Help Wang Feng’s new song pre-sale WOM music invitation to pull new activities open

Scientists generally believe that the universe we exist in originated from a big bang.

At that time, all the matter in the universe gathered together, creating a huge pressure, and an unprecedented fusion occurred.

At this time, musicians put in countless creative ideas, countless expectations from music fans, and the wishes of countless people gathered and concentrated. A huge explosion has occurred, and a whole new universe is being born.

The music Metaverse that carries the wishes of countless music fans, musicians and well-known domestic musician Wang Feng – WOM Music will be officially launched on August 22, 2022!


Before that, the WOM music recommendation reservation event will be launched immediately! Invite friends to book WOM music, you can get rare benefits for music fans of the creation, and there are even more images of music fans selected by the sky, mysterious prizes waiting for you to unlock.

Activity time:

August 13, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Event benefits:

1. Successfully invited 10 people to obtain 1 priority purchase qualification, and can purchase any music card in advance;

2. Successfully invited 20 people to get 1 avatar frame for WOM music out-of-print creator music fans;

3. Successfully invited 30 people to get 1 music fan image tailored by WOM Music for you;

4. Successfully invited 50 people to get 1 free creation service coupon + 1 free handling fee coupon;

5. Successfully invited 100 people to get the ultimate airdrop for Genesis Music Fans, which includes a surprise and mysterious gift.

rule of activity:

1. When the invited new user completes the mobile phone reservation, the invitation is deemed successful;

2. Invitation rewards can be superimposed. For example, if you complete the invitation of 20 people, you can get rewards for inviting 10 people and 20 people at the same time, and so on;

3. Reward distribution time: All prizes will be distributed to user accounts within 20 working days after the event ends, and the image of Tianxuan music fans will be distributed to users according to the actual production situation;

4. Each mobile phone number can only participate in one reservation activity;

5. Users who have illegal behaviors such as malicious brushing will be disqualified from the award.

Event address:

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