Gucci launches NFT-related auction Audi supports startups to launch NFT

Although NFT market figures have fallen back, there are still a large number of new projects emerging.

Gucci launches NFT-related auction Audi supports startups to launch NFT

Is the excitement-filled scene of NFT back? This week Protos reported that “the bubble in the NFT market has burst”. This has led to “NFT is on the decline” statements from various major publications.

(According to the NFT data site, sales and active wallets in the NFT market peaked at the end of March and have since declined by more than 40%, with the decline in active users leading to a 60% drop in total daily sales and a drop in monthly sales from a high of $320 million to the current $110 million.)

Yet the crypto space continues to see a plethora of new projects, so let’s take a look at some of this week’s latest NFT offerings.

The International Olympic Committee has partnered with gaming platform nWay to create Olympic PIN passes, with the initial PIN celebrating 125 years of Olympic history, and nWay will be responsible for releasing the PIN to the public through its marketplace, nWayPlay.

And MLB is still on the fence, with MLB wanting to do more in the NFT space. Earlier this year, the world’s largest baseball league partnered with Topps to launch NFT, and this week launched a partnership with Enter Candy Digital, a new NFT platform.

The Enter Candy Digital platform has a strong leadership team including Mike Novogratz, Gary Vaynerchuk and Fanatics’ Michael Rubin.

Designer fashion house Gucci is auctioning a newly minted NFT associated with its fall/winter 2021 collection. The online auction will be hosted by Christie’s, with proceeds going to UNICEF in the U.S. to support global access to the New Crown Pneumonia vaccine.

Audi-backed startup wants to launch NFT. Audi-backed Holoride is researching three major factors that could change the way consumers view the in-car experience: blockchain technology, immersive media and NFT, and is being executed by Holoride in partnership with blockchain technology company Elrond.

Crypto exchange FTX made a big splash this week, with FTX trading with leading eSports organization TSM.

And this week the FTX exchange is launching an NFT marketplace in which the earliest NFT holders to cause a market backlash can have a face-to-face lunch or 30-minute call with FTX CEO Sam BankmanFed. Bidding for that NFT has already reached six figures and will continue for another week of bidding.

Soccer clubs use NFT for sales. Liga MX’s club Necaxa is issuing an NFT that will offer the winning bidder 1% of the franchise. Unless the holder changes hands on the NFT, he will have a 1% freehold and will receive other benefits, including home and away tickets and access to the club’s facilities. The NFT will be available through OpenSea and will run until June 18.

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