Hainan landing digital RMB face payment smart campus scene

Mobile Payment Network News: Recently, the Wenchang Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, under the guidance and promotion of the Wenchang Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, actively explored the construction of innovative digital RMB application scenarios.

On March 13, the campus smart restaurant digital RMB payment scene jointly developed by ICBC Wenchang Sub-branch and Wenchang Tianjiabing Middle School successfully completed the first digital RMB face payment payment, marking the first smart campus digital RMB restaurant scene application in Hainan Province The official launch further broadens the payment methods of digital renminbi and improves the convenience of digital renminbi payment.

In order to innovate and enrich the application scenarios of digital renminbi, ICBC Wenchang Sub-branch continued to communicate with schools in the Wenchang area to explore potential cooperation space. At the same time, the bank’s fifth campus smart restaurant Wenchang Tianjiabing Middle School project was officially launched. With the active cooperation of the school and the joint promotion of various parties, digital RMB face-swiping payment consumption was innovatively applied in the school’s smart restaurant project for the first time. Through the digital renminbi face-swiping payment technology, a new contact-free, safer and more convenient payment method is provided for teachers and students of the school in the consumption scene of the school, fully demonstrating the broad prospects of the power of financial technology to serve the construction of smart campuses.

Hainan landing digital RMB face payment smart campus scene

Under the guidance of the staff of ICBC Wenchang Sub-branch, parents of students log into ICBC Mobile Banking to register digital RMB personal wallet, download the “Digital RMB” APP synchronously, bind ICBC card and recharge into wallet, canteen staff on the acquiring device Choose the digital renminbi mode, and students will pay with face recognition after spending. Teachers and students of the school said that face-swiping payment through digital renminbi can reduce the risk of cash loss, improve payment efficiency, and reduce the time queuing to pay for meals, which brings great convenience to them.

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