Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

Number and amount of participants in the first red envelope distribution

Ranked in the forefront of pilot cities

For the first time, the theme is public transportation

Digital RMB pilot interaction

Digital RMB for the first time

Applied in the field of industrial policy fulfillment

Six months ago, Chengdu Digital RMB began to pilot

Half a year has passed, the pilot has many bright spots

Did you get it?

Chengdu issued a digital RMB gift package worth 52 million yuan

August 14 this year is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day festival. Early in the morning, Wang Ping and Xiao Xiao went to the Hejiangting Marriage Registry in Jinjiang District of Chengdu to go through the formalities of marriage registration. As the first 20 registered couples that day, they received a special wedding gift-the “Love Line 1.314” digital renminbi hardware wallet issued by the Chengdu branch of Jinjiang District United Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The digital renminbi 199 yuan has been pre-stored in it. “Love is long and lasting.”

At the registration office, Wang Ping used a digital RMB hard wallet similar to an IC card to buy a bunch of flowers and gave it to Xiao Xiao. He said that using a digital renminbi hard wallet is similar to swiping a bus card. You can pay with one touch. On a square display in the upper left corner, you can see the consumption amount, card balance, and number of consumption at a glance.

Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

20 pairs of newcomers in Chengdu become experience officers for innovative digital RMB products

On February 24 this year, Chengdu officially launched the “Digital RMB Red Packets to Welcome the New Year” activity, and distributed 200,000 digital RMB red packets with a total value of 40 million yuan to Chengdu citizens .

“The public’s enthusiasm for the digital renminbi test far exceeded our expectations.” The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau is still fresh in his memory. More than 4 million people participated in two days of registration, which is equivalent to one in every five Chengdu residents.

After the first round of the pilot, Hu Xiang, a citizen of Chengdu, clearly felt that many people around him began to discuss digital renminbi. Once in the elevator of Hema Xiansheng, a takeaway boy also asked him how to get more discounts through digital RMB.

Soon after, the second round of activities came. On July 3, the “Green Travel · Low-Carbon Summer” Chengdu Digital RMB Public Transportation Pilot Test Activity was officially launched. A total of 12 million digital RMB green travel packages were distributed to Chengdu citizens , totaling 100,000 copies . “Metro + bicycle” or “bus + bicycle” preferential rights.

Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

Use “Tianfutong App” to pay for digital RMB to take public transportation

Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that this pilot is different from the past. It is not directly through the issuance of digital yuan to promote applications, but to drive users to access the pilot scene in the form of coupons. And connect the digital renminbi to various reset ports of public transportation to realize the application of offline payment scenarios.

“This event is more inclined to users’ in-depth use.” Li Qing, deputy dean of the School of Economics and Information Engineering of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said that this round of events focused on the entire public transportation (bus/subway/bicycle) scenes, which have high frequency and high frequency. The characteristics of concurrent and small consumption will better guide citizens to use digital renminbi, and will also verify the stability and reliability of digital renminbi technology, and prepare for the expansion of subsequent pilot projects.

Pay wages, living expenses, catering…

The fancy “play” of digital renminbi in Chengdu

Based on local characteristics, Chengdu has also made every effort to create key application scenarios, covering multiple areas such as services for agriculture, rural areas and rural areas, rural revitalization, government payment, and smart health and wellness.

Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

Supermarket shopping can be paid in digital renminbi

On August 31, Luo Yu, a villager in Baoshan Village, received his salary, of which 200 yuan was paid in digital renminbi. The convenience supermarket in the village is engaged in the activity of “saving 50 yuan for over 100 yuan” and “saving 4 yuan for over 5 yuan” digital renminbi ABC wallet payment activity. She plans to use the 200 yuan to stock up on daily necessities. Her colleague Li Xia plans to use this salary for utility bills.

In order to enable villagers to use digital renminbi at the “door of their home”, the Agricultural Bank of China Pengzhou branch promoted a pilot digital renminbi throughout the village in Baoshan Village, covering various life scenarios such as wage payment, catering, shopping, and living payments .

In addition, the pilot project has also been extended to popular business districts such as Taikoo Li, IFS, and Florence Town. Up to now, there have been more than 10,000 digital RMB landing scenarios, involving key areas such as assistance to agriculture, tourism, elderly care, transportation, people’s livelihood, and government affairs .

Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

Digital RMB exhibition hall on Jiaozi Avenue

Recently, the application of digital renminbi in Chengdu has ushered in a new breakthrough. The “Statistical Commissioner Subsidy” project in the Chengdu High-tech Zone’s optimized industrial service policy will be issued as a pilot application of “digital renminbi”. This is the first time that digital renminbi has been applied to the field of industrial policy enforcement in the country .

“This will break the time lag of policy transmission. The traceability and scalability of digital renminbi provide technical support for policy directional transmission.” A practitioner from a financial institution said that the digital renminbi pilot in Chengdu has broken through the restrictions of retail payment application scenarios. Try to test in scenarios such as payroll, personal payment, and special funding . In the future, it may be subdivided into various industries and adopt different forms of promotion.

Have you used the Chengdu digital renminbi pilot for salaries, shopping, and dining for half a year?

Diversified digital renminbi payment scenarios

Xiaobu learned

Among the first 27 pilot banks connected to the system

There are 4 from Sichuan and Chongqing

Financial institutions participating in the pilot

After accessing the digital RMB interconnection platform

Support digital renminbi wallet to bind cards

Redeem, redeem and other transactions

Digital RMB R&D operations and scenario pilots are more diversified

Have you used it?

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