Guangzhou Nansha will introduce measures to promote the ecological development of Metaverse to create a highland for the domestic Metaverse industry

Arrange 100 million yuan every year to support a single project with a maximum of 10 million yuan for the collaborative research of Metaverse’s key technologies.

On June 6, Guangzhou held a press conference on the policy system for deep integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain, and talent chain of Nansha New District. It was announced that specific measures to promote the ecological development of the Metaverse “Nine Articles of the Metaverse” will be introduced in the near future to create a domestic Yuansha for Nansha. The space industry highland will help again.

According to Viewpoint New Media, Zhong Weibin, director of the Nansha District Science and Technology Bureau, revealed that in order to seize the opportunity for the development of the Metaverse industry, Nansha is planning to build Nansha into a highland for the innovation and development of the Metaverse. In the agglomeration area, we will introduce a policy, build an application experience center, build a high-end research platform, set up a venture capital fund, hold an entrepreneurial innovation competition, and create a number of characteristic application scenarios”.

Zhong Weibin introduced that in order to promote the realization of the above goals, Nansha will issue special special policies on the basis of common policies, and provide Metaverse scientific research platforms, SMEs in the field of Metaverse, Metaverse in terms of technology research and development, industrial agglomeration, application scenarios, financial support, etc. The Cosmic Innovation Alliance Association, venture capital funds and other entities provide financial incentives, venue rent-free and operating subsidies.

Zhong Weibin said that 100 million yuan will be arranged every year to support a single project with a maximum of 10 million yuan for the collaborative research of Metaverse’s key technologies. For undertaking national, provincial and municipal projects, 100% up to 5 million yuan, 70% up to 3 million yuan and 50% up to 2 million yuan will be awarded.

In order to strengthen the financial support of science and technology, Nansha encourages leading enterprises of Metaverse and relevant scientific research institutions to take the lead, and jointly establish a Metaverse Industrial Development Fund with outstanding social venture capital institutions, and give a single project a maximum of 3 million yuan per year according to the actual investment amount of the enterprises in the zone. .

At the meeting, the new “four-chain” integration policy system of Nansha New Area was also introduced to the whole society.

According to reports, according to the different development stages of enterprises, Nansha will provide targeted support from settlement incentives, business contributions, executive talents, office space, enterprise listing, energy level upgrading, technology research and development, equity investment, etc. Policies and measures “take the right seat” to better understand the policies and make good use of them.

The “four-chain” integration policy document will also provide enterprises and talents with a full range of service guarantees in terms of land use support, settlement, employee settlement, transportation, project approval, enterprise hanging point services, market promotion, and one-stop talent services. In terms of tax rebates at the port of departure, pilot projects for general taxpayers of value-added tax, tax incentives for international shipping insurance, and preferential personal income tax in the Bay Area, it is fully linked with higher-level policies to achieve overlapping effects.

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