Hangzhou welcomes the digital renminbi pilot. Citizens can receive digital currency “Kaesong red envelopes” to subsidize daily consumption

Receive digital renminbi red envelopes, go on a trip with your family, enjoy delicious food, or watch popular movies when the flowers bloom Red envelope”.

On April 2, Meituan took the lead in announcing the issuance of digital renminbi red envelopes to Hangzhou residents. From now on, all members of the public who work or live in Hangzhou can open the Meituan app, search for “digital RMB”, complete the registration and receive a digital RMB consumption package worth 40 yuan.

Reporter’s actual measurement: There are many scenarios available for registration without threshold

Hangzhou welcomes the digital renminbi pilot. Citizens can receive digital currency "Kaesong red envelopes" to subsidize daily consumption

It is understood that the consumer gift package covers more than 200 types of daily livelihood consumption scenarios for Hangzhou residents, such as offline clothing, food, housing and transportation. Consumers can use it when they eat in-store, order food from takeaways, and buy vegetables.

The reporter’s experience found that there is no threshold for event registration, and new digital RMB users can participate after downloading and registering the digital RMB App. The digital renminbi red envelopes obtained by registration will be credited to the account immediately, and can be directly deducted and used when ordering takeout, buying fresh food, watching movies, and renting.

The reporter ordered a cup of milk tea priced at 13 yuan, used the 10 yuan digital renminbi red envelope received, and then superimposed a 3 yuan coupon, and finally paid 0 yuan, which is equivalent to drinking a free cup of milk tea with digital renminbi.

Hangzhou welcomes the digital renminbi pilot. Citizens can receive digital currency "Kaesong red envelopes" to subsidize daily consumption

The event was co-sponsored by Meituan, Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other operating agencies. Meituan said that the distribution of livelihood consumption gift packages in Hangzhou aims to further stimulate the inclusive value of digital renminbi, accelerate the popularization and promotion of digital renminbi in Hangzhou, and drive the recovery of offline consumption in Hangzhou.

“Kaicheng Red Envelope” Subsidizes Citizens’ Daily Consumption of Digital RMB in Hangzhou in the Future

It is reported that the issuance of the digital renminbi “Kaicheng red envelope” by Meituan this time is the first important action of the scene support institution after the digital renminbi pilot landed in Hangzhou.

The digital renminbi is a digital form of legal tender issued by the People’s Bank of China. Recently, as the digital renminbi pilot covers new cities such as Hangzhou, its promotion and popularization has accelerated, and it has also brought more livelihood benefits to people everywhere.

According to Meituan, since January this year, Meituan opened the digital renminbi full-scenario payment channel and launched the digital renminbi livelihood consumption subsidy, and has driven a total of 6.4 billion yuan in various types of livelihood consumption. Among them, more than 92% of the digital RMB livelihood consumption subsidy flows to the small and high-frequency consumption scenarios of ordinary people’s daily life such as food delivery, grocery shopping, and catering, which effectively drives the recovery of offline consumption and the development of small and micro entity merchants.

As the third batch of digital renminbi pilot areas, Hangzhou has a developed digital economy and an active consumer market. Opportunities such as the Asian Games will also create good conditions for the digital renminbi to penetrate into the lives of Hangzhou people. Experts said that the issuance of digital renminbi consumption subsidies by Meituan in Hangzhou is expected to help accelerate the popularization of digital renminbi in Hangzhou, effectively subsidize the daily consumption of Hangzhou citizens, and enjoy the inclusiveness and convenience of digital renminbi.

Statistics show that as of March this year, a total of more than 2.5 million users have received digital RMB red envelopes in Meituan and used digital RMB for consumption.

It is understood that the event will continue until June 30. Meituan said that, as the preferred service platform for Hangzhou citizens’ daily life, Meituan will continue to promote the integration of digital renminbi into the lives of Hangzhou citizens under the guidance of relevant departments. In the future, more digital RMB promotions will be launched in Hangzhou one after another.

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