Hengshui High School is the most awesome business company

Hengshui High School is the most awesome business company

This article comes from WeChat public number: Half Buddha Immortal (ID: banfoSB); Author: Half Buddha Immortal; Some text of the article is abridged; Header image source: IC Photo

The reason why this article is posted today is because the college entrance exams are over and will not affect the students anymore.

Every college entrance exam season, Hengshui Middle School is always full of controversy.

This year, the controversy was particularly intense due to Zhang’s speech.

Those who praise will say that Hengshui Middle School gives many ordinary children a chance.

Those who criticize will say that Hengshui Middle School is making education into an assembly line, a struggle X with a head roll.

But whether it is praise or criticism, everyone is very envious of Hengshui, at least the education practitioners are very envious.

The capacity of this kind of college entrance examination factory is really unique in the education circle.

In the past two decades, there are countless high school principals who have to go on pilgrimages every other day to try to get the true scriptures.

Hengshui’s big brother once said, “Hengshui is what they can’t learn to leave.

I think this statement is very correct, because Hengshui middle school seems to be the production line of the king of the volume, but in fact is not a product of the industrial age, on the contrary, but a modern enterprise with Internet thinking.

Putting aside the concept of “school” and looking at Hengshui High School from the perspective of a business organization competing with the market, their entire operation model is more than an order of magnitude more efficient than other schools, and they are leading at the system level.

Customer acquisition, screening, center stage, implementation, quality promotion, channels, capital cooperation, and all-round flowering.

Many schools have only learned to keep their heads down on the rolls, and really, it doesn’t make sense.

Is the volume important?

Important, but the volume is only the least important part of the whole chain, because as long as the management is strict, as long as the people as a machine, which school can be rolled.

This is not a core competency.

A company that can crush its peers is bound to see something that others do not.

What is the essence of competition in the college entrance exams?

It is not the test scores.

Rather, it is based on the screening of the total score in a fixed situation.

The key point is not how many points you have scored, but whether you have a higher score than others.

The key point is not how many points you have scored, but whether you are higher than others. Everyone scores 600, you score 590, you can not go to a good school.

We all take 300 points, you take 301 points, you still go to a good school.

So get it? The focus of competition in the college entrance examination, not the test score high, but than the people around you run fast.

So the question is, as a school to reach the zenith level, your core strategy is to brush up?

No, it’s not.

There are only so many points.

It’s just a question of running posture, which can be fixed, not the essence.

The key step you need to take is to find those top quality athletes.

That is, good students.

The place of Hengshui is that their threshold is extremely high, their students themselves are the top raw materials, the top kids themselves are all ready, just short of honing, not even short of honing, just short of an environment that allows them to live purely to only learn, as long as there is no interference, they themselves can run fast.

Other schools learn Hengshui, first think about whether they have such an awesome student source.

If not, forget it, reading talent this thing, the teacher is not taught.

When it is found that the quality of the student population is the first strategy, what should companies do?

The company is collecting all the geniuses in the market, every genius who fell to other schools, are future competitors, are losses. 985 places on so many, so many places in Qingbei, you took, I did not.

Even a bit of vicious talk, even if you the seedling here in my waste, in fact, it does not matter, because the possible quota is not given to competitors, but empty.

In fact, and the Internet company recruiting, a key area of key talent, even if the high salary to recruit in the waste, but also not put out, because put out, it is possible to generate value for competitors.

Well, then the question arises, how to do the best source of raw material?

From the company’s point of view, you need to do two things at the same time.

In fact, you can refer to the first generation of entrepreneurs.

One way is to do more PR, create myths, smash advertising like crazy to attract suppliers and customers.

At the same time, a lot of channels are laid, and the admissions office should do to quickly lock the position of outstanding junior high school students as well as their willingness.

The other way is to do research and development, to do the improvement of the production process, to improve the yield rate of raw materials.

Both have to do, the latter is the basis of the former, there is no good yield rate there is no way to do PR, but just have a good yield rate if not PR also does not work.

One hand on propaganda, the other on production.

Grabbing students is not with words, it needs to rely on real technology.

And next is the moment to show the real technology.

For a high school, what is real technology is to process some raw materials and semi-finished products into a test machine that can be critical and have muscle memory at any juncture.

Why is it that Hengshui High School is like an Internet company? It is because Hengshui High School places a lot of emphasis on ROI, or input-output ratio.

Yes, a good product manager is very important to the input-output ratio.

The lifeblood of the input-output ratio is that efficiency.

Volume is not efficiency, smart volume, is the efficiency.

This is one of the most bullish places in Hengshui Middle School: in the teaching and research to engage in a very bullish center desk system.

A lot of friends who have read in big cities are very tired of such high school factories as Hengshui Middle School, feeling that such high schools are too suppressed human nature.

In fact, they think too much, most of them can not get into Hengshui Middle School, as said earlier, they only sculpt high potential students.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you want to do.


Many of the principals from Hengshui Middle School to get back only half of the scriptures, only know to give students to play chicken blood, only know to students to engage in question tactics, every third day is also to put a daily test.

The effect? More or less.

Become Hengshui middle school, no.

Many people often mock the word problem maker, but do not realize that doing the problem itself is a skill, a lot of repetition of homework and practice, the meaning is not much.

It’s not that it’s useless, but time waits for no one.

In the premise of not bound by time conditions to play the sea of questions, give a decade or eight years, can become a problem solving king.

But the college entrance examination is only three years, than the quality of raw materials, but also who does not waste time.

This is like many Internet companies, the team is very luxurious, but it is the wrong decision or late step, and then a wrong step, step by step, the whole plate is lost.

In schools without an effective center stage system, the effective time to do questions will instead be very little, and finally time is used up, the art of the question is not improved.

This is called the real sea of questions, no one to bring, will drown.

Hengshui Middle School has a saying that students should be allowed to come out of the sea of questions and teachers to jump into the sea of questions.

This saying, in my opinion, is the essence of the center desk system.

The teacher is the product manager, the teacher is the strategic role of grasping the final paper presentation, to the teacher to understand the product goals, insight into product trends and positioning the product questions.

Translated into human language is that the teacher should understand the process of student input and output, because our product is that paper, that paper how to present, the teacher is required to have the ability to anticipate.

The same is true for mountain climbing, there are different routes to climb a mountain, there is no need to follow the default route, there must be an optimal solution.

The same is true for test taking, there is no need to follow the progress of the textbook, there must be a better solution.

The teacher is the product manager, and the product manager’s responsibility is to design and operate the product, in addition to understanding the goals of the product.

In Hengshui Middle School, there is an organization called the research group, and every few classes are set up with a group of research groups for each subject, which is the research and development department of the product manager.

With the support of the R&D department, if you choose any two different classes in Hengshui High School at a time, you will find two different teachers using the same lesson plan if they happen to be taking the same class.

This is indeed a standardized lesson plan making process.

The lesson plan is something that has been repeatedly developed by the lesson study group, and they have to meet three times in the same week to make a set of things together, and the group wisdom is shared by everyone.

This is the operational part of the product manager, designed to operate, to iterate.

On the surface, it looks like people are assembly-line work, standardized processes, but behind the scenes, they are actually real teaching, feedback-based teaching.

Just like you think the short video is a thousand people a thousand faces?

But the core drive of the optimal algorithm, only one set.

The algorithm will be iterative, the algorithm will change, but the core is only one set.

The main reason for this is that it is not a good idea to use the original questionnaire.

Even if it changes a little, Hengshui Middle School’s research team needs to deal with.

The center stage deals with test questions from all over the country in real time, although not necessarily original, but to adapt, and to disassemble, to disassemble a particularly difficult finale into simple questions, and then separate the output.

In fact, the so-called finale questions are not difficult, they are a combination of many knowledge points and the sum of simple questions.

But most people’s information processing ability is relatively weak, single-threaded processing, see the big question first reaction is confused.

Most teachers’ idea is to split the big question into N, but Hengshui Middle School’s approach seems a little more advanced.

is to add a little bit at a time after splitting, and the first week the student absorbs it, learns it, and can handle a two-question composite.

the second week found really have the ability to deal with two questions, then add questions, this time can deal with three questions

After the fifth week seeing five questions plus the total of the big questions is no longer scary at all.

This is true product thinking.

Students are the carriers of the product, but they are also the users and the output.

You have to adjust your output according to their acceptance and feedback.

Other schools “chicken” students, Hengshui Middle School is not only “chicken” students, but also “chicken” teachers.

This is also very much like a company, because the students are only the carriers of the product, the teachers are the production equipment and weavers, to the production plant to ask for performance.

In order to better “chicken” teachers, Hengshui Middle School created a set of “teacher-apprentice” system, veteran teachers with new teachers, and an apprentice to match two teachers, one to teach how to do classroom teachers, one to teach you the subject of teaching experience.

The teaching work is divided into finer grained work by scenario, aligning the respective needs, and the internet people are straightforward to call insiders.

Come, we summarize the Hengshui Middle School model: teachers are product managers, pay attention to user thinking, focus on the real needs of customers, pay attention to the middle, the product open out real-time feedback timely adjustment.

Is there a hint of the feeling of the Internet company.

In fact, the nature of efficient business, is so.

In this model, the students will play completely different from others, and then they become the school’s advertising material as well as a living sign, and then is to absorb to come more talented people.

These talented people will further contribute to the iteration of the algorithm and then, become the promotional material.

One of the core features of a commercial company is the network effect. When there are more users, there will be more information or businesses, and when there are more information/businesses, more users will be attracted, leading to a positive cycle.

Hengzhong is also such a network effect existence.

Because of the excellent past performance, the best teachers will be recruited, and the best teachers will further improve the existing product system, so as to improve the product quality rate, and the improvement or maintenance of the quality rate will recruit the best raw materials.

Even now Hengzhong Buddhist, not “volume”, not to engage in R & D, or even not to engage in military management, change the quality of education pioneers, in five years there will still be the best product managers and raw materials influx.

A small number of Internet companies can become giants and can continue to grow for years because of the network effect and the Matthew effect, eventually the more profitable the company will be able to retain the best talent, and the best talent will create new money-making tools.

Hengzhong is the same, you think it is by “chicken” after the students “chicken” teacher, but in essence it is by the middle platform to drive efficiency, big data screening iterative strategy, product promotion to form a network effect, and ultimately from the market so that rivals can not recruit better seedlings, the root of the Solve the problem of competition.

Further, you can also work with capital to replicate this model, even if it’s just a whole lot of branch schools to engage in the school district.

This is a real blow from another dimension, which is a real high-dimensional business competition strategy.

Of course, anyone can say that Hengshui Middle School used the most subtle method, the most excellent strategy, to do a wrong thing.

Maybe they did.

But do they have a choice?

This becomes a kind of, realistic dilemma.

This article comes from WeChat public number: Half Buddha Immortal (ID: banfoSB); Author: Half Buddha Immortal

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