How are Play-to-Earn and Metaverse GameFi “chained”?

In a blink of an eye, another year will pass, and the blockchain game industry will grow exponentially in 2021. So what is attracting the massive influx of players and funds into the chain game?


The chain game represented by Axie Infinity has spawned a new game economic paradigm-Play-to-Earn.

In just a few months, Axie Infinity’s daily activity has increased from 4000 to 2 million, because it provides players with a source of income while playing.

Compared with traditional games, Play-to-Earn has brought about a change in the business model (or production idea) of chain games-while handing over digital identities, assets and ownership to players, game companies still have considerable revenue.

Many chain games are worth more than tens of millions of dollars in just a few days. Even chain game-based guilds are also worth a lot. For example, YGG, the guild that started from Axie Infinity, has rapidly jumped to a billion dollars in the past few months. s company.

But Play-to-Earn is not simply a matter of changing the economic model, but the entire production of the game must be adjusted accordingly.

Former universe

The concept of Metaverse has been very popular recently, especially after the high-profile entry of technology giants such as Facebook and Bytedance.

Metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, carrying people’s imagination of the digital world, so it covers a wide range of fields, from social giants to VR manufacturers, it seems that everything can be metaverse.

But in any case, games, especially chain games, are the biggest beneficiaries of this wave of meta-universe.

Because Metaverse needs enough digital scenes, and NFT is the focal point of the scenes, the current chain tour is the best way to enter this focal point. After all, the fun and economy are enough to attract users and funds to participate.

This is enough to explain why the traditional game financing of 10 million US dollars is already a leader in the same type of game, while the chain game started with 100 million US dollars (of course this also shows that there is a certain bubble).


The current chain game market growth is slowing down, but from the development history of DeFi and NFT, this is the end of the first wave, and the second wave is still on the way.

Because the first wave is often a coincidence that detonated several products, and then a large number of imitation discs quickly emerged, which together pushed up the heat, but innovative and disruptive products often take time to brew, especially games.

According to the analysis of the investment and financing dynamics of chain games in the past few months, after February 2021, there will be a large wave of emerging chain games influx.

So what will the new paradigm of the second wave of chain travel be? And will it disrupt the game industry’s business model?

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