Hot singles can be created in minutes, AI music company Starmony raises $3.5 million in financing

Creating music like making short videos is no longer just a dream.

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In recent years, the industry’s enthusiasm for AI music creation has only increased. A number of start-up AI music companies such as Boomy, MURU, Amper Music, Musimap, AIVA, etc. have successfully obtained financing, and investors are not short of senior practitioners in the music industry and large entertainment companies. Companies, record companies.

Recently, the Swedish artificial intelligence music startup Starmony also announced that it has received 3.5 million US dollars in financing, including institutional investors Brightly Ventures, Bonnier Ventures and Acecap; angel investors from the music industry Luminar Ventures, Max Ventures, Almi Invest; new Joined senior practitioners Jonas Siljemark (former Warner Music executive) and Ola Håkansson (TEN Music Group).

The app claims to allow users to “create and release global hits in a matter of minutes” and promises that users only need to record their own singing to start creating.

In terms of operation, users can record their own singing with their mobile phones, and then the application will use artificial intelligence to analyze human voices and create “multiple complete professional music works” for these voices “in one minute.” The company said it has established a network of professional producers to produce these works.

Once the creators have recorded their vocals and selected the production style, they can edit different parts of the song, such as the intro, verse, chorus, etc., and add effects.

After the song is complete, you can distribute the track directly to music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify from within the app. The royalties generated on the streaming media platform will be shared with the music producers behind them and the creators who provided the recorded sound.

Starmony CEO and co-founder Jan Nordlund stated, “The app combines the work of professional top music producers with leading audio technology and the latest artificial intelligence technology. Any talented creator can use a smartphone to do the work. Able to create and publish global hot orders within minutes.”

In other words, the company hopes to turn the smartphone into a complete music studio with professional music producers and your own record company.

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△Starmony co-founders Daniel Zangger, Jan Nordlund, Mattias Sjölinder

Starmony COO and co-founder Daniel Zangger added: “In the early Beta test, our staff used the app to produce works of different genres, such as rap, dance music, pop and reggae, and the latest version of the app on Spotify. The Starmony Allstar playlist has achieved amazing results.”

For most people, it is very difficult to get in touch with the top music creators and create highly popular music works with their help. Most potential creators and great music producers have never had the opportunity to show their talents to the world, but Starmony can lower this threshold and allow almost anyone to create great songs.

Katja Bergman, partner of Brightly Ventures, said: “We are deeply impressed by the team’s insights and high levels of music creation and technology. As video creation and video content increase year by year, the demand for original music is also increasing. With the support of Starmony, We are excited that a talented music creator can make original music as easily as creating short videos in a video application.”

Currently, Starmony is undergoing Beta user testing, and its IOS application is waiting to be launched on the application market and will be released to the public early next year .

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