HistoryDAO: Decentralized “Historical Records”

On September 15, Ethereum successfully completed the merger, and the last block of its PoW was minted into NFT by Vanity Block, that is, the entire block contained only one transaction for minting Vanity Block NFT, and the cost was 30 ETH. In the final block, Vanity Blocks quoted the famous words of American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna and wrote: “As long as you have the courage to make a commitment, the world will help you to remove the insurmountable obstacles. To complete the unfinished business. Dreams, the universe will never hold back your progress. This is the secret.”

Vanity Block recorded the most important upgrade in the life of Ethereum through blocks. The Ethereum merger event has also become an important memory in the crypto world.

Memories are one of the most important things for human beings.

HistoryDAO: Decentralized "Historical Records"

In ancient times, humans recorded memories through murals and knots. After forming small tribes, clans, the stories of the past are passed down orally through language. Later, words became the carrier of memories and history. History and stories were recorded by historians.

In the information age, the Internet has become the carrier of historical records. Recording memories with immutable blocks is the most popular thing in the crypto world these days.

This is the convenience brought by the information age and blockchain technology, but they add a new curse to the historical record.

What is the curse of history?

Centralized historical records: From ancient times to the present, the power to record history has been in the hands of centralized entities and cannot be challenged. The unofficial history and folk records are mostly from ancient nobles. Even in the information age, this situation remains unbroken, with powerful centralized entities having the power to record history. In the crypto world, the power to record with blocks is also in the hands of miners.

The information is too complex: The massive data brought by the information age also makes it difficult to record the real history, especially for ordinary people who do not have any voice, it is difficult for them to record their own history. Perhaps in the future, just as we know nothing about the past of our ancestors, there is only one photo that can be preserved for future generations.

The decentralized history solution HistoryDAO hopes to solve the above two curses through Web3 & blockchain technology.

Use blocks to carry history

During his exile, Herodotus wrote the book Ἱστορίαι (History) from his own perspective, recording what he heard and saw during his travels and the history of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. This is the first fully handed down historical record in Western history. The Roman orator Cicero called him “the father of history”.

However, objective records are often subject to the subjective influence of the recorder, and finally make historical records lose their fairness.

HistoryDAO: Decentralized "Historical Records"

This has happened frequently in human history. As mentioned in the famous saying: History is written by the victors, but the truth is known only by those who experience it. The ancient Greek historian Thucydides, who maintained a rigorous attitude in historical data collection and causal analysis, also pointed out: Don’t write a story by chance, or even rely on my own general impressions alone – what I have The events described are either what I personally saw, or what I have carefully examined after hearing from those who have seen them in person.

How to let the witnesses of the truth record the history that cannot be tampered with at a low threshold? This question has been plaguing people in pursuit of real history.

Fortunately, today’s blockchain technology makes it possible.

Just as Bitcoin decentralizes minting power, HistoryDAO decentralizes the power of historical records.

Thanks to blockchain technology, HistoryDAO allows users to issue, query and trade NFTs on Ethereum and BNB Chain:

  • HistoryDAO supports various data formats in the form of historical records, allowing users to record multi-dimensional information;
  • HistoryDAO has a secondary market for NFTs that allows users to efficiently discover, evaluate, trade and manage;
  • HistoryDAO is entirely owned and managed by the community, and the development of the DAO is entirely driven by the community agenda;

In a nutshell, HistoryDAO is an NFT platform powered by DAOs, aka decentralized community organizations.

While HistoryDAO provides the service of recording history for individuals, it also records the history that has been agreed upon by the DAO organization – the community is responsible for recording weekly, monthly and annual historical figures, historical processes, historical albums and major historical events.

How does HistoryDAO structure products and commercialize them?

Next, we will explore the functions and services of HistoryDAO in depth from three aspects.

Minting historical NFTs and secondary trading markets

As mentioned above, HistoryDAO supports users to record diverse historical information, which will be kept in the user’s blockchain wallet in the form of NFT, which is open and transparent, and others cannot forcefully tamper and transfer the NFT.

To be more imaginative, the data recorded by the user can be any information, including the bits and pieces of life, the good memories with friends and loved ones, the wonderful moments in the game and so on. Perhaps, human beings in the future will reproduce the life of our contemporary people by studying the historical NFT of HistoryDAO, just as we reproduced the life of the ancients by studying the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival.

Among them, when NFT is minted, users need to pay 0.01 ETH service fee and gas fee. The corresponding service fee will be directly transferred to the market liquidity reserve controlled by the DAO, which is the DAO treasury.

At the same time, history and memories are shared by all mankind. Therefore, the historical NFT minted by users can also be circulated and traded in the secondary market. The HistoryDAO market charges a 2% commission, which is also transferred to the DAO treasury.

The HistoryDAO market will also sort various historical NFTs, and the sorting will refer to multiple dimensions such as the listing time, pageviews, and favorites of the corresponding NFTs. To ensure that the exposure of each historical NFT is as fair as possible, each new algorithm change needs to be proposed in the DAO and supported by the community.


In order to make history recording more efficient, HistoryDAO introduced the concept of “Initial NFT Offering”, that is, INO. Any user can contribute a topic to an NFT collection, and this is done by co-building the NFT collection with other community members.

To facilitate understanding, we can take some sports events as an example.

Taking the NBA as an example, in a season, we can create NFTs for each game, and as the season progresses, record the details of each game through information such as pictures, video clips, and player data. Of course, the NFT of a wonderful game is more collectible than the NFT of ordinary games, and the NFT of the final is more collectible than the normal round of games. Or, we can also use our imagination and choose the highlights of 1000 games to mint NFT issuance after the season. For brands, the INO campaign is a re-use of the influence of previous events, which is very cost-effective.

Of course, this is just an example. The INO campaign launched by HistoryDAO is highly scalable and will not be limited to sports events.

HistoryDAO: Decentralized "Historical Records"

As long as the brand marketing team has innovative marketing ideas, they can record any activities and events through HistoryDAO, and then market them – no doubt, this is more attractive than pure money-spending marketing activities. After the INO event, the brand side can also carry out follow-up empowerment around the NFT minted by this event.

DAO Sum Token

Unlike other NFT platforms, HistoryDAO focuses more on community interaction and community power. In essence, HistoryDAO is a tool platform for recording history, not an NFT trading market. Therefore, HistoryDAO pays more attention to the algorithm design of community activity in product design, hoping to build a strong community product like Reddit.

The purpose of enhancing community power is to avoid the pressure of regulation on community history records and freedom of speech. Decentralized communities can resist the censorship of historical records by powerful interest groups, and will increase people’s enthusiasm for decentralized historical records, which will also enhance HistoryDAO The value of historical NFTs.

The governance of HistoryDAO will be completed by its native Token $HAO. Holding $HAO is the entry barrier for DAOs. After entering the DAO, community members can perform governance actions such as submitting proposals, commenting, and voting.

In addition to governance, $HAO will also be applied to all aspects of HistoryDAO products. For example, when NFT transactions are conducted in the market, if $HAO is used to pay, the market will only charge a 1.5% commission.

From Witness to Writing: How HistoryDAO Enables Web3?

There is no doubt that history has a special meaning for humanity as a whole and for each individual human being. Just as Tang Taizong Li Shimin said, “Take copper as a mirror, you can correct your clothes, take people as a mirror, you can know the gains and losses, and take history as a mirror, you can know the rise and fall.”

History is the foundation on which we move forward.

But relevant interest groups often revise historical records, whether to cover up relevant scandals or achieve a certain purpose. Second, historical records are often guided by subjective emotions and lose their original fairness.

Today, HistoryDAO is reversing the shortcomings of historical records through blockchain and NFT technology. Just as Bitcoin decentralizes minting power, HistoryDAO decentralizes the power of history.

HistoryDAO: Decentralized "Historical Records"

Decentralized and tamper-resistant historical records will record history from multiple perspectives and pursue the fairness and authenticity of historical records.

This is the embodiment of the spirit advocated by Web3 – Web3 advocates individual sovereignty, advocates individual value, history is no longer written by the victors, and all human beings participate equally.

As an NFT closely connected with real topics, after casting, it will also enhance the topicality of Web3 in the outside world, attracting more people to actively understand the Web3 world. Enabling NFT adoption through real historical records will also drive further development and maturity in the Web3 world.

In addition, the INO activities led by HistoryDAO can also provide strong marketing support for various brands.

It has become a trend for Web2 brands to be marketed through Web3 means.

Tiffany’s launch of the CryptoPunks custom NFT and Starbucks’ launch of the Starbucks Odyssey program are good examples.

In fact, as the Web3 world grows in influence, more Web2 brands will be thinking about how to use Web3 for their marketing campaigns and community growth. For unfamiliar Web2 brands, a simple and intuitive Web3 marketing plan is just needed.

And the INO campaign launched by HistoryDAO can just meet this need. It can be assumed that this type of demand will become one of the main drivers for the future growth of HistoryDAO.

It used to be stone, then it was text, now it is block

Finally, let’s go back to the original intention of HistoryDAO – allowing everyone to record history with a low threshold. Aside from the expansion of our thinking based on products, the essence of HistoryDAO is to allow the decentralization of the power of historical records.

This is undoubtedly groundbreaking, and it is also a deconstruction of the spirit of Web3 – Web3 is not only decentralized finance, but also includes more levels of thinking and application. With the power of decentralized historical records endowed by blockchain technology, everyone in this world will have the opportunity to say like Caesar: I come, I see, I record!

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