, enterprise cloud networks may be the “gun” that enterprises need.

“The universe is a dark forest, and every civilization is a hunter with a gun, sneaking in the forest like a ghost…In this forest, others are hell and an eternal threat.” Liu Cixin in the novel “The Law of Dark Forest” is proposed in “Three Body II”.

The Internet is also a “dark forest”. Information explosion and data sharing have brought convenience in life and high efficiency in work. At the same time, it has brought opportunities for interested people to bring a series of security risks and challenges such as extortion, fraud, and information theft. Network security is no longer a vassal product of digitalization in the past, and has become the “cornerstone” of Internet security.

In particular, the new crown pandemic last year forced many changes in enterprises, which had a ripple effect in the entire security industry. Countries around the world are actively deploying network security construction. Although China’s network security market started late, under the guidance of policy dividends such as new infrastructure and digital transformation, the construction of a network security system has been given a brand new meaning.

China Cyber ​​Security Industry Alliance (CCIA) “China Cyber ​​Security Market Competitiveness Report 2021” shows that in the first half of 2021, a total of 4,751 companies in my country are engaged in cyber security business, an increase of 23.1% compared to the previous year. The network security market is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 15% in the next three years, and the market size is expected to exceed 80 billion yuan by 2023.

In this context, UPWAN has won the recognition of many big B companies with SD-WAN cloud network solutions. But UPWAN “ambition” is not limited to, when informed that recently, 36 krypton exclusive interview UPWAN CEO Huang Hui Pan, a new, for internal security network -wide risks of the product has been officially listed. 

How big is UPWAN's "ambition" to enter the intranet safely?

Picture/UPWAN Shangwan Network

Q: Can you introduce UPWAN?

A: UPWAN/Shangwan Network is an enterprise cloud network service provider, with enterprise network security gateway CPE equipment as the core, through the integration of routers, firewalls, DPI detection, network isolation, authorization management, behavior auditing, situational awareness, WAN acceleration, etc. Function to provide customers with complete enterprise cloud network services.

Q: What is the relationship between UPWAN and Youpaiyun? Will there be business overlaps?

A: UPWAN is an independent project hatched from another cloud system and has an independent operating system. At present, YouPaiyun is also one of UPWAN’s angel shareholders. From the beginning of its establishment, UPWAN has been positioned as an enterprise network service. There is a clear difference between UPWAN’s deep cultivation of Internet network services. The two have formed a good business complementarity and customer coverage.

Q: Is UPWAN a technology-led company or an operation-led company?

A: Technology dominance is inevitable. When choosing to enter the corporate network service market, we have been asking ourselves repeatedly whether we have market competitiveness. For To B business, the focus of competitiveness includes three major aspects: technology, products, and services. UPWAN takes technology as the forerunner, and its personnel composition basically comes from the backbone of YouPaiyun, with first-class R&D capabilities.

Q: What is the company’s main product? What are the benchmark customers?

A: The enterprise cloud network is our main product, using the original SD-WAN technology, mainly serving the acceleration of enterprise internal applications, and supporting business scenarios such as enterprise multi-branch networking and hybrid cloud. The product has been researched and developed since 2017, polished and shaped and launched on the market in 2018. Because of our optimism about the SD-WAN market, we established UPWAN in the same year. After two years of market precipitation, UPWAN and homely home , effective , Haitian Group, the East Sunrise domestic first-class industrial enterprises, as well as the little red book , look, love Fan children and other Internet ‘upstart’ have cooperation.

In April 2020, we upgraded to Enterprise Cloud Network Service 2.0, adding network functions such as identity access, network isolation, “zero trust” authorization, behavior auditing, and situational awareness to solve the network security problems faced by enterprises. At present, it has been used by Deli Stationery, Gujia Home Furnishing, Haitian Group and other customers. 

How big is UPWAN's "ambition" to enter the intranet safely?

Figure/Enterprise Cloud Network

Q: It is mentioned that the enterprise cloud network is upgraded to version 2.0. What kind of product is this?

A: Actually, it is somewhat similar to the R&D experience of the first-generation product. The R&D work for this product upgrade also took 2 years. We originally planned to launch network security products alone last year, but because of higher requirements for functions, we overturned the remake.

The network security protection of ordinary companies mainly uses firewalls to prevent viruses, Trojan horses, etc., which are aimed at the outside. For the intranet, network security is lacking. The function of network security protection is to control the network security issues of the intranet. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic last year, the demand for remote office has greatly increased. These are exactly the businesses covered by our original SD-WAN products. In order to enhance the overall value of the products, we decided to combine SD-WAN products and network security products. Integration, as a major upgrade of UPWAN Enterprise Cloud Network 2.0. Include the network product functions required at all stages of the enterprise, so that our customers can use it at any time. Not only reduces the customer’s cost of use, but also fully enhances the value of our products.

Q: What are the hidden dangers of intranet security?

A: The company will deploy a WIFI network. If you meet someone who is interested, you can do a lot of things when he connects to the WIFI. He may find the financial computer to obtain confidential information, or enter the R&D and test environment to steal the product source code, or connect to a business mobile phone to obtain customer information. In other words, under the same corporate network, barriers between electronic devices are almost non-existent. On the other hand, due to the strong infectivity of the virus, after a host is infected, it will try to infect more devices in the network, which will lead to the paralysis of the entire intranet. From information loss to millions of virus extortions, this will have an impact on the company’s normal operations and even property losses.

Q: Can these security risks be resolved after the deployment of UPWAN enterprise cloud network products?

A: What needs to be clear is that the UPWAN enterprise cloud network is not an anti-virus software, but a security protection barrier for the enterprise network. In the event of a problem, the UPWAN enterprise cloud network passes unified and independent network identity authentication to control viruses and Trojan horses in a single terminal device for precise prevention. At the same time, based on the analysis and early warning of network attacks, we can find the “subject” and quickly respond to the attack.

Q: In other words, “zero trust” runs through the entire product design?

A: Yes, “zero trust” is very important in the field of network security. Simply put, the “zero trust” strategy is not to trust anyone, unless the network clearly knows the identity of the accessor, no one will want to enter.

UPWAN Enterprise Cloud Network applies “zero trust” to the entire enterprise network. Under this framework, there are no privileged users, traffic, systems, and regions. Employees need to establish a unified network identity authentication, and all devices connected to the corporate office network need identity authentication before they can access. According to different identities, employees have different permissions.

For example, if you are a member of the sales team, after confirming your identity, you will get the permission to view your own customers, but this permission cannot reach others, that is, you can view other people’s customer lists. However, this solution also has a shortcoming, the business system must be deeply coupled with the security system.

Of course, giving you authorization does not mean that you can act recklessly. The employee’s network data will be included in the behavior statistics and big data analysis will be carried out through the cloud. When an abnormality is found, early warning and rapid response to the attack will be carried out in time.

Q: Will the behavior audit involve employee privacy?

A: Behavior audit records who does what, where, and in what ways. It focuses on detecting and handling abnormal behaviors in a timely manner. It does not involve specific actions such as web pages browsed by employees and passwords entered. And under the current network environment, all traffic has been encrypted, even if you want to get content, it is impossible.

Q: Are there any products similar to UPWAN Enterprise Cloud Network on the market?

A: Almost none. As I mentioned before, traditional network security solutions rely on firewalls, requiring IT personnel to knock down the authority commands of employees one by one, which requires a lot of labor costs. Especially in the face of large groups with tens of thousands of employees, this has almost become an impossible task.

In response to this market pain point, the traditional model is no longer feasible, and a disruptive approach must be adopted. The UPWAN enterprise cloud network automatically matches the corresponding permissions through the identification of employees and automatically matches the corresponding permissions in a tagging manner to achieve efficient employee permissions management. In this way, even ordinary people who do not understand technology at all can assign employee permissions based on departments or projects.

Q: In terms of efficiency, how much can UPWAN enterprise cloud network improve? How much manpower can be saved?

A: Take a group company as an example. It has nearly 2,000 employees and only 4 or 5 people in the IT department. When using the traditional way to manage the office network, the IT department’s work is very heavy, almost 8 hours a day. After using UPWAN enterprise cloud network now requires only one hour a day can do a good network network security maintenance work.

Q: How much does it cost to deploy UPWAN enterprise cloud network? Will it burden the company?

A: Just talking about equipment, a set of around 3,000 yuan can cover an enterprise network that manages thousands of people. If you want to enjoy cloud-based behavior auditing and situational awareness services, you can purchase them in monthly, quarterly, and annual SaaS models. The actual cost is related to the number of employees in the enterprise, but not much. The UPWAN enterprise cloud network is benchmarked against the ” Xiaomi ” in the network security industry , and has been recognized by the market with low-profit and cost-effective products.

Q: How do you view the network security market? What is the positioning of UPWAN in the market?

A: network security market is very large, with deep conviction , Talent and other A-share listed companies, the outlook is very optimistic. For UPWAN, what we need to find is how to get from such a big pie to the entry point, which is closely related to technical capabilities, product capabilities, and service capabilities. Taking product strength as an example, UPWAN’s SD-WAN products almost cover medium and large enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and the user renewal ratio is very high. Now entering the field of network security, the product power of SD-WAN will also continue to the entire UPWAN enterprise cloud network products.

Whether it is SD-WAN or network security services, UPWAN’s product creation has always centered on the core of enterprise networks, and subsequent product development will also be based on this expansion. What exactly does UPWAN want to make? If the dream is not big, just be a “corporate network family bucket”!

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