Historical mining disaster and policy review, the next trend analysis and response (2) – trend and operation

Trend analysis and response.

Historical mining disaster and policy review, the next trend analysis and response (2) - trend and operation

Next, let’s talk about the response strategy of mining and coins from the macro dimension.
First of all, let’s talk about my analysis.

  1. The high pressure level of this policy is more than 94
    This time the level is very high, much higher than the previous central bank joint ministries, the reason why there are no specific measures and specific department linkage, not some big V analysis, just pretend, but because to the weekend.
    And through our previous experience in dealing with P2P, we can predict that this treatment, stability overrides everything. The previous volume of the coin circle was not that big, and it would not affect the whole situation as much as it does today. If it is okay in the bear market, in the bull market, the coin circle is really too big to attract the wind.
    Although the press release does not have specific measures, all kinds of measures will be done tomorrow. Our experience is that the fewer the words, the bigger the matter, and tomorrow the provinces and cities will do amplified processing based on the spirit of the document is predictable.
    Today, Xinhua, the direct media headline of the Ministry of China xuan, issued an article criticizing digital currency, it seems that the level is not low.
    It is predicted that the next measures, including not limited to, shutting down a large number of contract exchanges, banning OTC trading, limiting access to funds, strictly checking the financial transactions with digital currencies, conducting orderly taxation, strictly checking the electricity meters, providing a mass hotline for mining reports, and blocking large V articles. Maybe I won’t write anything in the near future, it’s live.
  2. This time the cryptocurrency environment is better than 94
    The policy is tougher, but the environment is better now.
    It is important to know that in 2017, there was no transaction data website, after the exchange cut, many domestic coin people, even coin prices do not know what the situation, coins lying in their wallets, and do not know if it is still air.
    Those who own mainstream coins are better off and can still conduct C2C transactions in WeChat groups, while those who own cottage coins can’t find a matching party at all and are really on their own.
    Now, we have a large number of exchanges, overseas and underground, and also more developed information channels, so everyone will be good when the time comes to soldier on.
  3. The short-term trend of this cryptocurrency trading is not optimistic
    This time the coin circle will choke off the Chinese trading in and out of gold, short-term inevitably triggered a large drop in coin prices, but there are still many people feel that more than 20,000 bitcoin and more than 1,000 ethereum is very fragrant, overseas leeks will plunge, Chinese leeks will do everything possible to go out over the wall, then like overseas Chinese will be the first to grab this piece of cake, of course, because OTC transactions will not be placed in the domestic, so the transaction risk is higher. So the more you manage the higher the risk, but also quite faint.
    4, the mining circle out of the inevitable, large mining farms, rather than small mining farms to bear the brunt
    The mine has received several shutdown notices, thermal power first, then water and electricity, etc.. Not some analysis, referring to the crackdown on the mining industry in Inner Mongolia some time ago, only to crack down on some irregularities, no formal approval of small mines.
    This time instead, the big mines are bearing the brunt.
    And medium mining, if you do a good job of risk prevention, especially to do the direct power supply of the mine, because it is hiding in the hydroelectric power station, so it is difficult to be checked, and small miners will be even more problem-free.
    I mining violation, but buy computer equipment can still be a violation? TV stations, public places do not allow to watch small films, can not hide at home to learn the European and American cash culture?
    Small miners move back home to dig on the good, nothing more than a little more expensive electricity, as long as you do not put in the utility digging, once reported, that is theft of electricity.
    And this big mining outpost will certainly cause the whole network arithmetic plunge, those overseas miners will be too much. Every time the domestic crackdown, it can bring huge overseas dividends. The last time was after 94, overseas leeks copied the coins, this time copied the computing power.
  4. This time, the coin price is bound to plummet in the short term, and whether the short term can raise its head, depending on the fundamentals of the United States
    In the short term, the coin price is bound to plummet, after all, to pinch the lifeline of in and out of the gold ah.
    But still, as I said before in “Blockchain is a high-risk risk-free industry”, every suppression, especially policy suppression, gives the opportunity for rebirth, and the key is to see how long the rebirth cycle is.
    If the fundamentals of the United States remain unchanged this time, then the longest six months, the shortest two months, the second half of the crazy bull market will open.
    If this time the U.S. has taper and interest rate hike action, then this go bear, bitcoin to return to $60,000, about a few more years to wait.
    There are shaky fundamentals at the moment, mainly because inflation is very high, but the possibility of no rate hike in 3 months is greater, because the United States not only to take care of U.S. stocks, but also to take care of the U.S. economic recovery, now the essence is that the U.S. economy is not completely recovered, now whether to continue to drink poison, the probability is still hard.
    A good thing is that the U.S. SEC said that this time, there is no reason to stop the ETF of BTC, which is a major event that the cryptocurrency circle has been waiting for 10 years, and it may happen next month.

Based on the above analysis do three recommendations.
1, out of gold to stay good basic living needs, live long enough to live well.
2, leave a good U (previously has been prompted in the group to reduce positions, you do not have U now, I do not know how to say), it is best to switch to DAI, exist in their own wallets, when the bitcoin reaches $ 28-30,000, you can add 20%, if it falls below $ 28,000, hang a single in $ 22,000, further add 30%, the remaining 50%, wait to see the situation reverses, break through the key pressure level. If there is no breakthrough, the mainstream coins in your hand will be ready to wait a few years and then out, while the rest of the U, in the future after the new out of gold channels, looking for a low-risk out, well used for life.

  1. Don’t stop mining, if your mining site still supports it. If you had planned to invest in mining money, confirm that your mine can support you to continue mining, if you can, half to immediately place an order, because the next you will pick up a large number of others thrown down the arithmetic power, half used to plunge, see and so on 10 days and a half months later, the mining price has not fallen. Of course there will certainly be people dumping mining machines, find a good professional to help you identify its service life, because people are running for their lives, may be very no bottom line, so the middle will be mixed with a large number of fake substandard products.
    Still that, tactically pay attention to the difficulties, see the moves, strategically, defy the difficulties, V guest with you, meet the next bull market feast, maybe four years later, maybe as long as six months.

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