Gu Youliang, Chairman of Ziweiyun Technology: Improve speed, quality and efficiency, focus on AR Metaverse, cultivate “digital soil”, and help new information infrastructure

On June 17, “WISE2022 New Trends Conference – Greater Bay Area Specialized, Specialized and New Trends Forum” was held in Guangzhou. As the first offline WISE series of events in 2022, it carries the significance of exploring the air outlet, leading the trend, and watching the trend. This year’s “WISE New Trend Conference” will focus on “specialized, special and new”. The concept of “specialization, specialization and innovation” was first proposed in 2011, and it was written into the government work report in 2022. In the past ten years, from the conception to the formation of the policy system, the support has been continuously increased.

As one of the regions with the largest number of specialized, specialized, and new enterprises in my country and the highest quality of development, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s strong manufacturing base and strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship have become an ideal place for specialized, specialized, and new “little giants” to take off. .

As the trend of “specialization, specialization and innovation” is gradually emerging, this forum invites the three major economic forces of the government, enterprises and investment institutions to focus on the development trend of “specialization and innovation”, new opportunities & new markets & new consumption, The three major topics of intelligent manufacturing and efficiency, and in-depth analysis of new opportunities for specialization, specialization, and specialization, help accelerate the development of the Greater Bay Area.

Gu Youliang, chairman and president of Ziweiyun, shared the practical path of how “Ziweiyun” based on AI combined with AR augmented reality, accurately cut into the field of the Metaverse, with the theme of “speed, quality and efficiency”. Gu Youliang believes that the development of digital technology has created a virtual world, and the integration of the virtual world and the real world can expand market space, accelerate market liquidity, expand market product richness, and promote large cycles.

Gu Youliang, Chairman of Ziweiyun Technology: Improve speed, quality and efficiency, focus on AR Metaverse, cultivate "digital soil", and help new information infrastructure

Gu Youliang’s speech on “WISE2022 New Wind Direction Conference” (Photo source: On-site shooting) 

When I understand specialization and specialization, I think this is for small and medium-sized enterprises. How did so many specialized and new companies come out? Just like when I first started my business, when I just made a look, those big coffee friends would say “Youliang, don’t do it yourself, why don’t you just sell some to me and work together”. There are many entrepreneurs in specialized and innovative companies, but they may not always be in the end. They can continue to lead and continue to specialize and new. Some of them will definitely grow into entrepreneurs in the future. It depends on whether they can transform specialized and new technologies into hard-core technologies, and convert hard-core technologies into market landings?

What is hardcore technology?

The first is advanced, leading in the current market state; the second is differentiation, which can break through in similar technologies; the third is the times, whether it can represent the trend of the next two or three decades; the last is Openness requires a good market ecology.

Now, we see digital technology, material technology, biomedicine and other technologies slowly changing our lives. In fact, how does “technology change life” manifest in real life?

Judging from my personal work experience, I started to do video surveillance in 1999, and I have been doing it for more than 20 years. In the past, surveillance was to surface the world more clearly and realistically on the computer. now what? We have seen more innovations in video content after the emergence of many artificial intelligence technologies, which is also a change. Even the real “people” have emerged in many innovative forms in the near future – digital people, robots, which are considered to be our incarnations in the future.

Overall, our needs are changing. Most people are aware of “Maslow’s needs” theory, the first layer is survival, the second layer is safety, and now our needs are developing in the direction of social, esteem and self-worth.

Therefore, the theme of my talk today is the three “promotions”.

The first is speed. Just now, Mr. Yang of Songhe Capital proposed: the current liquidity is declining. In the face of this declining change, what are we to do? To speed up liquidity.

The second point is that the state proposes supply-side reforms to promote the richness and high-quality development of products through basic innovation, which is called quality improvement.

Finally, to improve efficiency, we must create social value and increase the total social economy. This is called common prosperity.

First of all, let’s talk about “speeding up”. With the innovation of the digital economy and the development of a new generation of information technology, we can clearly feel that many digital technologies in the surrounding life and work are developing rapidly.

We can actually feel that the surrounding artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly and coming towards us.

Twenty years ago, the requirement for face recognition was that it was good to be able to grasp a face. Now it can not only accurately recognize faces, but also recognize different races and different facial features. Take our special project in 2016 as an example, at that time, the facial recognition of black people was very difficult. I was honored to have contact with a team from Tsinghua University, that is, these team members who are now starting a business with me. They have improved the accuracy rate of black people identification technology in the domestic field to more than 96%. It can be seen that technology plays a big role in precise governance. of support.

This example is also a good example of how rapid technological advancement enhances the mobility of the economy.

The development of digital technology has created a virtual world. You might as well think about it, what effect will the fusion of the virtual world and the real world have?

The answer is to expand market space, accelerate market liquidity, expand market product richness, and promote a big cycle.

The second aspect, “quality improvement”, can talk about what innovations “Ziweiyun” has made at the technical level.

I myself have been working in the field of video surveillance and security systems. I have worked in Hikvision for 8 years and JiaduTechnology for more than 4 years. I started my business in 2020. Before spending a lot of energy and using a lot of data, it is to make a thing “accurate”, accurate to 99.9999%.

With so much effort to do this, I would think: Why must it be so accurate? Is it possible to do it in moderation? Why can’t the algorithm accuracy and demand situation be integrated? Why these requirements can only be placed in the security system? Why are they all one-way and not interactive?

In 2019, I proposed a product that integrates virtual and reality, and named it “Immersive AI Engine”. Even though I had read the book “Metaverse” at that time, I still dared not call it “Metaverse”. Looking back, in 2019, “Zi Weiyun” did things in the direction of the Metaverse, which is one of the representatives of the Metaverse.

So what are the main technical points of “Ziweiyun ZEEWAIN Engine” in the Metaverse?

This includes the four new core technologies of “Ziweiyun” specialization. The first is a multimodal algorithm based on images, voiceprints, audio, and text;

The second is the optimization of the computing power engine. In the past, it was to buy a computing power card. The number of computing power cards that a company can buy means its strength. The immersive computing of “Ziweiyun” is to reduce the computing power as much as possible with the blessing of algorithms and network technology, which is the “green computing” in the investment direction of Songhe Capital just now;

The third is data processing. Originally, it was based on the accumulation of a lot of data to form an accurate algorithm model, but what we are now pursuing is to use a small sample to calculate the algorithm application of a scene. For example, the rich body movements of a Peking Opera actor can be easily imitated after collection, and the data algorithm of all the movements of the Peking Opera actor can be generated, which can be understood, experienced and shared by more people in the form of digital human drive. Nationalism.

In addition, Metaverse-related technologies must be inseparable from digital twins, 3D modeling, VR/AR/MR and other digital creativity.For the digital human live broadcasts that everyone usually sees, what virtual digital human driver do we use? Monocular mobile phone camera driver.

What do we feel when we shop online now? Upload photos and try on clothes through the cloud.

And what does “Ziweiyun” do? When your photo is uploaded to the computer, it can be generated in milliseconds without connecting to the Internet. It is conceivable to sit on the sofa at home, put the right hand into the shopping cart when you see the right clothes, and throw the left hand you don’t like into the trash can. The logistics that you think are very suitable are sent to your home to try on, which is green and environmental protection. Compared with online shopping now, after buying more than a dozen pieces, the actual purchase is not necessarily a lot, and a lot of manpower and material resources for packaging, service, and transportation are wasted.

If the above solutions can be realized, “Ziweiyun” can also make a little contribution to low carbon and realize new information infrastructure, which is also the concept of “digital soil”.

This may also be related to “rural revitalization”. I was born as a farmer , I have ploughed the fields and pastured cattle, and have a very deep affection for the soil.

Now that our country has a “rural revitalization” strategy, I am thinking, with the development of artificial intelligence technology and the development of new infrastructure, can every screen around us be used as a piece of digital soil?

For example, I am working on an algorithm optimization of dance posture, can I cut this knowledge into pictures? This is through the integration of artificial intelligence technology and high-definition large screen to form the concept of “digital soil”.

At present, “Ziweiyun” is cooperating with the world’s advanced high-definition display manufacturer “BOE”. Yesterday, we signed a strategic agreement to jointly create an “AR Metaverse Interactive Screen”. Why “AR Metaverse Interactive Screen”? Because AR is augmented reality, it is a form that can truly feel the interaction between virtual and real.

Gu Youliang, Chairman of Ziweiyun Technology: Improve speed, quality and efficiency, focus on AR Metaverse, cultivate "digital soil", and help new information infrastructure

Gu Youliang’s speech on “WISE2022 New Wind Direction Conference” (Photo source: On-site shooting) 

Why propose an interaction? It must not only know and exist, but also exchange information, actions, ideas, and even some economic interactions. Therefore, we propose the “AR Metaverse Interactive Screen”, through the AR capabilities of the “Ziweiyun” digital soil, together with our ecological partners, including 5G technology parties, Alibaba, Tencent’s cloud computing, database, and information security operating system manufacturers And so on, to jointly form the information infrastructure of the new infrastructure, and the high-definition display manufacturer “BOE” has reached a national strategic cooperation with it to form a digital soil to create an AR Metaverse interactive screen.

In what form will the “AR Metaverse Interactive Screen” appear? The interactive screen for educational popularization that everyone sees, a simple monocular camera, uses the computing power box of “Zeewain Engine” to improve the digital literacy of students and citizens through educational popularization, in kindergartens, primary schools, communities, It can be used in indoor scenes such as parks and supermarkets. This is also our first interactive screen based on the popular science of digital literacy education.

The second one is a visual health interactive screen. The existing product is a training system for limbs, eyes, and spatial perception. “Ziweiyun” integrates this algorithm with somatosensory gestures, and transplants the algorithm to the Android platform. Then, through such a screen, combined with training, my myopia, strabismus, and amblyopia can be improved and treated. This system has been used in hundreds of hospitals for auxiliary treatment of products related to myopia, strabismus and amblyopia. We have combined it with artificial intelligence and brought it to the market, called “Visual Health Interactive Screen”, which belongs to the category of digital medical care.

The third is a sports fitness interactive screen. The concept of “National Fitness” was put forward, but there is a lack of physical education teachers, sports venues and equipment, and this interactive screen product allows children, the elderly and people to do some easy and convenient exercises in front of the TV at home in their spare time.

With interactive screens and “digital soil”, how to “improve efficiency”?

This involves the scene Metaverse proposed by “Zi Weiyun”. “Ziweiyun” can produce many digital people based on 2D and 3D, and cooperates with third parties extensively, including Epson and so on. You can use your own gestures and limbs to interact with any combination of people, objects and fields through the “Ziweiyun BlendVerse Content Creation Platform”.

For example, we have a kitchen, which has vegetables, knives, cutting boards, bowls and plates, etc. After the combination, people can cut vegetables, stir-fry vegetables, and serve dishes in it, creating a highly interactive scene. We can make any combination based on all 2D and 3D things on the Internet, carry out different content innovations, and drive them through the movement of limbs.

In addition, we also made a Metaverse press conference. You can choose the materials, PPT, and photos in it, and you can choose your favorite digital people to interact with. This is what we propose to “improve efficiency” in the digital economy of the Metaverse. product.

As mentioned earlier, I have worked in the field of video surveillance for more than 20 years, and most of the industry is an ecological partner. Is it possible to integrate with traditional video surveillance based on the AR Metaverse intelligent technology of “Ziweiyun” to form a solution based on Metaverse technology?

The answer is yes.

We have cut into the digital village. In Huizhou, combined with the local traditional “unicorn dance”, we have made a digital preservation of the dance techniques of historical inheritors; we have made many teaching models based on chemistry and physics with Guangzhou Yuyan Middle School; Medical care, sports and fitness, digital cultural tourism, smart media, etc., can all change our current way of life and communication. The above are the products we make.

What kind of company is “Ziweiyun”? We precisely cut into the technical track of AR augmented reality based on AI technology.

What does “Zi Weiyun” do? To do real interaction, let the real social scene interact with the virtual scene, let people learn knowledge in the process, feel science, humanities, health, art, beauty, and feel the real life.

“Zi Weiyun” has been established for more than two years, and the team has nearly 100 people. In terms of technology, some results have been achieved based on images, including text OCR and unsupervised learning.

In terms of market brands, I feel that I have been helping my boss to make money for the past 20 years. I have been working for 23 years from the ore processing profession to IT.

Now that I am a boss, I realize that it is different from when I used to make money. When I was working, it was called “moving bricks”, but now it is called “making bricks.” In this process, we have also gained recognition from some market industries.

In terms of industry layout, the first focus of “Ziweiyun” is digital villages, the second is education, and the third is digital medical care. Also, my favorite industry is commercial retail. At present, we can feel that many small, medium and micro enterprises are facing huge challenges. Whether our new technologies can be quickly integrated and enhance the liquidity of the retail industry is also a point we are very concerned about.

In my opinion, in the future, artificial intelligence will be a technology that will not decline in the next ten or twenty years, followed by doing something “green”. “Ziweiyun” will always abide by the innovation of hard-core technology, and will be all in the hard-core technology R&D team.

Let me share these words with you – “hit up the video”. This is on January 16, 2022. We wrote these words directly with a pen during our annual meeting. Today, I also share these words that represent the celebration of the annual meeting with you. I hope everyone can interact with the AR Metaverse together. screen, make the economy move, and make everyone here rich.

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