Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

Cryptocurrency was originally a great technological innovation, but it was used as a money-making tool by hackers with technology in hand, endangering the stability of society, which is actually a very sad and outrageous thing.

During this recent period, hacker groups have been brushing their faces frequently in major media, which seems to foreshadow that something big may happen in the near future.

Just two days ago, someone released a video as an international hacker group “Anonymous”, openly accusing the international band single brother Musk of disregarding the lives of the working class and stirring up the market of virtual currency, and let out harsh words, to clean up the old horse, let him wait and see.

The hacker’s wave of operation is very pulling people’s hearts ah, seems to make people feel that this is a very righteous organization, theft also has a way.

However, the real situation is not so, this organization once for the benefit of China’s more than 50 official websites, stole a lot of important data, and even openly support Hong Kong’s occupation activities.

To put it bluntly, everything is for their own benefit, the virtual currency market market is not good, it will seriously affect them cha rice, after all, in recent years, hackers especially like to make money in the cryptocurrency circle, the cryptocurrency circle for them, the security defense level is very low, it is equivalent to the vault without locking the door, and sometimes even the security guards guarding the vault door are not, that wealth is a carload of outward transport.

According to incomplete statistics, only in the first half of 2021, hackers in the cryptocurrency circle will be at least 1 billion dollars in the bag, probably those who have raked in the money hackers, has a mouth full of gold teeth.

In fact, hackers are not only taking to the cryptocurrency world like fish to water, they are also turning the physical industry upside down.

On June 2, a hacker group attacked JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, directly leading to the shutdown of some factories, which also made the front page of the Wall Street Journal, showing the magnitude of the situation.

Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

According to a June 10 update, JBS was unable to withstand the pressure and eventually paid the hackers an $11 million ransom in bitcoin .

The hackers locked the company’s core computer system through encryption and stole nearly 100GB of core data, knowing that this is the largest and most important oil and gas pipeline through the Middle East of the United States, known as the eastern United States The most important “oil and gas artery”, even the U.S. military are his customers.

Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

Biden was taking a vacation from the United States, when he heard the news, immediately dumped the golf clubs in his hand, declared a state of emergency in 17 states and Washington, D.C., to mobilize more resources to address security threats and ease the fear of the public.

This is the third time in the past two years that the U.S. has declared a “national emergency”. The first time for the new crown epidemic, the second time for the security threats posed by Russia and interference in the U.S. elections.

In order to restore the pipeline to normal operation as soon as possible, Colonial had no choice but to pay the hacker group a ransom of 75 bitcoins worth about $4.5 million at the time.

Although the U.S. Department of Justice announced on June 7 that it had recovered 63.7 of those bitcoins after the FBI intervened in the investigation, we still can’t ignore the fact that hackers are getting more and more rampant today, not just against the United States, but other countries and businesses around the world are facing security threats from hackers every minute of every day.

This may sound like such a hacking attack is still far from our ordinary Internet users, but in fact is not far away, especially in recent years, ransom attacks sweeping the world under the situation, every networked computer can become the next prey of hackers.

I don’t know if you remember a ransomware virus called WannaCry?

Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

WannaCry broke out globally in May 2017 and was considered one of the most serious ransomware events in history, affecting at least 150 countries, hitting 300,000 users and causing losses of $8 billion. Many of our domestic universities, police stations public security networks and gas station systems were attacked, directly affecting everyone’s normal work and life.

The famous UP owner of B station with more than 6 million fans “witty party girl” has also reported to have been attacked by hackers’ ransomware virus.

Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

There are many, many more examples like this, in fact, behind these hacking attacks, there is a powerful black industry chain hidden.

Next, Uncle Kan will give you an in-depth analysis of the reasons why hackers are getting more and more rampant and that black industry chain behind them.

Behind the rampant hacking

First of all, we must understand the point is, hackers so relentlessly attacked everywhere, for what in the end?

To make money!

Yes, their core demand is money.

The Dark Side, the hacker group that attacked the U.S. fuel pipeline, stated outright that their actions were not political, but “for the money”.

Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

“Our goal is to make money.”

Then you have to have the means to make money, right?

In these big events that have rocked the world, the hackers’ money-making tool is none other than ransomware.

The so-called ransomware virus, simply put, hackers let your computer after the virus, all important files will be automatically encrypted, which means that if you do not get the password to decrypt, then those files you will never be able to use normally, even if you open it will only show a bunch of garbled code. The hacker will wait for the opportunity to blackmail you, you call him money, he will give you the unlock password.

If the object of blackmail is some listed companies, in addition to encrypting files, in order to ensure the success of blackmail users to pay the ransom, hackers will also install backdoor programs in the computer through technical means, and these programs can automatically steal important data files, when the blackmail target refuses to pay the ransom, the hackers will be those stolen data to the public, put negative security events news, so that the victim’s share price fell, so shorting and The hacker will make the data public, put negative security news, and let the victim company’s stock price fall, so as to make profits by shorting.

So, the hacker’s operation is really a sure thing.

So the question is, how do the blackmailed people pay the ransom to the hackers? The problem is, how do you pay the ransom to the hacker?

In fact, the ransomware virus did not appear in recent years, as early as 1989 was born, however, then the means is relatively single, hackers can only receive money through bank cards, which is very embarrassing, after all, the bank card account must be real name, even if the hacker used someone else’s bank card to pour several hands, as long as the police want to trace, eventually can be layers and layers of silk to trace the hacker’s The real identity.

So the ransomware virus has not been used on a large scale, but until the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the situation has changed dramatically.

Because cryptocurrencies, represented by Bitcoin, are naturally anonymous, decentralized, and censorship-resistant, they are surprisingly useful in this scenario of ransom collection.

How to understand it?

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest concern for hackers when collecting money is to be tracked by the police to the real identity, but in the world of cryptocurrencies, there is no concept of people, only a string of anonymous collection addresses, and those coins exist on these addresses, and this collection address is not like our daily use of WeChat Alipay correspond to the real name information, these addresses of cryptocurrencies are controlled by keys (can be simply understood as That is to say, whoever has the key corresponding to the address owns the cryptocurrency stored in the address.

So even if the police trace the hacker’s address through the transaction records, they still don’t know who the person behind the address really is.

Isn’t this exactly what the hacker wanted?

The next problem is that the cryptocurrency is on the hacker’s account, but how to realize it silently?

There are many ways to do this, and relatively sensitive, so Uncle Kan will give you a brief explanation of the principle.

We all know that cryptocurrency transaction records like bitcoin are open and transparent, so in order to increase the difficulty of being traced, it is very important to complicate the process of transferring money, with some set of wa operation, such as the following chart, through the snowflake type or multi-level way to disperse the coins to a large number of other account addresses, the more addresses nested, the more difficult it will be to trace.

币世界-黑客硬刚美国 哪来的勇气?
Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?
Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

In addition, it is also possible to more thoroughly hide the destination of funds through coin mixing technology. The so-called mixed coins are like a big dye bath, everyone deposits dirty coins and mixes them together, as long as you can prove through zero knowledge that you have deposited coins (without having to produce any private information), you can withdraw the coins smoothly, at which point the coins are no longer distinguishable from who belongs to whom.

In recent years, there are many hacker groups have even started to use the Monroe coin, which is more covert than Bitcoin, to trade.

Of course, hackers technical means and cunning again, the police still have some let them unexpected way to recover the funds, such as this incident of the United States fuel pipeline was extorted, the FBI is likely to break the hacker stored wallet private key server, so through the private key to get back part of the bitcoin.

But even so, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has largely fueled the explosive development of ransomware, and has even given rise to a powerful ransomware industry chain driven by interest.

The professional term is RaaS (Ransom as a Service), which simply means that hackers with real skills develop ransomware and out-of-the-box tools, and recruit a large number of “member organizations”, that is, implementers of specific ransom attacks, who will complete the final attack, and the ransom obtained will be divided between the two.

So this division of labor greatly reduces the technical threshold of the ransom implementers, they do not even need to know the technology, as long as they can operate those ransom tools can, and the real hackers are behind the cutting-edge technical support, after all, hackers still need to fight with the major security software vendors for technology.

And in the more complete industry chain, there will be the role of dissemination channels to help implementers to spread ransomware, and agents this role will find victims, pretending to be able to decrypt the files infected by the virus, and put forward lower decryption costs, and then secretly with the implementation of the ransom for the wicked, from which to earn the difference.

So, the whole ransomware industry chain is far more exaggerated than we thought.

For example, the hacker group we mentioned earlier, the Dark Side, even has its own press center, victim hotline, mailing list, and a code of conduct similar to the company’s guidelines, with the aim of packaging itself as a trustworthy business partner.

Under the sophisticated packaging, they do make a lot of money too.

According to Elliptic, a London-based blockchain analytics firm, the “dark side” and its member organizations have received more than $90 million in bitcoin ransoms from at least 47 different cryptocurrency wallets. Of the $90 million in total revenue, $15.5 million went to Dark Side developers, $74.5 million went to its member organizations, and most of the funds were transferred to cryptocurrency exchanges for fiat currency exchange.

In conclusion

Cryptocurrency was originally a great technological innovation, but it was used as a money-making tool by hackers with technology in hand, endangering the stability of society, which is actually a very sad and angry thing.

Whenever Uncle Kan talks to his friends about hacking, Uncle Kan will think of a person, that is Lin Yong.

When China was not as powerful as it is now, the United States had blatantly violated our sovereignty again and again.

On May 7, 1999, the U.S.-led NATO forces dropped five bombs in a row, targeting our embassy in Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese journalists on the spot and injuring dozens of people.

On April 1, 2001, a U.S. reconnaissance plane rashly entered the skies over the South China Sea and maliciously rammed our fighter plane, causing our plane to crash and the pilot Wang Wei to die a heroic death.

After the incident, the U.S. imperialists were arrogant, forceful and sophomoric, and refused to admit their mistakes. Such arrogance ignited the anger of the nation.

Just then, a low-key folk technology god Lin Yong stepped forward, organized and led 80,000 Chinese hackers to give the old U.S. a hard slap on the wrist, dozens of important U.S. government websites were planted with the five-star red flag.

币世界-黑客硬刚美国 哪来的勇气?
Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?
Hacking the U.S. Where does the courage come from?

The attack ended with an orderly retreat of 80,000 lions, without delay.

This group of hot-blooded young people with their technical strength to let the Americans thoroughly understand what is called the spirit of Chinese hackers, no, in fact, I prefer to call them Chinese Reds.

Gathering is a fire, scattered is full of stars.

This is what a true technology geek should do, technology is never a tool for extortion, technology is used to protect the family and defend the honor.

Many years later, someone asked Lin Yong, why did he have so much courage to come forward?

Lin Yong firmly replied: we do not do, who do? We do not shout, who shout?

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