Heavy rain hits iPhone production base, Foxconn: “production will be adjusted according to the situation”

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou hit Foxconn, and iPhone production was blocked?

Heavy rain hits iPhone production base, Foxconn: "production will be adjusted according to the situation"

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou hit Foxconn, and iPhone production was blocked?

According to foreign media reports, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory , the largest iPhone production base, was hit by floods and the factory’s power was cut off. Apple’s new iPhone is about to stock up, and the operation of the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou has attracted attention from the outside world under extreme weather.

Foxconn issued a statement yesterday stating that the response mechanism has been activated as soon as possible, and the group will adjust its operations according to changes in the flood conditions. Some analysts said that the disaster will not affect the iPhone’s production schedule.

01. Heavy rain makes the outside world worry about iPhone production progress

The assembly and production of new iPhones each year usually starts around July, and production capacity will gradually increase in the next few weeks. Some employees said that the flooding caused by heavy rain caused power outages in the production base. Foxconn allows most employees to take vacations or work at home, while some assembly lines are still running. The heavy rain is at a critical stage of stocking, and the outside world is worried that the production schedule of Apple’s mobile phones may fall behind.

Analysts said that Foxconn has three factories in Zhengzhou, namely the Zhengzhou Airport Factory, the Economic Development Zone, and the Zhongmu County Factory. The Zhengzhou Foxconn factory is also the main production base for Apple’s mobile phones, with more than 90 production lines and about 350,000 workers. About half of the world’s iPhones come from this factory. If the heavy rain affects the production schedule of the factory, it will likely affect the delivery time of the iPhone 13.

Xiang Ligang, chairman of the Beijing-based Information Consumption Alliance, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the impact of rainfall on Foxconn should be minimal. “It (Foxconn) may have to suspend production for a few days, but the capacity will soon get to make up. Rain is unlikely to affect or delay the launch of the new iPhone.” Xiang Ligang said.

02. Foxconn donated 100 million yuan and stated that it would adjust the production plan according to the situation

Foxconn said in a statement to foreign media CNBC that its main factory in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, was not affected by the city’s floods. Foxconn stated that it has “launched an emergency plan for flood prevention measures in the area” and is actively monitoring the situation. Today Industrial Fortune Union (Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd.) announced that it will donate 100 million yuan on behalf of Foxconn Group for the local disaster relief work and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan.

Heavy rain hits iPhone production base, Foxconn: "production will be adjusted according to the situation"


Foxconn Group stated, “In response to Zhengzhou’s water conditions, the group has initiated a response mechanism as soon as possible, taking the protection of colleagues as the primary principle, and continuing to do a good job in employee care and safe production. At present, the safety of personnel in Zhengzhou Park is safe and the group will consider the water conditions. Change and adjust operations.”

On the afternoon of July 21st, Apple CEO Tim Cook also said on social media, “Apple cares about everyone affected by the heavy rainfall in Henan Province and rescuers who protect people on the front line. Apple will donate money to support local rescue and reconstruction. jobs.”

Heavy rain hits iPhone production base, Foxconn: "production will be adjusted according to the situation"

▲Tim Cook

03. Conclusion: Foxconn has a large number of Apple orders in the hands of heavy rain

Apple’s new iPhone 13 has entered the stage of stocking and mass production. By the end of January next year, the output may reach 95 million units. According to sources, Apple’s goal is to produce 230 million iPhones in 2021, including existing models and new models, an increase of 11% from last year.

This year Foxconn won all orders for Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, 60% of iPhone 13 Pro and about 60% of iPhone 13 orders. Apple’s new products are on sale soon, but the assembly plant has been affected by natural disasters, which has aroused attention from outsiders. If Foxconn can guarantee the production schedule, Apple’s iPhone 13’s on-time release shouldn’t be too worrying.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Globaltimes

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