Half of the monthly salary is given to the nanny, and I have to let her

Half of the monthly salary is given to the nanny, and I have to let her

The Internet does not seem to make housekeeping services better

As the generations born in the 80s and 90s enter the stage of life with the old and the young, housekeeping services are becoming indispensable.

58 city home featured release of “double 11 domestic consumption report” shows that 90 has become the main force of domestic consumption, orders accounted for 45%; followed by 80, accounting for 33% of orders.

Most of the post-80s and 90s are only children. On the one hand, no other brothers and sisters share the responsibility of taking care of their parents’ elders; on the other hand, due to the liberalization of the “two-child” and “three-child” policy, some of them still Face the greater pressure of raising two or more children at the same time.

At the same time, they are generally in a period of rising careers, and their busy work results in no extra time and energy to invest in complicated housework. Many people have to seek housekeeping services to take on daily housework or the work of providing for the aged and bringing children.

In the context of the growing demand for family services in China, on July 3 this year, the housekeeping service platform “Swan Daojia” went to the United States to submit a prospectus and plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Although on July 19, it was reported that it had suspended its IPO in the United States, Swan Daojia pointed out in response to relevant news that “it is steadily advancing in accordance with relevant laws and policy requirements. If there is any latest news, we will disclose it as soon as possible.”

According to its prospectus, as of March 31, 2021, Swan Home is the largest one-stop family service platform in China, with a total of more than 16 million registered users, a cumulative service of more than 4.2 million users, and more than 1.5 million registered and certified labor. By.

According to the data of iResearch Consulting, from 2015 to 2020, the market size of China’s government service industry has increased from 277.6 billion yuan to 878.2 billion yuan, showing a steady growth trend. It is estimated that in 2021, the market scale of China’s national government industry will reach the trillion-level threshold, reaching 1014.9 billion yuan.

“Being busy with work,” “the elderly and children at home need to be taken care of”, and “housekeeping services are more professional” have become the three main reasons why consumers seek housekeeping services.

The monthly salary is just over 10,000 to hire the aunt

Qiao Yi, the only child born in 1985, lives with his parents and takes care of his grandparents who live in the same community.

For many years before, my grandparents would cook dinner at their own home in advance, and wait for Qiao’s family of three to get off work for dinner. This is a warm memory from Qiao Yi’s collection.

As the elderly get older and older, their mobility becomes inconvenient and their energy is not as good as before. Qiao couldn’t bear to let the two elders work hard for the three meals. He started to hire part-time workers five years ago to share the daily chores.

Auntie Wang has worked at Qiao Yi’s grandfather and grandmother’s house for 5 years. Except on weekends, she works 4 hours a day, taking care of almost all housework from washing vegetables, cooking to washing clothes and cleaning. The salary is settled by the hour, and the hourly salary is 45 yuan.

This is not the only job for Aunt Wang. In order to avoid wasting time on the road and earning the “most cost-effective” money, she only picks up work around the community. In addition to the order of Qiao’s family, Aunt Wang has to take at least one more order every day, and even the weekend is fully arranged.

Based on this calculation, if Aunt Wang works 8 hours a day and takes one day off every week, her monthly salary is roughly 9,360 yuan, including 3,600 yuan paid by Qiao Yi.

Aunt Wang was met by Qiao Yi through the most traditional offline “friend introduction” method, and she was the most satisfied aunt. Not only did she cook delicious food, she was also diligent and trustworthy.

After Qiao Yi’s grandmother fell ill suddenly last year, Qiao Yi deeply realized how “rare and lucky” it is to find a reliable aunt .

Since last year, Qiao Yi’s grandmother has to go to the hospital for hemodialysis three times a week, and sometimes also be hospitalized, which puts the family’s pressure on her family sharply. In the beginning, the newly retired Qiao Yi’s mother could be with her day and night, but within two days she couldn’t stand it. So Qiao quickly found aunt Niu, a live-in nanny, to take care of his grandmother full-time.

Aunt Niu was contacted by Qiao Yi through a private intermediary point in the community. Both employers and employers need to pay an agency fee of 200 yuan each. The employer can see the aunt before the formal employment. If they are not satisfied during the first 7 days of the probation period, they can propose a replacement or refund the agency fee. Once the 7-day trial period expires, and if you want to change, you will have to pay an intermediary fee of 200 yuan.

What makes Qiao Yi “tired” is that she has changed 3 live-in nanny in a row in just over half a year.

The first nanny Niu claimed to have worked in the cafeteria, not only cooking but also making noodles, but Qiao Yi found out that she could neither cook nor even make noodles. But seeing Aunt Niu is diligent and clever, Qiao Yi didn’t care about anything. In less than 3 months, Aunt Niu asked to resign because of her “bad waist”.

The second babysitter, Aunt Wen, agreed to ” take good care of grandma” from Qiao Yi’s parents who were about to leave for a trip , and after receiving a 500 yuan salary increase, she asked to resign the next day because she “will also travel to Beijing.” NS”.

This makes Joe and his family very angry. “Auntie is too slippery. What we promised the day before yesterday can be regretted as soon as we get the money the next day. We can’t even find a new aunt.”

The third babysitter, Aunt Ying, has not yet passed the 7-day trial period, but Qiao Yi has already had the idea of ​​changing her aunt.

Qiao Yi said that Aunt Ying did a good job, but there was moss on her hand, which made people feel uneasy. Moreover, the aunt is illiterate, and can’t remember the bed number when she takes her grandma to the hospital, nor can she understand the numbers on the blood pressure and other instruments.

The most important thing is that Aunt Ying is very unprofessional in taking care of the elderly. As soon as Qiao said, Aunt Ying had just arrived two days ago because of the wrong support posture, causing her grandmother to fall at home in the middle of the night. The old man’s head hit the corner of the cabinet and made a big cut. Grandpa Qiao, a retired surgeon, gave emergency treatment on the spot, but because the wound continued to ooze blood, Qiao Yi sent his grandma to the hospital early the next day for treatment.

“Actually, when every aunt was there, my grandmother had fallen, because it was impossible to stare at it 24 hours a day, but it would not be as serious as this time, and I could fall even when supported.” Qiao Yi said, never An aunt said sorry for this, but the agency didn’t care about anything after taking the agency fee, and there was no response to the complaint.

Qiao Yi said that the real reason for the previous two aunts’ resignation may be that it was too hard to take care of the elderly. The aunt of the Qiao family wakes up every morning to take care of the elderly to wash and go to the toilet, and then prepare three meals, wash clothes, and clean up. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the aunt would take Qiao and his grandmother to the hospital for hemodialysis and accompany him throughout the process, and sometimes even feed.

Such workload, as a live-in nanny, only takes two days off a month, and the salary is only RMB 4500 to RMB 5,000. It sounds not as high as the hourly worker Aunt Wang, who has free time, but it is better than boarding and lodging.

None of Qiao Yi’s aunts have received professional training. They may have worked in restaurants or cleaned up, but they have no special experience in caring for the elderly, nor have they attended training courses or obtained any certifications.

Joe’s requirements for aunts are actually not high. “I hope that my aunt will cook deliciously, have more energy to help the elderly, and be a little clever to be able to keep an eye on the elderly’s condition at any time, and then she can read the words.” Qiao said, “If there is something suitable, the salary will be higher. Point is not a problem, you can drive up to 6,500 yuan.”

The aunt who spent 5,000 yuan had to let her

Alan is a post-90s. After giving birth last year, she also hired a confinement wife and a nanny to reduce the burden of bringing children.

Yuesao is mainly responsible for taking care of Alan and the children’s daily life and food, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan; the nanny is responsible for cleaning and cooking, and the initial salary is only 4,500 yuan.

“The concubine was introduced by a friend. It was cheaper than the market price of 13,000 yuan/month, so I hired it for two months. Aunt Lu, the nanny, was invited through a small intermediary in the community. After the concubine left, she was responsible for bringing the children and doing The meal is cleaned, and I plan to invite my children to elementary school.” But the Alan family did not delve into the relevant qualifications of the concubine. “I’ve only seen the health certificate of the concubine. I don’t know if there are any qualifications and bad records.”

Aunt Lu wakes up at 6:30 every day to clean up. When Alan’s baby wakes up, she starts to help her teeth, wash her face, change diapers, make milk powder, cook, feed, sleep, and prepare afternoon tea and fruit at noon. Cooking and bathing the children. Every morning and afternoon, she also takes the children to play outdoors or at home.

The aunt works 6 days a week. On the only day off, she will do a two- or three-hour part-time job, and then go to play cards to relax.

Although it is not clear whether Aunt Lu has received formal training, Alan believes that Aunt Lu has rich practical experience and has a good understanding of what babies can’t eat and what to do, and is also very good at coaxing children. Therefore, Aunt Lu’s monthly salary was increased to 5,000 yuan.

According to Alan’s understanding, such wages are not high in the live-in nanny industry. The reason is that Aunt Lu is almost 60 years old this year, and she is already “not enough sought after” in the nanny market and cannot offer a good price. But from Alan’s point of view, if Aunt Lu is hired until her child is 7 years old to go to elementary school, it will cost at least nearly 400,000 yuan , which is not a small expense.

Aunt Lu is not perfect either. Alan complained that she was too temperamental. As long as the family members gave a little opinion, her attitude would immediately become very poor.

Once, Alan said that the food was a bit salty, and the aunt immediately went back and said, “Where is it delicious if it is not salty”. On another occasion, talking about children, the aunt immediately became angry, “You are so comfortable in the office, you try to take your children every day!”

What Alan cares most about is that Aunt Lu will often complain about Alan’s mother-in-law in front of Alan’s mother, not only adding fuel and jealousy, but sometimes even “making things out of nothing”, making her very worried that sooner or later it will affect normal family relations.

But Alan always chooses to let Aunt Lu. One is because she is afraid that she will spread grievances on the baby, so she does not care about everything; the other is that it is too troublesome to change the aunt, not only to close eyes, but also to re-run, the key is “the next one is not necessarily better.”

Internet housekeeping platform “intentional and powerless”

There are tens of millions of Chinese families like Qiao Yi and Alan who use housekeeping services. According to data from iResearch, in 2020, there are about 494 million households in China, and about 39 million households use outsourced home services .

Behind this is a huge housekeeping market. Statistics show that the total expenditure on household services in China has increased from 570.3 billion yuan in 2016 to 909 billion yuan in 2020, and is expected to reach 2.1 trillion yuan in 2025.

In the context of the growing demand for family services in China, on July 3 this year, the housekeeping service platform “Swan Daojia” went to the United States to submit a prospectus and plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

Its prospectus disclosed that as of March 31, 2021, Swan Home is the largest one-stop family service platform in China, with a total of more than 16 million registered users, a cumulative service of more than 4.2 million users, and more than 1.5 million registered and certified labor. By.

The predecessor of Swan Daojia was 58 Daojia , which was established in 2014. In 2020, 58 Daojia will be renamed Swan Daojia, becoming the first split plate of 58 Group to go public after delisting.

Under the impact of the epidemic on offline services, Swan Daojia made a “big adjustment” to its business model last year: fully Internet-based the management and operation of nanny and confinement, and interviews, training, assessment, and signing services for the family service industry. Standardization and digital transformation are carried out in various links.

As the “largest” one-stop family service platform in China, the total transaction volume of Swan Home in 2020 is 8.828.2 billion yuan, accounting for less than 1% of the total market. While others, such as help aunt, goes home affairs of other domestic Internet platform, although the creation date also been six, seven years, and has a large user base, but the market share is less.

One of the reasons behind it may be that compared with “friend introduction” and “community intermediary”, Internet housekeeping platforms still charge higher fees.

58.com’s life service industry employment report released in April this year showed that the average monthly salary of the life service industry was 6,567 yuan. Among them, the average monthly salary of confinement and nanny is 9992 yuan and 9216 yuan respectively. The month-on-year salary of nanny increased rapidly year-on-year, reaching 14.6%. This salary level is significantly higher than that of Qiao Yi and Alan’s nanny.

Xiaguang News Agency consulted the Beijing Swan Daojia platform on this. Take childcare and nanny as an example, the minimum monthly salary starts at 6,500 yuan, which means that only older aunts in their 50s can be hired, and the normal price is around 7,500 yuan. If the employer has specific requirements for the nanny’s academic qualifications, English proficiency, and parenting experience, the monthly salary will increase, exceeding 10,000 yuan at any time . In addition, employers also need to pay an annual service fee of 7,800 yuan.

However, in response to the high fees, the platform also emphasizes the “professional nature” of its housekeeping services. For example, strict background investigations will be conducted on nanny; there is a designated nanny medical examination institution; there is a blacklist mechanism, once complaints and other circumstances make the nanny blacklisted, the cooperation will be terminated by the platform…

But the Chinese government market is more of “mom-and-pop shops” that lack professionalism. In an open letter to investors, Chen Xiaohua, the founder of Swan Daojia, revealed some helplessness in China’s home furnishing service industry: There are nearly 630,000 home furnishing service organizations in China, most of which operate in the form of mom-and-pop stores, generally without brand, scale, standard service, Digital capability or quality assurance. Most of these mom-and-pop shops lack the ability to verify the authenticity of the service provider’s identity or work experience. Some of these stores cannot even ensure that the service provider pays on time.

“I have consulted on’Swan Home’. In fact, I want to try if it is reliable. After all, it takes too much effort to re-run with my aunt again and again.” Qiao Yi said, “But I don’t see many comments on this platform on the Internet. Okay, and I told me to pay 6,000 yuan a year for the service fee, which is a bit expensive, so I dare not try it lightly.”

When Alan heard about the fees charged by Swan’s home, he directly stated that no matter how professional the nanny is, he would not try it.

In addition, from the current point of view, Internet housekeeping platforms such as Swan Daojia, due to the small market share and insufficient supervision, are far from reaching the goal of relying on digital means to essentially change the mixed situation of the housekeeping industry.

Both Qiao Yi and Alan expressed the hope that the Internet housekeeping platform can really help them reduce the various risks and uncertainties of hiring a babysitter.

“I hope that the platform can introduce an evaluation or scoring system like Taobao, so that I can refer to it when choosing aunts without knowing the aunt. In addition, I hope that there will be a risk guarantee. I provide compensation. The confinement that I first looked for was after I was born, but she temporarily said that something was going to happen. I was really caught off guard.” Alan said.

At present, although some Internet housekeeping platforms have established a set of standardized procedures for laborer certification and screening, and have also introduced user personal and financial insurance protection, Xiaguang News Agency found that consumer insurance, black cat complaints, and other platforms , There are still a large number of complaints about false propaganda, violations of regulations, and refusal of refunds on Internet housekeeping platforms.

In the trillion-level housekeeping service market, facing traditional housekeeping intermediaries, Internet housekeeping platforms seem to be powerless. How can the effective use of digital technology, real positive solutions must issue a user pain points in domestic service remains to be thinking.

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