Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” NFT cover photo no one cares about

Now, more and more famous traditional artists and photographers are entering the NFT field.

Gamble is a well-known photographer with decades of experience. His photos often appear in famous editions such as “Life” and “The New Yorker”.

Entering the NFT industry this time, the first to launch is the famous Stephen Hawking photo.

Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" NFT cover photo no one cares about

Why join NFT? For Gamble, who has been focusing on encryption for some time, NFT provides an opportunity to expand its creative medium

“Some artists only speak one language, which is great, but they will never leave, they have their own moments. I always believe that I always need to keep learning new visual languages.

This is the biggest fear of my entire career, not being able to learn a new visual language because I never want to stay in one place,” he explained.

For most people, this photo taken in 1988 is Hawking’s most iconic classic image.

This photo taken by Gamble was originally taken to match the profile of the famous scientist in Time magazine. It later became the image used by Hawking in the cover of his “A Brief History of Time”.

Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" NFT cover photo no one cares about

This is the book that made Hawking famous in one fell swoop. His seminal work “A Brief History of Time” has sold millions of copies around the world.

Hawking’s photos taken by Gamble have also won numerous awards, including the 1989 World News Award and the 1989 American Photography of the Year Award.

Even the editor of Time magazine submitted this photo to the Royal Journalism Award without telling Gamble and won the prize. In the end, five other portraits taken with him were collected by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Regarding the composition of the picture, Gamble explained that he intends to link Hawking with the history of physics.

Behind him is Einstein’s reflection. There is a picture of Isaac Newton on the back of the chair. History and physics are in the picture.

More than thirty years later, Gamble recently collaborated with Minted x Morphy to launch NFT on OpenSea , which contains an exclusive mp4 audio file, which is a 53-minute interview with photographer David Gamble.

I thought it was such a gold-rich NFT, it should get a lot of attention, but so far no one has participated in the auction on OpenSea, and there are even very few collections.

Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" NFT cover photo no one cares about

No one participated in the whole two months, but the price has increased from 15 ETH to 19.5 ETH, which is definitely not the case.

Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" NFT cover photo no one cares about

The other NFTs of Minted x Morphy also had the same experience. No one participated. It was so bleak that the price was reduced by two-thirds and there was still no transaction.

Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" NFT cover photo no one cares about

Traditional art enters the NFT and it is often unacceptable, because the audience has changed. The audience of traditional art is professional collectors, while the users of NFT are the general public. How to make ordinary people accept and understand art is for traditional artists. It is a huge challenge.


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