Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

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Speaking of hot topics in 2021, “metaverse” must be one of them. And is it a new technology that is about to change the world, or is it a concept hype that attracts people’s attention? Is it a new opportunity to promote equality of educational resources for disadvantaged children, or is it a super-large virtual game that makes the next generation addicted to hallucinations? Will the Metaverse Era really come as planned? What changes will it bring to our daily lives?

Mr. Hao Jingfang and guest Mr. Wu Kai will continue to explain popular issues about the Metaverse. Open the “Metaverse” in the “Metaverse” way!

Due to space reasons, the New Year’s Eve speech will be divided into two parts and sent in two parts. This article is the next part!

(This book is based on Hao Jingfang’s New Year’s Eve speech on December 31, 2021)

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Hao Jingfang: Graduate student of astrophysics at Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in economics and management, science fiction writer, founder of Children’s Walk Academy. This time, based on the knowledge background brought by these four identities, from the perspective of an ordinary worker, I will explain the meaning of the development of metaverse technology to the life of ordinary people and the possible changes it may bring.

Wu Kai: Mr. Jing Fang’s younger brother from the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University, the founder of MCG, and the current chief scientist of Taito Technology. Currently making investments related to blockchain and the metaverse.From the perspective of technology and practice, I will answer some questions about the Metaverse with Teacher Jing Fang.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question seven

Am I the virtual person in the metaverse?

Jing Fang: We enter the second half of the problem – virtual people in the metaverse. In the first half, we talked about the core concept of the original universe, and mentioned that the metaverse is a virtual world plus a virtual human. Now let’s talk about whether this virtual human is himself.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Let’s start with virtual humans.

Just looking at the avatar on the left in this picture, we would think he is a very handsome movie star. Looking at the picture on the right, we will find that it turned out to be 3D modeling. This is a hyper-realistic model. Now 3D modeling technology has developed very fast, and even every pore and every hair on your skin can be made very realistic. We can’t help but wonder, can the appearance of virtual people be fake?

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

The picture on the left is a virtual idol; the picture in the middle is another type of virtual person – “people in the middle”. The two-dimensional virtual idol or anchor on the screen needs to be played by a real person behind her voice and actions. Such as the famous virtual idols: Kizuna Ai, Aijiang.

The third small picture is Microsoft Xiaoice. She is a virtual person in the true sense, a virtual person driven by AI technology behind her . She should be regarded as the world’s most advanced virtual person who can answer people fluently.

The virtual person on the far right restores Mrs. Teng Lijun. It uses many images and voices of Teresa Teng and uses AI technology to restore it . This virtual person has exactly the same voice and image as Mrs. Teng Lijun.

We talked about so many types of avatars. I would like to ask Wu Kai, how do you see the development of virtual human beings, and whether you will make your own virtual human?

Wu Kai: From the basic logic, some people will definitely like the virtual human. For example, I hope that it can interact like a real idol. Different forms of virtual humans satisfy sensory needs in different directions . I still look forward to having my own virtual person.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jingfang: I definitely hope to have my own virtual person. You can see that the model of Captain Cherry is very accurate.But in addition to high precision, it also takes modelers a lot of time to make. And in order to make the model move, it is also necessary for film and television animation designers to do it frame by frame in the way of animation design. There are relatively good virtual idol videos on the market, but it takes a long time to make a video.

Why should I be a virtual human of Captain Cherry? It comes from the education I have taught to children in the past few years. General courses such as time travel and classic journey, children can only listen in one direction, and cannot meet the needs of children’s interactive communication.

Before, I opened Captain Cherry online Q&A in a small part of the community of Tongxing Academy. In a few months, I answered more than 1,100 questions. Even so, it still could not meet the needs of children. If the whole network is open to Q&A, I will definitely not be able to answer it.

At that time, I wanted to be a real AI Captain Cherry, like siri, who can interact with children . But now this corpus is not big enough. I am going to accumulate at least 10,000 corpora to answer children’s questions, so that big data can learn to interact with children in my way. It also needs to be able to understand children’s questions, know how to search the knowledge base, organize it into children’s language, and answer them to children.

I think it is very worthwhile to learn this. Because only the existence of a better AI teacher virtual human can truly provide personalized services and bring one-to-one interaction and guidance to many children, and may even enter the school in the future to interact with the children for the school’s teachers , can provide one-on-one tutoring to children. This will definitely make our education better.

This is also an important wish of mine in 2022. I hope that on this stage next year , I can use Captain Cherry to give a speech to the children independently . Therefore, I will continue to work hard to promote the work of AI technology to assist virtual humans.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jing Fang: Let’s continue to talk about a more interesting topic of science and technology. In the future metaverse, each of us has our own virtual person. This virtual person can do some work for us. We may not know whether we are dealing with a real person or a virtual person powered by AI technology. There may also be a more realistic virtual person. He doesn’t have a real person playing behind the scenes, but he simulates a real self very closely in personality and thought.

I want to ask Wu Kai, have you heard about consciousness uploading before? If so, would you choose to upload your consciousness to generate your own digital personality?

Wu Kai: I must have heard of it. Whether consciousness is uploaded, or consciousness is projected into virtual space, this has always been an eternal story in science fiction works . I don’t have such a need myself. Whether it is brain-computer interface or consciousness uploading, if it can help people with perceptual deficits or disabilities, it will give them a better life experience. For example, using technology to make the movement of blind people more convenient, I think this is more valuable and exciting.

Jing Fang: Magnetic brain scans can also be performed after consciousness uploading and further development . In mybook “China Frontiers” , I introduced two scientists in China’s frontier science and technology.

One is Professor Zeng Yi, deputy director of the Brain-inspired Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He first scanned the mouse’s brain slice, then reconstructed its digital brain in the computer, and then connected the digital brain, a brain-like AI program, to the small robot, allowing the small robot to learn. Professor Zeng found that the brain-like AI-driven robot is smarter than the traditional big data-driven AI. The little robot understands when it’s called to go, and it’s self-aware.

The other is Dr. Chen Xiaosu. He uses quantum technology to detect human brain magnetic waves, which can scan our brain structure very accurately, and then restore the brain waves of our brain, and observe the thinking development of our brain in real time. If these two new technologies are combined, we have the potential to see a virtual human being driven by a digital brain much like our own, potentially a digital doppelganger of mine. When we encounter a lot of repetitive work in our lives, we can ask the digital clone to do it for us. For example, help me complete educational lectures.

Ask Wu Kai again, if you enter the virtual world, will you be willing to deal with the virtual avatar in it?

Wu Kai: Cooperating with different virtual people is definitely a very big future. From the perspective of work efficiency and life experience, it will bring people new cognition and experience. What Mr. Hao mentioned about the legal effect of virtual avatars signing contracts can now be solved through blockchain.

In the future, blockchain can not only solve the problem of virtual identity, but also smart contracts can solve the problem of contract signing and breach of contract. There is also key fragmentation management technology, and this problem can be solved by agreeing on the default ratio of virtual avatars.

Jingfang: In the future, consciousness uploading and digital avatars will be realized. According to the current development of AI technology, I don’t think it will be too far away . At least in my lifetime to see such a day.

Once again, I recommend the book “China Frontier” to everyone. One of the ideas I want to convey in this book is that there are many excellent scientists in China who are doing these cutting-edge research, and their level is at the forefront of the world in many fields. I hope to continue this series of interviews with China Frontier. These technologies are all human explorations to the unknown frontier.

Only by constantly exploring each field can human beings finally see the wonderful chemical reaction of these technologies, bringing a holistic change to our life and our world.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

We’ve discussed a lot of different kinds of avatars. The first is a 3D virtual idol, which is a 3D skin. Like the current Captain Cherry, it is a 3D model of me, essentially myself. I am looking forward to the emergence of the following types of virtual people. The first is AI learning people . Let the existing AI technology really learn some of my own ways of speaking. Then there are the real AI intelligent people . It can have a lot of independent intelligence. In the end, it may be an era of human-machine integration.

AI virtual human, where is it most likely to appear?

I use the perspective of economics to look at the balance of supply and demand, and think that there will be areas where the supply of services is less than demand .

For example, when it comes to answering children’s questions, the supply is in short supply. I need an AI virtual human from Captain Cherry to answer the children’s questions for me at Tongxing Academy. Others include, for example, medical professionals. An experienced medical expert can completely let his AI people handle some routine illnesses.

I still hope that technology companies can really see the real needs of everyone’s psychology , so that our technology can better meet the real needs, and let technology better fill the vacancies of these services.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question eight

Does the Metaverse have to use blockchain?

Jingfang: Does the Metaverse have to use blockchain? This is Wu Kai’s area of ​​expertise, please tell us your views on these aspects.

Wu Kai: What will the future metaverse look like? Do we think the future metaverse should be one? I understand that there will be countless metaverses , Tencent will be Tencent’s own metaverse, and NetEase will be NetEase’s metaverse.In order to have intercommunication between the Metaverse, the bottom layer must use the blockchain .

Simply put, the blockchain is the Internet of Value, which is a transfer between these upper metaverses. In the future, our human world is all in the same metaverse, controlled by one company. This is the future we don’t want to see.

We hope that the physical laws in the metaverse are jointly formulated by all of us . The laws should be written where and how to control them. At this time, blockchain technology should be used.

In the metaverse, the way people interact with each other, including collaboration, social interaction, and exchange transactions, are all recorded using blockchain.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jingfang: Why do we think blockchain is a good technology? In the eyes of many blockchain advocates, blockchain is the next-generation protocol in the future, which is analogous to protocols like TCP/IP. It’s more low-level. Blockchain technology can achieve what they really want to achieve, a new architecture and protocol where many, many small universes communicate with each other .

Now it’s actually a pretty complicated situation, and I think it’s a situation in which a group of heroes are fighting for hegemony. Many big companies hope to encircle everyone into their own metaverse in this wave, and become the only creator god of this metaverse world.

In the next era of the metaverse, will there really be a big universe that can put seven billion people around the world in a virtual big universe? I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t think there’s any one company that has the ability to let everyone live in it .

In this case, every company is building its own universe, expecting its own small universe to become a large universe, and there will be a metaverse that blooms everywhere. We can jump around in the little universe that every company has built.This is a good thing for humans. This will enrich our life experience and make our life more rewarding.

Therefore, I myself, like many supporters of blockchain technology, hope that the blockchain can truly achieve a protocol rule that all kinds of small universes are connected to, and realize an era in which monopoly is broken and blooms everywhere .

If one day I can use digital blockchain technology to realize the digital confirmation of my rights with Captain Cherry, I can let Captain Cherry enter every metaverse, and she is still Captain Cherry. This will lead us to bring our true identity into the metaverse.

Once you can bring your true identity into the metaverse, you will find that whether you are a consumer, a family worker, or a professional in a company, you can all do it in this metaverse . In this case, the metaverse has the characteristics of a real economic system, that is, the characteristics of trust between people.

I also want to ask Wu Kai, do you think this blockchain can really reach such an idealized state in this field? Or is it that most of the time everyone is competing for users for themselves?

Wu Kai: The concept of monopoly in the Internet era is that big companies do metaverse to consolidate their traffic status. In essence, it is to occupy more user time and compete for the attention economy.

Blockchain is also a lower-level logic. Blockchain is more about returning value to users themselves. Metaverse means the advent of the era of the application of blockchain technology . If the Metaverse is just a big company for big companies to consolidate traffic and realize monetization, it is not so interesting.

I think like what you just said, we can have more metaverses, more people have more opportunities to build their own space, and the resources of this space can communicate and shuttle. Everyone can also have their own different identities . This new form is an even more gratifying future.

And blockchain technology can play more roles and assistance in it. I believe that beyond the metaverse established by big companies, there are more possibilities and more space, which will bring more opportunities for more technology workers and creators. This is also the sharing of technology to society.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jing Fang: Looking forward to the era when a hundred flowers bloom in the small universe. I hope Tongxing Universe will also become one of them.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question nine

Is the arrival of the metaverse difficult?

Jingfang: We just talked about what the Metaverse can bring to people’s lives? Is it a long way from this prospect now, can we intervene in some technologies of the metaverse in our daily life? Where are the current difficulties and bottlenecks?

Wu Kai: From the perspective of the server side, there are cost pressures on hardware, bandwidth, and service computing, because we will eventually move towards a more immersive metaverse; including the production perspective just mentioned, all are technical difficulties; another The difficulty is, how do we find important needs, interesting products?Therefore, there are two major difficulties in going to the Metaverse, one is technology , and the other is new products and business models .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jing Fang: In the online office of Tongxing Academy, each employee has a model, but the process of simulating things in a very virtual and smooth manner is not so common . In addition, once a lot of virtual characters enter the same scene,The server cannot be brought along , because the finer these virtual models are, the more computing resources they consume .

Due to server reasons, the Christmas meetup can accept up to 10 user logins

Wu Kai: For computing power and server requirements, there is a relatively important solution, including feasible computing and distributed cloud computing , which will use blockchain-related technologies.

I just talked about Tongxing Academy. Many people interact together in the same scene, but in essence, it can be distributed under different servers and then interacted together. Maybe in the next 2-3 years, we can see more surprising application-level products coming out.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jingfang: If these technologies are on the way, then we have a lot of expectations. In other words, in fact, technological development is iterative, gradual, and multiple linkages . The breakthrough of any single technology cannot bring about an overall change, because it is stuck on another bottleneck, which is determined by the principle of wooden barrels.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

question ten

Is the Metaverse the God of Creation?

Jingfang: Metaverse , will people be immersed in it? Is he a savior in the end, saying that our real world is really not perfect, we build a more perfect world, the real world does not need it, will it bring about such a situation?

Wu Kai: This question is very good. In fact, is it to seek outward or inward ? For example, the reality is very distressing, I look for a more immersive and happy scene. But it’s like running away from life is only part of life, and it’s more of this new technology that opens up more opportunities and increases efficiency .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

To give two typical examples: First, I used to engage in scientific research and semiconductors, and I was going to produce chips. For chips, I needed to draw a circuit board first, and then do it on it. All these had to be simulated by computing the real world to reduce the real world. There is no chance for trial and error in the world, but it is actually a non-extremely high efficiency improvement . A bigger example is rockets. Many designs of our rockets and aerospace equipment, including fluid mechanics calculations, are all done on computers. In the future, more work, scientific research, and learning activities for human beings can take place in the metaverse.

I especially like Tongxing Academy, it is a very important extension in our real life, it can let more people who have no chance to contact, have the opportunity to contact in life and study.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jingfang: Thank you very much, we actually agree very much. For example, I live inside myself this is a IT practitioners, but I am a martial arts master in the virtual world, but if forget about the real needs, enter into the virtual world, it is an escape from life .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Therefore, we hope that the development of technology will give people more choices , so that everyone can grow according to their own mind, rather than being controlled by a certain technology or a certain rule from the outside world.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

question eleven

Will the Metaverse make people forget the stars and the sea?

Jing Fang: Let me respond to the scientific research that Wu Kai just mentioned. It can really help scientific research. I used to study astrophysical cosmology and simulate a real universe in a computer environment. I also want to hear Wu Kai continue to talk about some cases, because you have studied quantum before and have done other scientific research.

Wu Kai: Let me talk about the driving environment first, that is, everyone has to take the driver’s license test at the intersection, right? Is it possible to simulate the road test in the metaverse scene , because its level of fidelity is almost the same as in real life, and students can complete the road test in the metaverse world. There are also vocational training , which can be completed in some virtual scenes, or in a combination of virtual and reality. In terms of academic exchanges , it can make academic exchanges between scholars from different countries and regions more smooth and collaboration more efficient .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Jingfang: Yes, the simulation of road driving is one of the many areas we need to simulate. If people first simulate many things, and then go to a realistic physical environment, it will greatly reduce the probability of failure . There is a very real application, from the laboratory of Deep Sea Technology, they have built a 3D simulated conference room for scientists all over the world to communicate.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

The deep-sea laboratory uses a 3D simulated environment and 3D simulated small fish to conduct research, like a live fish swimming in the deep sea, and then uses this data to conduct these researches for them, a virtual idol fish.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

So there will be a conclusion:

Once the virtual metaverse technology forgets many needs of the real world and only pursues the establishment of a new world, everyone will feel like a castle in the air, but if the metaverse can serve the needs of the real world, it can actually give our world Bringing strengthening, whether it is scientific research, exploring the stars and sea, or can make each of us live a better life .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question twelve

Will the Metaverse be more equal or more folded?

Jingfang: In the 2021 Hurun Fortune Ranking, the richest people in the world are mostly technology companies. Whether it is Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., will they greatly strengthen their technological advantages in the metaverse era? If the cognition and actions of ordinary people cannot keep up with the development trend of the technological era, will the gap between the rich and the poor grow wider?

Wu Kai: This question is very sharp and a bit sensitive. In fact, as I mentioned just now, of course, the Metaverse will make these companies richer. Regarding equality and folding, I really like the book “Beijing Folding” by Mr. Hao Jingfang. More deadly than the widening gap between the rich and the poor: class solidification .

There is a complete disconnect between each stratum. Each stratum can only live in its own world. You are very different from the stratum above. From a historical perspective, we all know that this is very fatal to society.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Therefore, for ordinary people, the concept of opportunity is called Social rather, which is a very important feature. We hope to achieve it in the future . There are countless small metaverses in the metaverse , and there are small universes with education and education, and consumption with consumption. Small universes, different small universes will appear.

Jingfang: I agree very much. In fact, the Metaverse can give many people more opportunities. We also have a big ideal, that is , children from all over the country, no matter where they are, can choose their favorite professional direction in the metaverse in the future, and can find good mentors .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

So we organized a pair of children from a rural primary school in Dunhuang and a primary school affiliated to Tsinghua University in Beijing to make a technological and cultural work.

Metaverse 3D Exhibition Hall, Beijing Children and Dunhuang Children, communicate across time and space 

(Tongxing Academy Project: Gansu & Beijing)

In the future, Tongxing Academy can build more bridges like this, allowing children from all over the country to enter the same space to communicate. We will feel that the Metaverse provides such a possibility to span time and space .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

The metaverse can bring about a bigger fold, but we want to use technology to bridge the gap between people. I especially like to say what Wu Kai said just now: “The Metaverse is to bring more possibilities to the future” .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question Thirteen

Does the metaverse bring good or terror?

Jing Fang: Similar to the previous topics, will the metaverse make humans lie flat and lose the real world, or will we humans enter a future where entertainment kills or is enslaved by machines? Some people believe that technology today is not neutral, and that technology itself will steer the entire human race in one direction.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Wu Kai: We can define a dark metaverse and a bright metaverse . If it is going to be like the Matrix, or even the number one player, it basically belongs to a dark metaverse, because in essence, all the virtual worlds created in it are an escape from human reality. On the other hand, what we call the brighter metaverse is that the virtual world is really a very good extension of our real world, and it has a very close integration with real life.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Just like what the Children’s Walk Academy is doing, it can connect children in different regions, so that children in remote mountainous areas can obtain some things that they cannot obtain under normal circumstances. For people living in ordinary cities, Can bring more help to his real life. I believe that industry practitioners hope that technology will bring better extension and services to everyone in real life .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question Fourteen

What will the future of the metaverse look like?

Jingfang: Before, many people would be surprised, why would someone who writes novels well start a business? I have been challenged by countless people for this question, and many people said that I made a wrong choice. But my current understanding of entrepreneurship is to change the world with actions .

My previous work, whether as a writer or an economist, was more about using ideas and words to change the world, what the world might be like, what the world should be like, and I hope that ideas can bring some changes. But now I feel that the development of technology is too fast. It does not depend on what people say should bring about changes, but it depends on what people actually do to bring about changes . When I realized this problem and decided to be a practitioner, not just saying we should bring a bright future, but we actually do a bright future .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

So one of the things we are doing recently is the design of an offline technology classroom . This is a design plan in cooperation with BOE. He will refer to the sci-fi scene designed in the APP of our Children’s Academy.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

When we do this kind of rural public welfare undertakings, we will find that schools in many places really lack good resources, but everything is possible in the metaverse.

We hope to build a virtual lecture hall, which can bring a better educational environment to our children and make our world break the fold.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

This is a big project, and there are still many technical difficulties, including resource construction, and then server computing, so that children can really have a good interactive experience, all require a lot of investment in development.

The reason why I started a business is a dream of mine. Now I really hope to build such a virtual school that is fair and open to all children. I hope that through my efforts, at least some branches of the Metaverse can go to a brighter future. development .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

I actually think what Wu Kai said just now is particularly true, that any technology may lead to a bright or dark future. As fiction writers, we often want to write about this dark future, because it is more warning or more dramatic.

But as a practitioner in life, as an actor who really hopes to change the world, I am definitely looking forward to a brighter future.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Question fifteen

Does technology have to be good?

Jingfang: We discussed whether the metaverse is good or evil. Now, from a broader perspective, we are discussing whether the benefits of technology itself to human beings are necessarily good? To make the future of the whole world better, or worse?

Wu Kai: I think there are two aspects to this problem. First, the more in-depth scientific development will lead to various problems such as ethics, immortality of consciousness, robot autonomy, and cloning. Second, any technology will bring human beings. A potentially better future requires the responsibility of every scientist, technologist, and entrepreneur.

Jingfang: Thank you, I believe that technology is driven by our practitioners to a better future. From a general perspective, technology will definitely improve the social efficiency of human beings, because only a company can use less Resources can do more things, and TAs will choose such technology only if it makes a person’s life more convenient and convenient.For example, unmanned vehicles. When I went to Shenzhen, I saw truly driverless vehicles driving on the road. This will make our lives more convenient.

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

But you will also see that some very violent people rush with their accomplices on the Internet, rushing other people to the point of being unable to speak, and social death. In the metaverse, will the very rich and powerful black boss raise a lot of virtual thugs, and then he will become a violent organization in the metaverse world?

These are the two sides caused by technology. We will know that human beings are very complex creatures, and the whole society is also very complex. If there is a good heart, there will be evil thoughts, and if you have compassion, there will be greed and desire.

At the same time, we will also believe that there are still many good and bright sides in human nature, and many people will truly rely on their own efforts to lead technology to the good side .

Hao Jingfang and Wu Kai: What kind of future will the Metaverse lead us to? Next

Technology depends on users. We hope that everyone can be responsible, actions speak louder than words, and truly bring the technology of the Metaverse to a better future.

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