Hong Kong folded for 40 years

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

“It takes half a second to see through the essence of things, and people who spend a whole life unable to see the essence of things are destined to be completely different destinies.” 

——Author Mario Puzo (from the work: “The Godfather”)


There are three brave beards in Hong Kong, and one of them is Cecilia Cheung’s father. Zhang’s father was often chased for debts, ruining the reputation of another brave bearded man. Another brave bearded brother forcibly shaved his beard and ordered him to change his name. This bearded man is the godfather of the Hong Kong gang 14K, Pan Zhiyong.

Pan Zhiyong was originally a landlord. In 1949, when he was 1 year old, he fled to Hong Kong with his family, lived in the slums, and became the lowest class. Father hopes his son will become a dragon. He worked very hard at the beginning, passed the third place in the class and was the head of the choir. As a result, after borrowing money to enter an English school, she was discriminated against, humiliated, and her grades plummeted. Pan Zhiyong discovered that his fist can arouse the attention of others, and since then chose to use violence to solve the problem.

At that time, public security in Hong Kong was chaotic, a large number of foreign refugees flowed in, a mixture of fish and dragons, and black and white were in the same trend. In just a few years, the gang has jumped from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Pan Zhiyong fought hard and left school at the age of 15 and was exposed to 14K.

I am attracted to these young and Dangerous boys because they wear fashionable clothes and because they can go to many prosperous places.

Within a few years, Hu Xuyong relied on the machete in his hand to gain some prestige in the arena.

Just three years before Hu Xuyong dropped out of school, a 16-year-old boy named Chen Huimin also dropped out. Chen Huimin was born in the New Territories. His father was a sailor and his mother was a housewife. He is a native “country boy”, and he is naturally also the bottom of the society.

I couldn’t go on reading, and I saw 14K gangsters all over the street, picking up girls everywhere, and he soon became one of them, who had never seen the world, and started fighting, hacking people, and grabbing territory.

In the dark jungle of loose order, the underage Chen Huimin is accustomed to violence, blood, prostitution, drug trafficking and underground gambling. But because of his lack of power, he can’t get enough to be a kid. So when he was 18 years old, he went to test the police and became a prison guard. While working as a prison guard, he took care of many gangster brothers and expanded his contacts. Two years later, he became a policeman again. During his tenure, he got involved in the anti-drug team, collected protection fees everywhere, made 15 thousand in three months, saved the money and then bribed his boss in an effort to get a promotion.

In addition, the police force cracked down on pornography and illegal acts, and he lied to his brothers on the road, licking profits. Therefore, he quickly came to the top in 14K. When he was expelled from the police, his subordinates approached 300. In its heyday, the entire Tsim Sha Tsui was his sphere of influence, and the rivers and lakes called it “Chen Huimin Street . 

It was 1967, and Chen Huimin was only 23 years old.

Just two years before Chen Huimin left the police force, 17-year-old Chen Shenzhi and 15-year-old Li Zhaoji took a group of brothers to Tsz Wan Shan, Hong Kong, and became the “Tsz Wan Shan 13 Taibao” .

Chen Shenzhi knew Lee Shau Kee when he was 8 years old. Needless to say, the two were born at the same level. Chen Shenzhi didn’t want to go to school before he finished primary school. I didn’t read it myself, but brought comics to the class to lure good students. Slowly developed into fighting and grabbing money. He and Lee Shau-kee were accustomed to street violence since they were young, repeatedly playing truant with a machete until they got into the Kowloon Walled City. At that time, the Kowloon Walled City was a three-nosed area, and 40,000 refugees lived in small slums. The city is bleak and stinking, and prostitution and drug use are hard to stop.

The director Qifeng To grew up there.

Chen Shenzhi took his brother and not only sold drugs in the Kowloon Walled City, but also often went to Hong Kong Island to rob. The name “Thirteen Taibao of Ciyun Mountain” spread. 14K came to the door and accepted them as thugs. It is also true that Chen Shenzhi, Chen Huimin, and Hu Xuyong three young 14K members have become friends for half a lifetime.

This is Hong Kong in the early 1960s. Violence permeated the streets. Many young people born in poverty lost their way in life in this increasingly prosperous ship and joined the gang. At the same time, in the first three years of the 1960s, three babies were also born in poor places in Hong Kong. They are:

Andy Lau , who was born in the New Territories by selling rice porridge (1961) , Stephen Chow, who was born in the poor district of Kowloon (1962) , and Anita Mui, who followed her sister in the Liyuan Amusement Park soon after she was born to sell and support her family (1963) .

Also born at the bottom, more than 20 years later, the three babies have completely different destinies from the first three.

These two completely different destinies finally converge in the golden age of Hong Kong films. On the surface, this is a legend in the turbulent situation. If you listen carefully, it is an endless tragic song.


The Hong Kong gang has a long history, and the origin can be traced to the Hongmen Tiandihui in the late Qing Dynasty. In 1842, Hong Kong was opened as a port, and the Hongmen disciples who had evacuated to Hong Kong organized into a triad society to unite labor and set up a site. At that time, the laborers who went to Hong Kong had a lot of chores, and they formed groups and gradually developed into gangs to protect their interests and resist external humiliation.

In 1909, a big man named Hei Guren held the first “Hongmen Conference”. I hope that everyone will regard harmony as the most important thing and add the word “harmony” before their respective gangs. So there were gangs such as “He An Le, He Hong Sheng, and He Li He”. After Japan surrendered, the prefixes divided their spheres of influence. The independent “Peace Victory” eventually developed into one of the four major gangs in the future.

At that time, two dragons came to Hong Kong.

The first one is the confidant of Dai Li, the leader of the army, forward. Xiang Qiang engaged in espionage activities in Hong Kong and became the leader of the “Ngee Ann Chamber of Commerce and Industry” with the background of the Chaozhou Gang. In 1947, the gang was cancelled by the British Hong Kong government. In order to continue to obtain information, it was renamed “Xin’an Company” and its branch “Yong’an Company”, which is commonly known as “Xinyi’an”.

Because of its military background, its power has grown stronger day by day.

The British Hong Kong government was unhappy and expelled forward from Hong Kong in 1953. In this way, Xiang had to leave the gang affairs to his eldest son Xiang Huayan to take care of. “Xin Yi’an” subsequently became one of the four major gangs. As everyone knows, Xiangqian also has two younger sons, Xiang Huaqiang and Xiang Huasheng. Their stories will be discussed later.

Two years after the establishment of “Xin Yi’an”, another dragon came. Compared to forward, the lieutenant general named Ge Zhaohuang is even better. He has made great military exploits for the national army and was ordered to go to Hong Kong by Mao Renfeng to pave the way for the Kuomintang. He initiated the “Loyalty Association” at No. 14 Baohua Road, Guangzhou. After the liberation of Guangzhou, he smuggled to Hong Kong with his defeated brothers. At that time, there was a flood of refugees in Hong Kong. Unexpectedly, repeated friction between the two sides finally developed into a large-scale bloody conflict.

The British Hong Kong government was angry and moved the 100,000 defeated troops and their families to Tiu Keng Ling. There, living conditions are extremely difficult, and people come to harass from time to time. Lieutenant General Ge raised his arms and set up “14K”. Everyone lives in a group and grows stronger day by day. 14 is No. 14 Baohua Road, K is the first letter of KuoMinTang. Soon, “14K” formed a closed kingdom. Most of the gangs are soldiers with rich practical experience. It is obviously not economical to go down the mountain and do hard work. Over time, everyone organized underground casinos to blackmail and sell drugs.

In this regard, the official closed one eye.

It was this attitude that caused the riot. The police failed to coordinate, and the various parties rioted, leading to the dispatch of riot police, which eventually led to an ultra-large-scale armed fight. The British Hong Kong government quickly suppressed it and ordered martial law throughout Hong Kong. After this riot, the government finally realized the seriousness of the Hong Kong gang problem and determined to rule this group of people.

The “Four Major Inspectors of Hong Kong” , thus stepped onto the stage of history.

These four people are Lu Le, Lan Gang, Han Sen, and Yan Xiong. It was their appearance that paved the way for the future fate of Chen Shenzhi, Chen Huimin, and Hu Xuyong. Because they are not trying to get rid of the gang, but to cooperate with the gang and let the gang go down to clean up law and order. Collecting protection fees, drug trafficking, and prostitution are all feasible. Then draw money from the gangsters. In a word, the gangs control Hong Kong, and they control the gangs. This led to rampant violence and rampant gangs in the 1960s, and many teenagers from the bottom went astray.

The space is limited. Here I will mainly talk about “500 million inspector Lu Le”. He was shining shoes on the street, but he was not willing to be left, so he joined the police force and became a patrol. Lu Le has a gangster uncle, Lu Liu, whose daughter is Xiang Huayan’s wife. At the time of the 14K chaos, Lu Le happened to obtain all kinds of information from his uncle, always able to insight into the movement of the gang in advance, so as to rise up step by step. Three years after the “Double Ten Riot”, he became the Inspector General of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. In fact, he is the biggest underworld.

In the position of inspector-general, Lu Le wantonly scrapped money and allowed the gang to commit crimes. Throughout the 1960s, he established a “corruption system” within the system. There are strict rules on how the police collect money and do things. A steady stream of black money entered Lu Le’s pocket. There are countless real estate properties in Hong Kong. The price is that there are cancerous tumors on the streets of Hong Kong, and young and Dangerous people are everywhere. At that time, Lu Le’s most effective cadre was Zeng Qirong. This gentleman is also a famous football player and gave birth to a son named Zeng Zhiwei.

In addition, under the protection of Lu Le, a new evil force, Yiqun , was born in Hong Kong . The boss of Yiqun is the famous “Lip Hao” Wu Xihao. In the 1960s, due to natural disasters in the mainland, there was no food to eat. The 30-year-old Wu Xihao smuggled into Hong Kong. He had no education and could only make a living in slums. In order to protect themselves, the “Chaozhou Gang” has been strengthened, an underground casino has been opened, and protection fees have been collected everywhere.

Soon, he married “Poison Butterfly” Zheng Yueying as his wife, began to sell drugs, and quickly boarded the big ship Lu Le.

With the help of Lu, “Yiqun” became one of the four big gangs. It was also at that time that the gangsters of 14K, Xinyi’an, Heshenghe, and Yiqun arrogantly walked the streets, attracting countless poor youngsters who were inexperienced to commit crimes. In just a few years, the number of gangs has increased dozens of times.


In the bloody history of the gangsters, Chen Shenzhi, Chen Huimin, and Hu Xuyong all had blood stains on their hands.

Chen Huimin was the first to do it. He studied martial arts as a teenager, and after dropping out of school, he felt uncomfortable if he didn’t fight. According to him, when he was a teenager, he always opened his eyes wide. The eagle tattoo on his body also left long scars. But he stopped earlier, and with the horse, he doesn’t need to do it himself. After taking down “Chen Huimin Street”, in 1970, he ran to boxing competitions and won the championship of Southeast Asian boxing competitions for two consecutive years. He was once as famous as Bruce Lee.

Compared to him, Chen Shenzhi was not so cruel. The Thirteenth Taibao of Tszyunshan mainly does some things that scream and steal. Chen Shenzhi robbed a student, and the other party had no money. He even gave them money to take a taxi to school, but was called by the police to chase and stop him. Later mixed into 14K, he mainly learned how to chop and wound people without causing death.

When he was 21 years old, he was drinking tea in a teahouse and suddenly broke into a group of people and cut off his hand. From then on, Chen Shenzhi left a habit of sitting in front of the door wherever he went.

Pan Zhiyong is the most ruthless when it comes to deterring the rivers and lakes by hacking people. Before officially joining 14K, he took his brother to grab the gambling stall. At the age of 23, with his fierce style, he helped the mahjong hall “watch the field” and left famous sayings. As long as he was not hacked to death, he would be chasing after him. At this time, he has grown a beard, nicknamed Hu Xiu Yong. At the age of 27, he hacked and killed the “big circle gang” for the second big sparrow house in Hong Kong. He asked the boss to install an electric door, waited for the big friends to come, shut the door, and brought 30 machetes to kill a river of blood.

Since then, Hu Xuyong received daily calls for life, and was often chased by knife-holders on the road. But he is not afraid of death every time. Two years later, he climbed to the top of the gang, no one dared to mess with it.

And just a year before Hu Xiong used 30 machetes to fight the “big circle gang”, a big event happened in Hong Kong.

In 1974, the Independent Commission Against Corruption was established to carry out a major cleansing within the system. The wanted Lu Le fled after hearing the wind and never dared to return to Hong Kong again. The arrogant Wu Xihao was arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Cracking down on the shock of corruption has given the entire police system a new look, and naturally it has also affected the lives of the gangsters.

Subsequently, the lives of Chen Huimin and Chen Shenzhi changed drastically, and Huxu Yong ascended to the throne of the godfather of 14K.

On Chen Huimin’s side, as his boss as usual, he has always achieved the “double bonus red stick” at the third level of 14K. But after winning the boxing match, Shaw Brothers Fan Ho suddenly invited him to star in the movie “Blood Love”. It was a play ticket, but I didn’t expect to start Chen Huimin’s 30-year film career. Two years after the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, he became the male lead in “Jumping Ashes”. This is also the pioneering work of Hong Kong’s New Wave literary film.

After that, Chen went deep into the film circle and left many classics.

On Chen Shenzhi’s side, at the end of the 1960s, he and his younger brother Li Zhaoji became addicted to drugs and became more and more sinking. His father died and he was still taking drugs in the mourning hall. If it weren’t for being chopped off at the age of 21, he would still be obsessed with it. In the year the Independent Commission Against Corruption was established, Chen Shenzhi chose to go back and go to the drug rehabilitation center and believe in Christ. In 1975, he was formally baptized to persuade his brothers around him to reform. Ten years later, he and Lee Shau Kee also had a relationship with Hong Kong movies.

The beard is courageous, the more the war is, the more courage. After the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, he continued to have an underground friendship with the police, each taking what he needed. Within a few years, he became the speaker of the 14K “yi” prefix. At that time, he had obtained the “viewing rights” of countless venues in Yau Tsim Mong, and he had the final say on the entire Portland Street and quickly accumulated wealth. But when Hong Kong’s economy took off, he missed real estate and was unwilling.

So in 1988, he set foot in Macau casinos.

I went to Macau this time because I got to know the gangster of Macau 14K, Yin Guoju. Yin Guoju joined the club as a young boy. He lost his front teeth after fighting with a car and was nicknamed Bengyaju from then on. After getting acquainted with him, Hu Xiong ran to Macau to open a casino, and had many contacts with the Macau community boss “Jie Shi Wei”. Unexpectedly, afterwards, Beng Yaju and Market Wei collapsed. The two retaliated against each other, and they committed a shocking shooting in 1997. At that time, a hotel in Taipa, the killer in two vehicles used AK47s to fire wildly, causing many casualties and shocking the world.

Before that, Yong Xiu, who was unwilling to wade in the muddy waters, left Macau early and withdrew to Hong Kong.

After returning to Hong Kong, Mr. Hu also entered the film industry. That was also the day when many gangs in Hong Kong set foot in and even controlled movies in the 1980s and 1990s. He and the former two Chen will meet the fate of the superstars.

But before mentioning this meeting, let’s take a look at the fate of the other three teenagers. Their names are:

Yang Shoucheng, Xiang Huaqiang, Lin Jianyue.


If joining a gang is something that is indispensable at the beginning and was attracted by the prestige of the young and Dangerous, then it is the wealth brought by the gang that it is difficult for Hu Xiu Yong and Chen Huimin to give up all the way from Ma Tsai to a gangster. When you dominate one side and take the power of a street, the power becomes gold.

It was black gold, it was fascinating gold.

After leaving the police force, Chen Huimin collected protection fees everywhere and set up additional dance halls. I own four sports cars, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Maserati, and sleep till the afternoon every day. After finishing the car, I go to the main night club to buy drunk until dawn. On the other side of Hu Xuyong, relying on countless nightclubs, sparrow halls, and drug stalls, the power of talking was also full. In addition, wasteland was robbed, wooden houses were built, and they were rented out to refugees. Taking advantage of Hong Kong’s “East Wind” when the rule of law was abolished in the late 1960s and the vigorous vigor that was not afraid of death, the former low-level youth turned into a new rich.

In 1967, when Chen and Hu were crazy about gold, 24-year-old Yang Shoucheng opened a second watch shop.

The name of that store is called “Emperor”.

Yang Shoucheng should first thank his father.

His father’s name is Yang Cheng. One year before he was born, he opened the “Cheng’an Kee Watch Shop”. In its ignorant era, the watch industry developed rapidly. Yang Cheng once rented a large western-style house, hired several servants, and married a few of his wives. As a result, when his career was on the rise, he was unfortunately set up as a “Tianxian Bureau” and owed usury. In Yang Shoucheng’s childhood, creditors often came to the door. He also often discounts the merchandise of the watch shop to the pawnshop at low prices. This led him to understand the importance of cash since he was a child, and later became a wealthy man, still not forgetting to bring tens of thousands of cash with him.

Like Chen Huimin, Yang Shoucheng also had no intention of studying. He changed schools several times and couldn’t study even once.

But he did not become a young and Dangerous boy.

In 1955, at the age of 12, he did not humiliate his father’s life and ran to the sea alone to pick up smuggled watches. At the same time, he often skipped class and went to the harbor to kill foreigners and sell watches. Upon seeing this, Yang Cheng simply agreed to drop out of school and let him go to the watch shop to help. Under the guidance of his father, Yang Shoucheng completed the earliest commercial enlightenment.

In 1965, Chen Shenzhi climbed onto Tsz Wan Mountain, and 21-year-old Yang Shoucheng started his own business and opened an “Observatory Watch Shop” on Nathan Road, Kowloon. He worked so hard to save 200,000 yuan, but not enough, so he borrowed his father’s name as a guarantee, and borrowed another 200,000 yuan as a starting fund. What is the concept of this 200,000?

At that time, Hong Kong housing prices cost only RMB 60,000 to 70,000 for a house, and RMB 30,000 to 40,000 for a small apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The father borrowed this money for him. Because Yang Chengzao saw that this kid has the wisdom of doing business.

On the opening day, Yang Shoucheng spent huge sums of money to invite Shaw star Ling Bo to cut the ribbon, so he got acquainted with Zou Wenhuai. Soon after, he went to buy a used car and met Xie Xian again. Coupled with the contacts that his father has accumulated in the industry, the business is getting better and better. In addition, he won the agency rights of “Tissot” through repeated soft and hard foaming. In order to win the “Rolex” and “Omega”, the “Emperor Watch” was opened across the street in 1967. At the age of 24, Yang Shoucheng took over the four major famous watch agents, famous in the industry, and became an upstart in the circle.

With his excellent business sense and high degree of self-discipline, as well as the economic take-off of Hong Kong in the 1960s, Yang’s watch shop changed from two to two, and two to four, all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui, attracting the appreciation of Asian watch king Sun Bingshu. At the same time, the jewelry business of “Emperor” has soared. In 1969, Yang Shoucheng had a net worth of more than 10 million yuan. This became his ticket to high society. The left and right connections, but also the hands and eyes.

Two years later, the Governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, came to power and promoted the economy, triggering all-people speculation in stocks. Upon seeing this, Yang Shoucheng packaged the real estate, watches, jewelry and other businesses involved in the “Emperor” and successfully went public.

It was 1973 and Yang Shoucheng was exactly 30 years old.

Just 3 years ago, 13-year-old Lin Jianyue was sent to Canada to study by his father, “Hong Kong Costume King” Lin Baixin. Compared with Yang’s father, Lin Jianyue’s father is taller and harder. Lin Baixin’s father is the banker Lin Xianzhi. He is also a very hardworking and rich second generation who has been a wealthy businessman since childhood. When I was in my 20s, passing through Kowloon, I saw that embroidered women’s clothing was selling well, and started a business to make clothes. In 1947, Lixin Garment was established, and in 1972, the group was successfully listed.

Lin Jianyue was born with a golden key. It’s just that when Yang Shoucheng called the wind and the rain, there was no place for him in Hong Kong. It was not until the 1980s that his romantic history dominated the headlines.

This is something to follow, and I will list it below.

The Hong Kong film in 1973 was an important year. That year, when Bruce Lee passed away, various film companies looked for stars, hoping to recreate the legend. Among the people they looked for, there was not only Jackie Chan nicknamed “Big Nose”, but also Xiang Huaqiang.

But he failed to become a superstar, instead he became a super rich.


As mentioned earlier, Xiang Huaqiang’s father is the founder of “Xin Yi’an”. But compared to Yang Shoucheng and Lin Jianyue, Xiang Huaqiang is not so lucky. He was just a few years old when he was expelled from Hong Kong.

His mother is the most cowardly wife in the room, and can’t even serve meals. There is also an alcoholic uncle who acts as a demon at home all day long. Xiang Huaqiang’s childhood was full of trauma. He never felt his father’s love and did not read many books.

At the age of 12, he began to practice martial arts, hoping to become stronger. After practicing for 4 years, he went home and beat up his uncle, telling him not to bully his mother anymore. Not only must he become stronger, he must also become rich. He lived in Kowloon City when he was young, and the opposite is Kowloon Tong. One street away, the city is full of middle and lower levels, but Tangzhong is rich and rich.

When it’s okay, Xiang Huaqiang will touch the wall of Kowloon Tong, wondering when he can own a mansion here.

At the age of 20, he and his brother Xiang Huasheng planned to do some business. I bought a plane ticket and went to Taiwan to find a chance, and looked forward by the way. He said that he didn’t get any benefit from his father, but was discovered by a scout accidentally and entered the show business circle. Three years later, Bruce Lee died, and he played Shaw Brothers’ “Dragon Tiger and Earth Snake”. He didn’t become the second Bruce Lee, but he got in touch with Li’s rumored girlfriend Ding Pei.

In 1973, Li died at Ding Pei’s home, Ding Pei was under tremendous pressure. But in 1976, no one expected her to star in the tertiary film “Bruce Lee and Me”, which turned upside down in the film. After the film, Ding Pei became notorious. At this moment, Xiang Huaqiang suddenly appeared beside her and married her.

At that time, he had the courage to marry Ding Pei.

After two years of work, Xiang Huaqiang’s acting career has not improved. According to him, it was because he didn’t like acting at all. At that time, the younger brother Xiang Huasheng had already achieved fruitful results by hiring celebrity chefs to operate a seafood restaurant. The two together established a film company named “Yongsheng”. The first work is the kung fu comedy “Zama”. This is clearly following suit. In addition to Xiang Huaqiang, the starring role of this film is Chen Huimin in 14K.

In addition, the Xiang brothers claimed to have started from scratch and did not benefit from their father. But at the beginning of “Yongsheng” was founded, a man named Zhang Haijing, originally a well-known filmmaker in Taiwan, brought money to Yongsheng and helped compile “Liangshan Strange Trick.” Think of the forward-looking political connections, the words “starting from scratch”, I can’t believe it.

However, neither of these two kung fu comedies sounded. It is “Bad and Small” that helped “Yongsheng” become famous. In 1983, against the backdrop of rapid economic growth, Hong Kong films opened the curtain of the golden age. It is precisely because of this trend that “Yongsheng” was renamed “Yongsheng”, with a loan of 2 million yuan, and won 10 million box office. Coincidentally, the director of “Bad and Small” is not someone else. It is Zeng Zhiwei, the son of Zeng Qirong who fled to Taiwan that year.

Two years later, Shaw Films announced the closure of the factory. Run Run Shaw turned his full focus to TVB. Under Zhang Zizhu’s efforts, “Yongsheng” signed Wang Jing. According to Xiang Huasheng, in one dinner, he took over Chow Yun Fat’s signing for 1 million. Whether it is true or not, Yongsheng holds two trump cards anyway.

“Yongsheng” first made a big victory, the Xiang brothers were not in a hurry to take the next one, but often mixed into the midnight scene to study what Hong Kong people like to watch. At that time, Xiang Huaqiang found that there was a kid in the midnight field and everyone was very excited when he came out. This person is not too popular, but Xiang concluded that he must become a great weapon.

This kid is Zhou Xingchi.

A few years later, after 20 years of rapid economic growth, Hong Kong has come to the brilliant and prosperous late 1980s.

At that time, Yang Shoucheng, who was once in debt of 320 million, had made a comeback; Lin Jianyue, who was studying abroad, returned to China and took over the family business; next week, Wang’s Xiang Huaqiang was signed, and the spring breeze was proud. On the other side, Chen Shenzhi turned his head back and became one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Young People in Hong Kong”; Chen Huimin was nominated as a golden film actor with “Into the Street of Love”; Hu Xiuyong withdrew from Macau and entered the film investment.

And Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, and Anita Mui, who were born in the early 1960s, have all climbed to the top of the circle.

The three different destinies of gangsters, super rich and superstars finally converge in the golden age of Hong Kong movies.


In Hong Kong back then, a poor boy, in addition to being a gangster, can get rid of the destiny of poverty, and no longer need to struggle at the bottom of society. Being an entertainment star can also change his life.

Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat are among the leaders.

In 1961, when Chen Huimin joined the 14K Fighting and Killing, Jackie Chan, who could not read the book, had just worshipped Zhanyuan as his teacher. In 1965, when Chen Shenzhi was in the Kowloon Walled City, 10-year-old Chow Yun-fat set foot on society. The father of the former is a cook and his mother is a helper. Fa Ge was even more miserable. He was born in the country and started working as a part-time worker after graduating from elementary school. He has all worked as doormen, postmen, and salesmen. Fortunately, they caught up with the take-off of Hong Kong Film and Television.

Jackie Chan started his career as a martial artist. When he was most desperate, he signed with Luo Wei and was borrowed by Wu Siyuan to film “Snake-Shaped Hand”, relying on kung fu comedy to establish his position in the arena. From a martial arts tour, it became a guarantee for the box office in Hong Kong in the early 1980s. In 1980, even brought “Killer Trench” to Hollywood. In the same year, poor boy Chow Yun-fat participated in “Shanghai Beach”, his career ushered in a turning point, from the TVB set of sleeping studios to the front line.

When the name came, Li came naturally. After Jackie Chan signed a contract with Golden Harvest, one night, there were countless luxury cars and beauties. One day, he changed a famous watch and went to the mall to buy clothes. And there are rumors that Chow Yun-fat, at the beginning of the popularity, bought 6 Rolls-Royce and drove to the hotel where he was a doorman back then, just because someone said:

“You can never afford a Rolls Royce!”

What was once laughed at is now being looked up.

In 1982, the future superstar set foot on the arena.

That year, Andy Lau signed a contract with TVB as he wished. Wah Tsai lived in Diamond Hill as a child and helped her family wash dishes every day for 6 full years. At the age of 17, he was admitted to the college preparatory class, but his grades were so bad that he almost became a fireman. Thinking of being interested in choreographers in a drama troupe in middle school, I went to take the wireless training class.

After one year of graduation, the choreographer didn’t take it as the director, but he signed an actor contract and, together with Liang Jiahui, gave Chow Yun-fat a trick.

That year, Stephen Chow was admitted to the wireless night training class. The place where Master Xing lives is not much better than the Kowloon Walled City. When he was young, he watched “Big Brother Tangshan” and fell in love with Bruce Lee. After graduating from high school, he went to work as an assistant in a shipping company, and then took Liang Chaowei to the exam, but unfortunately failed. It was because of his mother’s trust that he entered the night shift.

That year, Anita Mui, who was on stage at the age of 4, won the first place in the “Rookie Song Contest” of China Star Entertainment under TVB. The song “Season of Wind” almost knocked Huang Zhan down. In the same year, he released his first album “Heart Debt”.

Although the three of them all got tickets to the entertainment industry, the next star fortune is different.

The reason is that if they want to quickly become popular, it also depends on whether the capital bosses are willing to give opportunities.

In short, look at the faces of the rich.

Anita Mui is the smoothest. Although Huaxing belongs to TVB, the head is Chen Shufen. The response to “Heart Debt” was mediocre. Chen asked Liu Peiji to model her, and he also asked Gu Jiahui, Huang Zhan, and Li Xiaotian to arrange the music. Three years later, “Bad Girl” was released. It won eight platinum sales in a week and exceeded 720,000 copies in March, becoming one of the highest-selling records in Hong Kong. Under Liu Peiji’s creation, Mei is known as the “Variable singer”.

Since then, Sister Mei has dominated the Hong Kong singer’s throne for a full 10 years in the 1980s, and no one can shake it.

Andy Lau surrendered, but was suppressed once by the wealthy.

In 1982, at the suggestion of Fa Ge, Andy Lau participated in “Running into the Fury” and won the nomination as a newcomer. The following year, he was praised by TVB and became one of the “Wireless Five Tigers”. In 1984, he starred in Jin Yong’s play “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, which achieved a high ratings of 62 points. However, seeing the take-off of Hong Kong movies, Hua Tsai did not want to sign a long-term TV contract with TVB, but wanted to make a movie. As a result, it angered the TVB executives and was hidden in the snow for 400 days. Finally, under the mediation of Run Run, the contract with TVB was terminated.

In the following years, he failed to produce any good works.

And Zhou Xingchi is worse than him.

The wealthy people didn’t even look at him.

After graduating from TVB, Xingzai was sent to the “Forty Three Zero Shuttle” as a “zombie”. Tony Leung is as hot as Andy Lau, and he is still making faces on TV. In order to dream of a movie, I can only do some tricks in my spare time, write a letter to recommend to the top of TVB, and then transfer to the TV department. When Wei Tsai co-starred with Fa Ge in “Underground Love” and was selected as the “Most Popular Wireless Hong Kong Star” by Taiwan, he also played a small role in the “Fighting Clan”.

But he was never discouraged or discouraged.

In 1988, Anita Mui sang 28 consecutive songs in Hung Hom, breaking the historical record. And with the poignant and beautiful flowery corner of “Rouge Button”, he won the “Double Shadow Queen” of Golden Horse and Golden Statue.

In the same year, Andy Lau met Wong Kar-wai, who had been silent for a while, and starred in “Carmen in Mong Kok”, smoothly transitioning to the front line of the movie circle. For 5 consecutive years thereafter, he made more than ten films every year.

In the same year, Zhou Xingchi, who fell behind, met Li Xiuxian and starred in “Pioneer of Thunder”, which also ushered in a career turning point. But in the end it was not Li Xiuxian who helped him ascend to the throne of a superstar.

It is the upstart of the wealthy circle, Xiang Huaqiang.


In 1989, Xiang Huaqiang held Wang Jing and Chow Yun-fat in his hands, and finally hit a king bomb. That was the peak period of Wang Jing’s creation. On the first day of the boot, Zhou Runfa arrived on the set, and Wang Jing was still writing lines. But it is this “God of Gamblers” filmed while writing, breaking box office records in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, pushing Yongsheng to its peak.

In the second year, Wu Siyuan was amused by Stephen Chow’s performance when he watched “A Manga Crawling Through the World”. He was then invited to star in “The Holy Gambling”. Through the gambling film Spring Breeze, Star Tsai won the box office champion and became the Star Master. Upon seeing this, Xiang Huaqiang quickly found him and signed to “Yongsheng”. Afterwards, he tailor-made “Fighting Back to School”, “Tricky Expert” and “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”. As of 1992, the top five films in the annual box office rankings in Hong Kong were all starring works by Stephen Chow, which was known as “The Year of Stephen Chow” in history.

After encountering countless cold eyes, ridicules, and running away countless tricks, Zhou Xingchi proved himself with persistence and love.

In the same year, Andy Lau, a model worker who was “abandoned” by Wong Kar-wai, “being not attentive enough in acting” by To Qifeng, was despised by industry insiders but still practiced singing, dancing, and lyricism throughout the year, became one of the “Four Kings”.

And two years ago, the big sister Anita Mui held 30 solo concerts in a row, which was called “Mei Thirty”.

The three people born at the bottom of the year became the superstars of the Hong Kong generation.

That was the most dazzling time in Hong Kong.

At the same time, there was a historical confrontation between the gang and the superstar.

As early as the early 1980s, gangs were involved in movies. It is only an isolated case that an actor like Chen Huimin who has been transformed from a big brother has also been nominated as a movie king. Chen Shenzhi’s younger brother Li Zhaoji is just playing soy sauce in “The God of Cookery”. Most young and Dangerous boys are small characters. After Chen Shenzhi won the “Top Ten Outstanding Youths” in 1987, most of them worked as consultants for gangster movies, which can only be regarded as behind the scenes.

It was Hu Xiong who came back from the Macau casino and invested money in Cai Ziming’s Fuyi film production company.

As we all know, when Jet Li and Jiahe had a conflict, Cai Ziming came forward to be Li’s agent. It didn’t take long before Cai Ziming was shot. According to Mr. Hu, a gang named Chen Zhiming came to threaten Cai Ziming to surrender Li filming. Cai draws a gun and refuses. Four days later, Cai died at the door of the office building.

Mr. Hu also said that the masked man who snatched the copy of Stephen Chow’s version of “Happy Family” in 1992 was Chen Zhiming.

There were not only robberies and shootings. In this confrontation, there are still many rumors in the Hong Kong circle. For example, Andy Lau’s agent was threatened with a gun to make a film, which was rumored to be “The Dragon and Tiger Club”. Another example is Jackie Chan being besieged and blackmailed by gangsters and had to be taken away by Chua Lam to escape disaster. In 1990, Carina Lau was kidnapped by a gang and took pictures, which caused an uproar. Liang Jiahui was forcibly taken away by the gang on the eve of filming “The Lover”…Although the artists marched against the gang in January 1992, Anita Mui was slapped by the 14K hall master Huang Langwei in the karaoke hall four months later. After a slap, Huang died three days later. The fierce hand pointed at Chen Yaoxing, one of the “New Yian Five Tigers”.

After Chen Gang finished his transcript, he was brutally murdered in Macau.

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

Huang Baiming recalls the film grabbing incident

Gangs’ involvement in film and television is also related to the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Due to corruption investigations, it is difficult to circulate ash products. Some gangs started to enter the film industry to launder money, and some wanted to take advantage of the situation to make a fortune. Many gangsters will force superstars to make movies and make trouble for them.

In 1986, Wu Yusen’s “The True Colors of a Hero” sent Fa Ge to the throne of the actor, and at the same time set off a wave of gangster movies in Hong Kong, even the screenwriter Wong Kar Wai was not spared. From then on, the gang realized that making movies can not only make money and launder money, but also set a monument to the sentiment of the arena, and all of them are eager to try.

But who could have imagined that just two years after the “anti-triad march”, Hong Kong films would not be able to withstand it.

Since 1994, films such as “Jurassic Park”, “Death of the Dead” and “True Lies” have swept across Asia successively. From 1993 to 1995, there were 30 top-selling films in Taiwan, 25 of which were Hollywood, and only 4 of Hong Kong films were left. The movie “Chasing Girls”, which “Yongsheng” can hit the most, has a box office of just over 10 million.

This year, Xiang Huasheng left the film industry and began to engage in hotels and casinos. Xiang Huaqiang’s “China Star”, who separated and relied on himself in 1992, stood firm. At this time, Xiang Huaqiang was already the CEO of a listed company. Seeing the decline of Hong Kong movies, other gangs withdrew their capital and stopped participating. Hu Xuyong, who once lost money, complained:

“You should not invest in a field you are not familiar with.”

Hong Kong, in the tide of history, is about to usher in a financial turmoil and return to the motherland. In 1997, the gangs are busy patriotic and whitewashing. The grievances between the triad and the superstars came to an end.

At that time, the rapidly declining Hong Kong films entered the middle-aged Ai Le. Chen Huimin pretended to be a Dongxing camel in “Young and Dangerous”, Chen Shenzhi continued to work on drug rehabilitation, and Hu Xiong returned to the night market to sell ecstasy. Mui Yanfang, who has had a double harvest in the singing and film circles, has no intention of affair. Only Andy Lau and Stephen Chow, in the sound of the ending of the golden age of Hong Kong films, want to control their own destiny as much as possible, and no longer look at the faces of the wealthy.

To this end, Andy Lau set up a company in 1991 to take precautions. Later, he founded “Tianmu”, but unfortunately failed. In 1995, he owed a huge sum of money and could only make a bad film for six years to repay his debt. As for the comeback, the establishment of “Yingyi” and the excavation of Ning Hao, those are all stories after the millennium. Here is not a table.

At the same time, Stephen Chow also supervised the production of “The King of Destruction” in 1994, a transitional director. In 1995, he organized himself a “color star”, “A Chinese Journey to the West” suffered a mess, and had to return to Hong Kong to film “Return to the Soul Night”. Only in the second year did he stand up with “Xinghui” and “The God of Cookery”. At this time, Hong Kong movies can’t make money, and the star can only go to speculate on the land. Because the company’s business is not clear enough, the listing has always been frustrated. Later joining the Bigao Group was purely a curve to save the country.

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

“A Pair of Difficult Brothers” Stills from “The Gambler”

Superstars almost want to be super rich.

After all, their connections, family background, and influence cannot be compared with Yang Shoucheng, Lin Jianyue, and Xiang Huaqiang.

Hong Kong films in the late 1990s completely lost their spirits. In the process of Hong Kong movies going downhill, a group of people more ruthless than gangsters briefly and brilliantly stepped onto the stage of history.

They launched a new round of confrontation with the giants. Later people called it: the three kings of thieves in Hong Kong .


As mentioned earlier, the beard courageously frightened the rivers and lakes, relying on 30 machete to slash and kill the big ring boy. The so-called Daquanzi are criminals who smuggled from the Mainland to Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1970s. Ye Jihuan is one of them.

Ye Jihuan was born in Haifeng. His parents fished for a living and had to raise five children. It was hard to imagine. In 1978, 17-year-old Ye Jihuan smuggled into Hong Kong. Winding coils in the fan factory of the wealthy Liu Luanxiong costs only 40 yuan a day. It is rumored that others are making a raise, but he is honest. When Mr. Liu moved to the factory, he resigned. Unexpectedly, after four or five years, he will become the king of thieves in Hong Kong.

In 1984, the year Andy Lau and Tony Leung starred in “The Deer and Ding Ji”, Ye Jihuan led a gun to rob a number of jewelry stores and was arrested and sentenced to 16 years. While serving his sentence, he lied about abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital. He borrowed the toilet and found two glass bottles to be smashed as weapons. He hijacked a truck at the entrance of the hospital and successfully escaped from prison.

In 1991, he robbed countless gold shops in a series, an average of two minutes. Especially in 1993, he robbed a gold shop on Nathan Road in Mong Kok. He raised an AK-47 rifle in the street and was photographed by the public, becoming the most prestigious footnote of Hong Kong criminals.

Just three years after Ye Jihuan went to Hong Kong, the 20-year-old Ji Bingxiong also came to Hong Kong. When in the Mainland, Ji Bingxiong was a senior pickpocket. Came to Hong Kong and was arrested many times for theft. Later, when he met members of the “big circle gang” in prison, he suddenly realized that there was no point in sneaking around, and he would do what he wanted.

Afterwards, Ji Bingxiong bought arms, robbed Nathan Road Zhongxin Watch Shop in 1985, started a gun battle with the police, and fired more than 140 rounds of ammunition. According to the information, the police arrested the robbers. Ji Bingxiong, who was lucky enough to escape, vowed to go it alone. In 1986, he hired two people to rob Yau Ma Tei Ayunjia Jewellery and Gold Shop. He robbed gold shops and watch shops several times in 1987, 1989, 1994, and 1998. Bring hand grenades every time.

He opened fire violently during the robbery at the gold wheel watch shop in Taikoo Building, Central, causing deaths and injuries to passers-by.

Since then, Ji Bingxiong has developed three habits. First, only recruit mercenaries and disperse them when they are used up; second, only use cash, leaving no traces; third, there are countless false identities that are difficult to trace. Because of this, he committed several crimes throughout the 1990s, but the police failed to capture him, which was quite a headache.

What’s interesting is that Ji Bingxiong robbed so many watch dealers, but he didn’t hit Yang Shoucheng on the head. Instead, Zhang Ziqiang, another gangster, tied up the son of Yang Shoucheng’s friend Li Ka-shing.

Of the three kings of thieves, Zhang Ziqiang is the craziest.

Zhang Ziqiang is not a big circle boy.

In 1959, at the age of 4, he followed his father to Hong Kong. There is nothing at home, so I can only open a “herbal tea shop” in Yau Ma Tei. Surrounded by shanty towns, there are often gangs fighting. Zhang was stubborn and didn’t like to read. His father taught him and only used his fists. He entered the police station at the age of 12 and went to jail at the age of 16. According to this number, he should join the gang, like Chen Huimin, to fight and kill.

King Zhang’s appetite was obviously greater than that of Chen Huimin.

In 1990, he robbed 40 boxes of Rolexes at Kai Tak Airport, worth 30 million yuan. The following year, through the design of his wife Luo Yanfang, he robbed the Hong Kong Guardian company’s armored money carrier 160 million Hong Kong dollars. The other culprits wear masks, but he doesn’t. After the police arrested Zhang Ziqiang, Luo was released because of insufficient evidence. She immediately invited a lawyer to cleanse her husband, claiming to be tortured by the police to extract a confession. In 1995, Zhang Ziqiang appealed and was released in court. In turn, he sued the police and received 8 million yuan in compensation.

After he was released from prison, Zhang Ziqiang became even more frustrated. He was not addicted to grabbing the money-carrying vehicle. He took someone to kidnap Li Ka-shing’s eldest son, Li Zeju, and extorted 1.038 million Hong Kong dollars for 438 million. At that time, he had arranged to cooperate with Ye Jihuan, but unfortunately Ye Haunter was arrested. The following year, he kidnapped Guo Bingxiang, who ranked second on the rich list, and kept him in a box for four days. He finally got 300 million Hong Kong dollars. The craziness is that when he kidnapped Li Zeju, he did not make a remote blackmail call, but went directly to Li Ka-shing’s house to ask for money.

In 1996, when Chen Huimin starred in “Young and Dangerous” and Hu Xuyong diligently sold ecstasy, Zhang Ziqiang did not speak martial arts at all in his late debut 20 years, and directly set the world’s highest kidnapping record. The rich Hong Kong tycoons who turn stones into gold can control the fate of superstars and convey benefits to the gang, but they have nothing to do with him, Ye Jihuan and Ji Bingxiong, and lose more than once.

In this round of confrontation, it was the super rich who lost.

However, as the return is imminent, Hong Kong’s law and order must not allow such bandits to make waves again.

In 1996, Ye Jihuan was going to join Zhang Ziqiang to kidnap Li Zeju. As a result, Ye returned to Hong Kong with a gun fire, and met patrolling police officers. The two sides exchanged fire and were shot and captured, resulting in paralysis. In 1997, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, plus the escape, a total of 41 years and 3 months. Ji Bingxiong was caught by Shun Teng until Christmas Eve in 2003 because of his fascination. He was finally sentenced to 24 years in prison. In court, Ji Bingxiong also said that the police had caught the wrong person and insisted that he was “Guan Derong.”

As for Li’s richest man’s hatred, it was reported by the mainland police.

At the end of 1997, Zhang Ziqiang went crazy again. He bought 800 kilograms of explosives from the mainland and wanted to explode the Stanley Prison to rescue Ye Jihuan, but his account was frozen. The following year, he was arrested in the Mainland. Luo Yanfang wants to bring him back to Hong Kong for trial, so she can avoid death. However, the police sentenced him to death for his crimes in the Mainland.

At this point, the history of the king of thieves in Hong Kong was completely ended. The confrontation between the wealthy and the bandits came to an end.

But our story has not completely ended.

After the millennium, the gangs are all on their feet, the superstars have moved to the mainland one after another, and the gangsters have been arrested one by one, but after the return of Hong Kong, there is still a remnant of the 80s and 90s.

In a Hong Kong where gangs, superstars, and thugs are all lost, the super rich can still call back the grievances of the past.


Yang Shoucheng first entered the entertainment industry in 1979.

That year he invested in a movie called “Cheers”. The leading role is not someone else, but Leslie Cheung who is still playing the youth niche soon after his debut. However, after the first taste, he continued to engage in his real estate agency. Unexpectedly, on the “Black Friday” in Hong Kong in 1983, Yang entered into a business venture and his assets were liquidated by HSBC. Insolvent, Yang Shoucheng owed 320 million yuan overnight.

According to the conditions opened by HSBC at that time, he could continue to work. But it will take more than a thousand years to repay the debt by salary.

Here comes the magical part, that is, not long ago, through his friend Li Ka-shing, Yang Shoucheng met a Feng Shui expert named Chen Lang. Master Chen told him don’t be afraid, Hong Kong can’t do it, go west. After some inquiries, Yang Shoucheng ran to Kuwait to speculate foreign exchange, claiming to be acquainted with distant relatives of the Kuwaiti royal family. Quickly earned back tens of millions of dollars. After he regained control of the company, Master Chen, who was closely related to the Indonesian president, took him to Indonesia for development, met a large number of wealthy businessmen, and made a lot of money.

320 million, paid off in less than three years.

In this matter, we can only sympathize with the superstar Hua Tsai, who lost 50 million yuan, and it will take six years to make a bad film. The huge wealthy people owed 320 million in debt, and the trip to Hong Kong was done. When it was most difficult, Xiang Huaqiang gave Andy Lau with 40 million to withdraw from the “Arts”, without any IOUs. This is probably the difference between a super rich and a superstar.

In 1992, Xiang’s “China Star” went public, and Yang Shoucheng bought Ye Yuqing’s older brother Ye Zhiming’s Feitu Entertainment, which was originally a shareholding. As a result, the other party got drier and worse, so he simply took over. This became the starting point of Emperor Entertainment. Everyone is familiar with Ye Zhiming’s son’s girlfriend, Huo Wenxi, who has been a model.

In 1999, “Photograph” was renamed “Emperor Entertainment”, and “Emperor Movies” was established the following year, expanding its territory at the rate of ten films per year. During the same period, Yang Shoucheng was engaged in finance again, he went to North Korea to open a casino, and he invested in a shoe factory in Shenzhen. The entire commercial sector became bigger and bigger. During this period, he also successively acquired 5 magazines and 1 newspaper to enter the media industry.

Within a few years, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Twins, and Jackie Chan helped the emperor to become famous, “A Thousand Chance Changes 2” and “The Great Sage of Love” stabilized the basic film, and then invested in Jiang Wen’s “Sun” to bring the battle line to the mainland. It was also during this period that the Emperor repeatedly reported news of exploiting artists and was accused of drawing too high a price.

In 2003, the Independent Commission Against Corruption launched an anti-crime operation in the music industry, exposing bribery and award-buying scandals in the entertainment industry. The Emperor once went deep into the “corruption storm”. In addition, Zeng Zhiwei vilified Yang Shoucheng’s bar as a “chicken sinus” (brothel) in public . Before long, Zeng Zhiwei was beaten up by three big men and stitched 30 stitches.

The biggest disturbance was the “East Weekly” incident at the end of October 2002. This can be regarded as a historical confrontation between superstars and super rich after the millennium.

The source of this confrontation can be traced back to the grievances between the gangsters and the superstars. According to Chen Huimin, Carina Lau offended a gang of gangsters and was followed and kidnapped to take pictures. He knew the gangster, and exactly three photos fell into his hands. That year, as a 14K red stick, he opened a company to solve similar problems, letting the other party sell their faces and burn the photos. Unexpectedly, the gangster came out after going to jail, looked through it at home, and found another photo, which was sent directly to the magazine.

When “East Weekly” got the photo, it felt that it was a fact rather than a defamation, and there was no legal responsibility for publishing it. As soon as the result came out, the entertainment circle exploded. Yang Shoucheng, who was on the way to North Korea, quickly returned to Hong Kong. The issue has become so serious that not only have women’s organizations condemned, but Mui Yanfang, who is seriously ill, has also stepped up and scolded.

In desperation, Yang Shoucheng had to come forward to apologize, and dismissed all members of the “East Weekly” and ceased publication permanently.

Regarding this matter, Mr. Yang felt very aggrieved and said that as the chairman of the group, we can’t manage it so carefully: “For us, it is wrong to publish it, and I admit it. But I am just an investor, not an operator. Ah. You tell me to read so many magazines every day, how can I read it? You tell me to read it, it’s really nervous and can’t finish it.”

Don’t forget to emphasize to the reporter: “It’s morally wrong, and it’s definitely okay in law.”

Here I won’t quote Teacher Luo Xiang’s argument about “scum”. It can only be said that if Carina Lau is an artist under the Emperor’s banner, he will definitely not be exposed. Coincidentally, Liu’s husband Tony Leung made “Infernal Affairs” at that time, and the investor of “Infernal Affairs” was Lin Baixin’s son, Lin Jianyue.

It can be seen that the confrontation between the super rich and the super rich is not bloody.


In 1987, Lin Jianyue returned to Hong Kong and took over the family business.

Lin Baixin had no choice but to hand over the business to him. The eldest son, Lin Jianming, is a lavish master who only cares about romance. Later, he summoned a prostitute in a Taipei villa and was photographed naked by the gangsters.

After Lin Jianyue returned to Hong Kong, he really did not humiliate his father’s life, and directly killed his father’s assets of tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars, setting a record for Hong Kong listed companies to lose money the most. Only father is good in the world. We, Wang Jianlin, only set out 5 small goals for Wang Sicong to practice his hands, which is far from Lin Baixin.

Soon after returning to Hong Kong, Lin Jianyue started speculating on properties. Lin Baixin often wakes up in the morning to read the newspaper, only to realize that Lixin Group has added another building. Lin Jianyue also tried his best to persuade him to take a stake in ATV, wanting to fight Run Run Run. The result was a mess. After catching up with the financial turmoil, the property market fell, and the 10 billion yuan fell.

In the past ten years, Lin Jianyue has moved the world, not relying on outstanding business talents, but on scandals with countless female stars. In this matter, Liu Luanxiong and Liu Luanxiong can be called Hong Kong Island duo.

In 1977, at the age of 20, he dated Niuniu, a female artist from Shaw Brothers, and almost got engaged. In the end, Niuniu was unwilling to give up her career for marriage, and the two fell apart. Three years later, Lin married Taiwanese actress Xie Lingling. Xie Lingling became his mother’s love. In 1987, the Lin family became a shareholder of ATV, and ATV also began to engage in beauty pageants. Lin Jianyue had scandals with Weng Hong, Wan Qiwen and Hong Kong sister Anita Yuan. The biggest scandal was when Wang Zuxian was stared at in 1992, and he divorced Xie Lingling.

Lin Mu was so angry that she said in front of the reporter:

“Just as my son spent tens of millions and called an X.”

In 1995, Lin divorced Xie Lingling and gave the highest family settlement fee of 400 million yuan in the history of celebrity divorce. As a result, he turned his head and did not marry Wang Zuxian. There were also scandals with Yang Caini and Lin Xilei one after another.

Just one year before Lin Jianyue’s divorce, Zhong Zaisi and others founded a small company called Huanya. He has successively produced films such as “Beast Criminal Police” and “Special Police New Humans”. With limited funds, he must not be able to do the Emperor and China Star. In 2000, Lin Jianyue invested 600 million yuan and became the master of Media Asia. As soon as the move came out, the Hong Kong community waited to see the joke, thinking that he was going to repeat the tragedy of ATV. Unexpectedly, under Wang Jing’s introduction, Liu Weiqiang, who shot “Young and Dangerous”, came to the door with the “Infernal Affairs” script, and opened his mouth to have 4 movie kings.

In the environment of Hong Kong films at that time, no one dared to make a move if it exceeded 5 million. Lin Jianyue gave 40 million directly after reading the script. Immediately after the sequel was launched, Media Asia made a lot of money. In 2007, Martin Scorsese bought the copyright remake of Infernal Affairs and swept the Oscars, which made Boss Lin exasperated.

In the same year, Lin Jianyue impressed Andy Lau with a sky-high price of 200 million yuan. Subsequently, it was reported that he used 40 million to buy the gold medal entertainment at the helm of the famous agent Huang Bogao, which meant that Gu Juji, Zhang Jingxuan, Fang Lishen and others were included in Media Asia. In 2008, he bought the copyright of China Star for HK$100 million, and at the same time hooked up with Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu and Tony Leung. At that time, the media reported that once the plan is realized, Lin Jianyue will control more than 85% of Hong Kong’s popular artists, and will also own Hong Kong’s largest record company and largest film production company.

People are rich for three generations, and you are only rich for one generation. Yang Shoucheng’s heart is probably a little scared.

Superstars and super rich clashes, no matter how loud the noise is, it will kill a magazine, and it will not hurt the bones. The clash between the super rich and the super rich is not that simple. It’s about to crash if it doesn’t.

Lin and Yang have been secretly competing for the singer’s signing. After “Infernal Affairs” swept the Academy Awards, Media Asia released the “Certificate of Approval”, bearing the name of “Hong Kong Film Rescue”, which crushed the movie cast by the Emperor to death. After the filming of “Infernal Affairs”, Edison Chen turned against the emperor and was hid in snow. Turning his head, Lin Jianyue dragged Chen to his own banner. And in the year Lin tried to “dominate the family”, Yanzhaomen broke out. This time, both sides suffered great losses.

The Emperor Gillian’s career was frustrated and almost fell into disrepair, while Asia Pacific Edison Chen retired. But confrontation returns to confrontation. For the super rich, there are only eternal interests. How can there be eternal enemies?

It didn’t take long for the two companies to be reported to be shooting “Eavesdropping”, but they withdrew due to the financial crisis. In the end, the two entered the mainland and jointly invested in “Fire Heroes” in 2013.

The question is whether the super rich and the super rich are confronting or joining hands. The only question is: how can we make more money.

During the years when Media Asia and the Emperor Xiongxiong, Xiang Huaqiang chose to leave the film industry just like Xiang Huasheng. Since then, China Star mainly engages in hotels and gambling. During the five years from 2010 to 2015, the group’s hotel and gaming accounted for as much as 84% ​​of the total revenue, and there was no “China Star Production” for Hong Kong movies.

Before leaving the film circle, “China Star” cast a movie named “Underworld” by “China Star”, and the mainland version was called “Dragon City Years”. As mentioned earlier, Johnnie To grew up in the Kowloon Walled City. In 1993, this place that recorded Hong Kong’s dark and bloody past was completely demolished and turned into a park. In the past few years, Johnnie To’s biggest wish was to make a movie called “Dragon City Fighting Overlord” to record the history of Hong Kong gangsters. It is a pity that 6 hours of “Dragon City Fighting Overlord” died out, and finally “Dragon City Years” was left behind.

In “Underworld”, the “black bones” who convened the Hongmen Conference appeared in a special way. The rules and development of the Hong Kong Triad are also mentioned slightly. The “Xin Ji” in the film is obviously “Xin Yi’an”, the prototype of “Heliansheng”, and it is obviously “Heshenghe”.

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

The person who voted in “Underworld”

In addition, in Hong Kong in the “Four Great Inspectors” era, the stories of Lu Le and the lame have been filmed countless times into films such as “The Lame” and “500 Million Inspector Lei Luo”. Jing fried cold rice made “Chasing the Dragon”. 14K. The heroes of Xin Ngee’an were loaned to “Young and Dangerous”.

The spirit of the gangster is constantly being recalled.

In 2016, Media Asia also invested in a movie called “The Tree Is Inviting The Wind”. The same is the production of Johnnie To’s Milky Way. The three gangsters in the story are naturally drawn from the three kings of thieves in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

A scene where the three kings of thieves happened to meet

Hong Kong films after the millennium, although there is no superstar brilliance, no gang involvement, but under the careful calculation of investors, those dark years of confrontation, gang killings, and gangster madness have all become the pockets of the wealthy. The box office is rustling inside.

“A Great Master” said it well: “Thousands of fists go all the way, kung fu, two words, one horizontal and one vertical, the one who wins, stands, the one who loses, and the one who falls.”

Gangs and gangsters are awe-inspiring for a while. In the end, it wasn’t silver that turned white.

It’s clear who is standing and who is falling.


In the year “The Tree Gets the Wind” was released, the 14K godfather Hu Xuyong died at the Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. Before his death, Hu Xiong was diagnosed with colon cancer, and the condition was repeated, and his liver and stomach were removed successively. At the funeral of Beard Yong, Chen Huimin and Chen Shenzhi were present, and countless gangsters sent wreaths. The scenery was stunning and stunning.

However, you are a gangster, and it is useless. It can even be said that there is no dignity.

In 2002, his Zhuhai “348” opened. On the first day of trial operation, a hundred police officers suddenly rushed into the dance floor and handcuffed Hu Xuyong. He could only take off his jacket and squat facing the wall in front of all the guests. Later, he was arrested and imprisoned because he publicly claimed that he was a “triad” at the dinner, and became the inmate of the gangster Ye Jihuan.

After he was released from prison, his body deteriorated day by day.

Chen Huimin started the wine business after 1997. Across the showbiz and gangsters, he has received countless “respects”. In 2013, his son got married. There was a banquet of more than 500 tables in black and white. Wu Mengda, Zheng Zhongji, and Ying Cai’er all went. In the same year, he attended the wedding banquet of a big man in Shenzhen as a movie star. As soon as the shark fins were served, 350 special police officers rushed into the banquet hall with guns, suspecting that it was a promotion ceremony of a triad organization.

What does “Dragon on the Edge” say?

“Into the underworld, you will be a underworld for your whole life.”

To ask why you entered the underworld, in addition to the dream of a big brother in the bloody rivers and lakes, the star in “Kung Fu” said well: “In this world, the streets are full of money, and there are women everywhere. As long as you make a decision, you can win!”

In this regard, Zhang Ziqiang, the thief king who had been interviewed by the media before his death and left precious images, put it even more bluntly: “I am in this world and cannot allow myself to be poor. I have no time and patience to work in a legitimate industry to make money. I want to To become rich, we must adopt breakthrough methods, and money is the most important thing!”

Small, the pattern is small.

Yang Shoucheng also expressed similar emotions, but they said it was so elegant: “There is no man in the world who is not greedy for money and lust, but a gentleman loves money, and he must take the right way.”

You see, the same is making money. On the one hand, it is a barbaric crime, on the other hand, it uses the rules of the capital game to cleverly harvest. This is the difference in life. After a successful career, Bearded Yong, who loves to write two sour poems, can only regret that he did not study too much. However, Yang Shoucheng can ask Tao Jie, the “No. 1 Talented Scholar in Hong Kong” to write a biography.

Hong Kong once was the so-called world in “Kung Fu”, a golden empire full of money.

There, through 40 years of turmoil, we can see the four different destinies of gangsters, superstars, king of thieves, and super rich. The ups and downs of fate here also point to money all the time. Behind this fate, of course, there is a question of personal choice. As Sartre said, heroes make heroes, and cowards make cowards. But from some perspectives, limited by their background and talents, they may not have so many choices.

The bearded yong who has nothing but fights, in order to win attention, eventually enters the gang. Although he is the godfather, he still has to be pointed at by the police. The talented Stephen Chow, who is also born at the bottom, can gain praise from the world through the stage built by capital. Excellent as Huazi, it has also become a representative of the spirit of Hong Kong.

The same is climbing up, being a gangster, tying his head to the waist of his trousers, being a star, but gaining countless spotlights along the way.

Ji Bingxiong, who had no good background and was eager to make money, would be even more miserable. They went astray and took risks. When they were alive, they were like a mouse on the street, and when they died, they would be edited into a movie.

Of course the best thing is to have a good father. Start quickly, get started quickly, have a wide range of resources, well-connected, and if you lose money, you can turn over quickly, and it doesn’t matter if you lose a few billions. The key is to hold out superstars, superstars get 30%, and they get 70%. If they don’t obey, they just hide. Gangs get it done with money. The gangster is dead, and then make a movie to make money. All the rules of the game were made by them, and even Andy Lau and Anita Mui’s ascending channels were designed by them.

Hu Xuyong has two daughters, and he never allows them to come into contact with gangs. Once I met a gangster playing with two daughters, Hu Chong went up and played. At the end of the year, he attended a class reunion, and heard that the other party’s sons and daughters went abroad to study and passed the school, and felt very sad. Every time he reads a celebrity biography, he will fantasize: “If he didn’t join the underworld, would he become a successful person with his courage and ability?”

But not so much if. Let alone him, if Zhang Ziqiang had a somewhat decent father, had a fairly good family background, and had received positive guidance in his childhood, perhaps he wouldn’t be so crazy. Fortunately for Hu Xuyong and Chen Huimin, they also worked all the way from Ma Tsai to the boss. You know, in the former golden empire, how many young and Dangerous people have become cannon fodder.

And when we turned our eyes to Hong Kong in 1884, when the triads appeared, it was only because the workers at the bottom were in order to protect themselves, to have a bite to eat, and to make a living. In “Chasing the Dragon”, the lame Hao smuggled to Hong Kong, was repeatedly bullied, degenerated and lost step by step, with the original intention of seeking self-protection.

In “Five Million Detective Reilo”, Reilo, who used to shine his shoes to earn a living and was unwilling to lose his life, recalled the past and asked his assistant: “What is it for you to be a man so hard?”

The assistant said he didn’t know.

He replied: “Just to eat.”

Hong Kong folded for 40 years

Lei Luo

From the initial livelihood to the desire to show off in the city of Hong Kong and own the golden mountains and silver mountains, in the 40-year history, different people have given different choices.

And the gangs, superstars, kings of thieves, and wealthy individuals represent their respective classes, life choices, and the disappeared worlds, are they not a metaphor for the entire human existence. Such a folded world may never disappear. Everyone who is struggling to eat and change their lives in it, why not continue to repeat their story in a certain sense.

In the year Ye Jihuan escaped from prison, the gangster Chen Huimin acted in a movie invested by the wealthy Golden Princess. The film starring star Chow Yun Fat. The theme song of the movie is called “Flying Sand Wind Transit”.

That is like the fate of each of us:

People turn helplessly in the storm

If you are tired, you have to go around

Helpless rush, helpless diversion

Zeng Hot’s face gradually lacks warmth

Hey yo hum Hey yo flying sand wind transfer

Hey yo hum Hey yo flying sand wind transfer

Love is difficult to plan ahead in the storm

People may be short when they are washed together by wind and waves

In fact, the wind is helpless and cuts continuously

Buried a few graces, how many grievances remained

Hey yo hum Hey yo flying sand wind transfer

Hey yo hum Hey yo flying sand wind transfer


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