Hainan Province has promoted blockchain financial electronic bills and has issued 19.19 million bills involving 31.2 billion yuan

“Online application, invoicing on the chain”. On July 20, a reporter from Hainan Daily learned from the Hainan Provincial Department of Finance that Hainan Province is actively exploring the integration of blockchain applications into financial electronic bill management, and is striving to take the lead in building a blockchain financial electronic bill application management platform in the country. From its launch in January 2021 to June 30, a total of 19.19 million blockchain financial electronic bills were issued, involving an amount of 31.2 billion yuan.

The application of blockchain technology to financial electronic bills business is another successful exploration in the reform of financial electronic bills in Hainan Province. It was selected as one of the thirteenth batch of system innovation cases in Hainan Free Trade Port.

It is understood that the blockchain financial electronic bills have the characteristics of leaving traces of operations, process tracking, and real-time viewing, which can form an innovative application model that is open, easy to trace, and data can be shared. Hainan Province promotes financial electronic bills, breaks down the data barriers in the livelihood of the province, city, county, township, and village. It has opened up more than 50 system business platforms for related parties, and integrated the province’s related finance, invoicing units, reimbursement application units and government affairs The service platform and related functional departments (such as medical insurance, health, taxation, archives, auditing) “chain” into a “web”.

At present, Hainan Province has achieved full coverage of blockchain financial electronic bills, all units, all industries, and all fields, and completed the task of the provincial government’s list of practical facts for the private sector. As of the end of June 2021, blockchain financial electronic bills have been launched at the provincial level, 19 cities and counties, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, and all townships. A total of 2,795 units have been launched across the province, with a completion rate of 100%. Among them, it covers the livelihood fields of 14 functional departments including courts, procuratorates, public security, traffic police, real estate, medical insurance, hospitals, schools, and banks.

“Through blockchain technology, we have built a’one chain’ for the province’s financial electronic bill application. The’chain’ connects various livelihood business scenarios such as medical care, education, transportation, public security, environmental law enforcement, donation, city management, etc. Business flow, capital flow, and information flow are coordinated and synchronized to build a closed-loop management system for the full life cycle of financial electronic bills that are opened for business, certificate application, issuance on the chain, and flowed from the chain to supervision and inspection.” The person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Department of Finance In the next step, the Hainan Provincial Department of Finance will continue to consolidate the achievements of the reform of the blockchain financial electronic bills, promote the network connection with the financial, medical insurance, and commercial insurance departments in the Mainland to realize cross-provincial medical insurance and commercial insurance settlement; and Hainan Provincial Bank Insurance The Supervision Bureau cooperated to build a cross-border commercial insurance settlement platform for foreign personnel coming to Qiong.

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