HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don’t say it’s really possible

For Apple’s iPod series, this may be a good choice.

On January 9, 2007, when Jobs introduced the iPhone for the first time on the stage of the press conference, he deliberately described this new product as “a combination of iPod and phone in order to give the iPhone a unique appearance and control method.” “, and also showed a product map based on this idea.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter throughout the press conference, and this “iPod Phone” picture became a classic scene.

Of course, the reason why Jobs wanted to do this, in addition to ridiculing the old design ideas of other mobile phone manufacturers at the time, actually reflected a fact behind it. That is, at least at that time, the iPod was already a world-renowned consumer electronic product, and using it to “set off” the fledgling iPhone will obviously resonate more with consumers.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

Everyone knows the story afterwards. The iPhone is becoming more and more popular, and now it has become one of the two poles of the global smartphone camp. The iPod is declining. Although it is still in Apple’s product line, no matter the enthusiasm of the announcement or the speed of the product itself, it is obvious that it is no longer a first-line product.

However, when a source recently exposed information about Apple’s next-generation iPod, we couldn’t help but be surprised. This is not because the next-generation iPod Touch will switch to the same right-angle frame shape as the iPhone 12 series, nor is it likely that it will switch to the “not too old” A14 bionic chip (the current model is still A10), but Because the current revelations show that Apple will not only continue to retain the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPod Touch, but will also specifically take high sound quality as its main design direction, and greatly improve the HiFi quality of the iPod Touch.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

We must know that the selling point of past generations of iPod products has never been “sound quality”, but stylish appearance, handy operation, convenient and genuine online audio services, and a lineup of games derived from the iOS ecosystem. So if the current revelations about the new iPod Touch are true, then this may mean another major product strategy change in iPod history.

So the question is, why did Apple make such a change?

First of all, we need to understand one thing, why did Apple launch the iPod back then?

Looking back in history, it is not difficult to find that there are actually two answers to this question. One is that for the early pure audio-only iPods (that is, those that can only play songs), their birth period happened to be the period when CD Walkman and MD Walkman were booming. At this time, Apple introduced the iPod that used hard drives (and later flash memory) as storage media, which also solved the problem of too small capacity of traditional Walkman products and the inconvenience of importing songs.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

Secondly, the operation of iPod is much more natural than that of CD and MD walkman, and the cost of use is also lower than that of traditional walkman products that need to buy CDs or burn MD discs by themselves. Therefore, the early iPod was aimed at consumers who didn’t care much about sound quality, but paid great attention to convenience and product fashion. To put it bluntly, what it embodies is Apple’s “fashionized reinvention” of the traditional HiFi Walkman.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

Of course, since then, Apple also brought an iPod Touch equipped with a large screen, and this product was once very popular. So what kind of people will buy an iPod Touch? The answer is even simpler. Those who want to use iOS and want to experience Apple’s application ecosystem, but can’t afford iPhone users.

However, these two premises do not exist now. Looking at the current audio player market, it is not difficult to find that since the decline of the iPod, consumers who have not paid much attention to sound quality have long been accustomed to listening to music on their mobile phones. And many of today’s “ordinary mobile phones” can already support Hi-Res audio playback, and the basic sound quality can fully meet the needs of most consumers. In other words, the public has not much interest in cheap MP3 and MP4.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

Not only that, the iPhone 12 mini launched by Apple last year was far less sold than the large-screen model, and the iPhone 12 mini itself can actually be regarded as a small-screen and relatively inexpensive iPhone model. In other words, with consumers generally pursuing large screens, high performance, and long battery life for mobile phones, the flagship-level and inexpensive small-screen iPhones are not yet accepted, let alone expect consumers to ” In order to experience iOS” and “in order to play games on Apple”, I bought an iPod Touch with a smaller screen size and lower performance.

So, since consumers no longer have a cold on cheap audio players, and iOS users are only interested in large-screen iPhones and iPads, it means that for the iPod Touch product line, potential competitors have changed instead. Become these products:

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

That’s right, this is the “HiFi Smart Brick” launched by HiFi audio manufacturers that has a large-size touch screen, runs a smart operating system (Android, Linux, and even Mango), and can install some commonly used online audio apps.

In terms of control experience, devices that have touch screens and often have physical buttons are not necessarily worse than the iPod Touch equipped with iOS. In terms of performance, the “smart brick” is different from the previous push-button players. Usually, some mainstream mobile platforms are used inside as the application processor (AP). It is not impossible to really play games. In terms of cost performance, although this smart HiFi player is worth tens of thousands of yuan, there are actually many cheap models made in China, and the reputation is often not bad.

HiFi becomes the new direction of Apple iPod? Don't say it's really possible

The most important thing is that due to Apple’s current decline in the audio player market, coupled with the stimulation of the upstream audio chip industry by “HiFi mobile phones” in the past few years, the audio chips and designs used in these smart HiFi players have been present in recent years. A trend of rapid iteration. Their sound quality has long surpassed the level of most smartphones, and some have not even lost to professional desktop devices.

Under such circumstances, it is naturally not difficult for Apple to realize that if the new iPod wants to regain consumer recognition, it has become very feasible to make a big effort to HiFi, and may even be the only feasible way. After all, if the new iPod can really be better than HiFi players that are several times more expensive than its own in terms of sound quality with some innovative designs (of course, it means that it must be far above all mobile phones, including the iPhone. ), then it will not only win the favor of music enthusiasts, but also hope that, relying on the reputation of “huge improvement in sound quality and low price”, it will once again become a phenomenon-level product among mass users.

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