Guo Cheng, President of STEPVR: There is no shortage of builders for the key technologies of “Five Senses” of Metaverse

After we have finished the terminal equipment that enters the metaverse, we will go into the next world, which is equivalent to re-creating today’s Internet.

Is the meta universe a bubble or a real future? 36Kr held the Advanced Experience·Meta Universe Summit in Shenzhen on November 24. The summit invited many investors, scholars and industry changers, including Professor Cai Weide from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and expert on Interchain Network, Xu Lin, Vice President of Haima Cloud Strategy, Guo Cheng, President of STEPVR, and Special Assistant to the CEO of “Soul” Huang Ziyang, He Wei, vice president of Chizicheng Technology, Song Lei, co-founder and CTO of EM3, Li Renjie, co-head of NetEase Fuxi Lab, Du Zhenglin, head of Tencent’s magic core market, and many other guests discussed the new development trend of the metaverse industry.

Guo Cheng, the president of STEPVR, believes that the technology that allows people to acquire the five senses in the virtual world of the metaverse has been basically completed. For example, STEPVR focuses on the three technologies of precise positioning, robot force feedback, and universal treadmill. They are also the three technologies that STEPVR has developed in the past 8 years. And these technologies can make people regain the five senses in the VR scene.

In addition, in order to promote the development of Metaverse , STEPVR has been deploying VR offline stores before, and currently has more than 200 offline cooperative experience stores across the country . Guo Cheng believes that through the layout of offline stores, the continuous reduction of equipment costs, the continuous increase of equipment integrity, and the accumulation of an ecological content platform can be achieved. Consumers are not buying equipment, but consumers are buying the latter. Content and experience.

Guo Cheng, President of STEPVR: There is no shortage of builders for the key technologies of “Five Senses” of Metaverse

The following is the keynote speech of STEPVR President Guo Cheng:

I should be the first generation of VR practitioners in this country. I have been in the VR industry since the end of 2012. Today we are talking about metaverse. If we look at the composition of the word VR and metaverse, VR is called Virtual Reality, and metaverse is called Metaverse. Virtual Reality will come out of Virtual Reality, and Metaverse will come out of Meta Verse. If we look at these two words in this way, we will find that they are very close. Today, I hope to spend the time in the morning for 8 years. This year is the ninth year of my career. Whether it is in the VR industry or the dry goods accumulated in the meta-universe industry, I will share with you.

Let’s imagine a VR scene, imagine what a meta-universe scene contains, can you see a different world? A world rendered by our computer, can you touch a world, the hero and heroine can touch each other, can you hear a different world, can you feel it with a balanced nerve? So this matter has become a very, very specific thing. The concept of a meta-universe has become a very specific thing. What has become of it?

It seems that we have reworked the Internet and mobile Internet to create an Internet of five senses. In the past, information was used to find people on the Internet. In the five-sense Internet, people transmit their feelings through the Internet. What effect can it achieve? To break the “dimension wall” means that I can enter a digital world rendered by a computer at any time.

What can be done? Distance is not a problem. I can feel that no matter how far away another user is from me, I can feel another person, another group of people, communicate and interact with them in the same digitally rendered scene.

When it comes to this topic, how to do the five senses becomes very important. How to go to Virtual Reality and Meta to Verse becomes very important. 

Let’s do an experiment. Everyone present closes their eyes and shook their heads. Do you feel like you’re moving? what is this called? This is called vestibular sensation. This is a very very developed set of nerves in our brains. We can find this vestibular sensation, so it is difficult for me to convince you to lick something to taste something in the VR world, but we can understand vision and hearing , Touch, smell, vestibular sensation, these five senses are all restored with the computer again. In this way, I can create a world and let consumers know that the world is real, and he will pay a high price for the experience of the world, for its games, work, and social scenes, and we can earn Money.

How to do it? What are the key technologies involved? The company STEPVR is still a basic technology company, and we will look at it one by one. 

How does vision do? Vision requires a retina-level display, which means that you can form a visual scene in front of your eyes as if you see the real world. The main driving force is graphics card manufacturers and screen manufacturers of LED and OLED displays, so this is in the process of development. of. 

How to do hearing? We have Dolby and stereo sound for a long time. The hearing is when you close your eyes and I will listen to you in stereo. The scenes that you think are approaching you come in all directions.

How does the sense of touch do? I am wearing a VR glasses and I touch something. How can I make you feel that you touch this thing? This must give him a strong feedback.

The term force feedback appears in the robotics industry. You have to provide consumers with a force feedback, that is, when you want him to reach out and touch him, give him a reaction force. How do I know the existence of this microphone? You press the chair under your ass. You can’t press it with your hands. It’s because this chair exists. How can I make it for you? This requires the use of robot technology. This technology has been developed in STEPVR, and we are using it in many, many application scenarios.

What kind of technology is there, do I want you to run? Let you move around in a large space without restricting your freedom. It is not telling you that you can only watch here, you can see everywhere, you can walk around, and you can drive a car. What about this? Do? You need a universal treadmill, which is a platform for you to run in all directions. You can move in all directions, and it can pull you back. 

I still need to see my fingers, I still need to see my whole body, I still need to see the other person, I can see him, touch him, this requires precise positioning and capturing technology, which can restore all the actions of the person. Come down.

So to sum up, we need the technologies corresponding to the five senses, and the visual and auditory senses have basically matured in the development process. Smell We use the electronic cigarette industry, use electrical signals to give a chemical substance, to add some stimulation to it, it can have a different sense of smell.

Which technologies do we need to focus on? Focusing on the three technologies of precise positioning, robot force feedback, and universal treadmill, these are the three technologies that STEPVR has developed in the past 8 years.

What result did it form? We will eventually make an Internet terminal product, as described in “Number One Player”. It will be a whole machine, covering an area of ​​about 2.5 square meters, allowing consumers to have vision, hearing, touch, vestibular sensation, and smell inside. 

The audience here said that you told so many stories and you showed me a rendered picture. This picture of you is not necessarily true. What should you do if you are here today? This is related to the next topic, that is, products must be implemented. Whether we are in Qianyuan Universe or doing VR, there must be a means by which you can commercialize it, and consumers must be able to reach them step by step. To the product you launched.

How did we do it? I would like to ask you a question. In what scene did the audience first come into contact with the PC? What is the scene of contacting a home computer? Yes, Internet cafes. What we will find is that the PC gradually enters the family through offline scenes. In this process, several things can be accomplished:

First, the continuous reduction of equipment costs can be achieved.

Second, it can complete the continuous improvement of equipment integrity.

The third and most important point is to accumulate an ecological content platform. Consumers are not buying equipment, but consumers are buying the following content and experience. 

How did we do it? We have opened offline VR stores across the country. Now there are more than 150 stores nationwide. This month there are almost 200 stores. Each store can receive 10,000 consumers, and we can receive almost 2 million consumers a year. , The monthly growth rate is 50-100.

At the current stage, more than 80 cities across the country have been paved. The repurchase rate of consumers is very high. The repurchase rate in our store is 68% of consumers who appear once in this quarter and once again in the next quarter. The proportion of consumers applying for cards in stores also exceeds 60%. So what’s the point? It means that when you make the equipment and experience right, consumers are willing to pay a very high premium for it. 

Why does STEPVR want to do this?

It is to form an ecology. We don’t have to avoid vulgarity. To form an ecology, we must make money. Not only do we have to make money, but the people who open stores have to make money, content providers have to make money, and the entire equipment industry chain has to make money. Everyone has to make money and consume. It is necessary for the reader to get a very, very good experience, and this ecology can be done and it can continue to develop downward.

Our income last year was probably in the tens of millions. This year, the GMV of the entire system can double 10 times, and next year it can double 10 times. In our system, the fares paid by consumers, these stores we operate offline have very high gross profit margins, we also have very high gross profit margins, and also have a high repurchase rate.

Now, whether you search for Douyin or Dianping, it is a product sequence of “Future Battlefield”. At the end of this year, we will launch “Future Adventure”, which is to replace offline Internet cafes, replace offline escape rooms, and even It’s a movie theater.

You are not a viewer from the third perspective of watching a movie, you are a player from the first perspective. There will also be a “future light wheel”, which is a driving experience. “Future Flying Wing”, you can experience the experience of a roller coaster in the city, and you can also experience flying. “Future Mecha” you can manipulate a huge robot.

Under these experiences, we have standardized equipment for walking, fighting, driving, flying, exploring, etc. within a park or within a VR world. In the future, we can update the content on these standardized devices. NS. 

This system and a small ecosystem are now very complete, and they are rapidly expanding outwards and growing upwards, whether it is the number of users, the number of stores, or the degree of attention we have received. We played a nationwide “future battlefield” national game, which was watched by more than one million people. This is an incredible number for a startup company. Let’s give you a number for comparison. Teacher Luo Yonghao Luo brought the goods live online, which is about 10,000 people online at the same time.

After doing this, we will look at the term Metaverse again. After we have finished the terminal equipment that enters the metaverse, we will go in and do the next world. What is the equivalent of doing?

It is equivalent to re-creating today’s Internet. If you want to join the Metaverse industry now, what I advise you to do now:

Do terminal equipment first;

Second, if you want to build this universe, you must make sure that the content you build on the universe can be loaded on the correct terminal equipment, so that today’s work will not be wasted.

Everyone is listening to a very popular concept today. The concept in the meta-universe is called digital humans. Everyone has heard of digital humans. If you have heard of virtual humans and virtual live broadcasts, raise your hands and have a look. We have tried digital people a long time ago. At my age, the first animated characters you see are definitely not cats and mice. The first animated characters are called Haier Brothers. Those two children, Haier Brothers Live on 6.18 for 6 hours to bring the goods, and become the first anchor on Tmall 6.18. We do the technical support behind it. 

What is STEPVR doing today? It is to empower everyone to engage in Metaverse . 

So to sum up, before starting this speech, I said to share some dry goods, that is, if we are involved in the metaverse industry today, what should we do? 

It’s not that everything is worth doing, but we have to sort it out in order and do what can be done at this stage to get a reasonable income that satisfies everyone.

Metaverse is actually to realize the five senses. The key technology is to realize the key technology of the five senses. The next step is to realize our precise positioning, realize our universal treadmill, and realize our use of robots for force feedback. These technologies have basically been Falling to the ground at odds and ends.

If we can do this thing about the gate of this meta-universe, META, when we want to devote ourselves to doing the thing about the universe today, we must ensure that the thing about the universe will be established 20 years later. For example, if you make an image of you today, I think it will be established in 5 years or 10 years.

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