Grocery retail platform “JOKR” A round of financing of 170 million US dollars, enter the 15-minute delivery market

From express delivery every other day to one hour and 15 minutes of instant delivery the next day, high-frequency and low-price products are gradually “takeaway”, and major e-commerce companies have entered the “racing”.

According to foreign media TechCrunch , the grocery retail distribution platform JOkr recently completed a round of financing of up to 170 million U.S. dollars. It is reported that this round of financing was led by GGV Capital, Balderton Capital and Tiger Global Management. Other investors include Activant Capital, Greycroft, Fabrice Grinda’s FJ Labs, Latin American technology professional venture capital companies Kaszek and Monashees, and the first institutional investor HV Capital.

The New York-based start-up company takes “online shopping + instant delivery” as its core concept. Three months before the completion of this round of financing, it has already launched business in the United States, Latin America and Europe, covering Brazil and Mexico. , Colombia, and Peru, as well as Poland and Austria in Europe.

Grocery retail platform "JOKR" A round of financing of 170 million US dollars, enter the 15-minute delivery market

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“We firmly believe that the world needs a new Amazon. It should be more sustainable and should have a deeper understanding of local culture and products.” JOKR founder and CEO Ralf Wenzel commented on this round of financing. It was said in a statement.

The founder team of JOKR has established a number of instant delivery platforms for fast-moving consumer goods, including Foodpanda and Delivery Hero, and has many years of experience and resources in this field.

Wenzel added, “This round of financing will support JOkr to continue to expand at an unprecedented rate. We are committed to making JOkr the premier brand for a new generation of online shopping, with the help of an instant delivery system, focusing on empowering local products and suppliers to build A more sustainable distribution and supply chain system. We are proud to be able to work with such a group of outstanding international technology investors to help us seize the huge opportunities in front of us.”

The core concept of JOKR is to enable local small companies to sell local products through JOkr’s platform, expand product categories and expand business scope through cooperation agreements with a large number of companies, and suppliers do not need to establish complex logistics and delivery networks. You can directly enjoy the integrated services provided by the platform. This model also takes the sustainable development of the local economy into consideration.

Hans Tung, managing partner of GGV Capital and a new member of the JOK board of directors, said: “Ralf has formed an all-star food delivery team, which will change the traditional retail supply chain system. The team’s years of experience in food instant delivery, coupled with complex data The functionally supported inventory allocation and scheduling system makes JOkr unique. We look forward to working with the team to complete the mission of new retail transformation, making the retail industry more immediate, more decentralized, and more sustainable.”

Currently, JOKR is working with other express grocery suppliers such as Gorillas and Getir to provide 15-minute delivery services to supermarkets, convenience stores and other channels. However, JOKR provides “exclusive” local products in addition to daily necessities, food and medicines from regular channels. The JOK app is currently available on Google Play.

Wenzel said in the interview, “Our business model is close to Instacart, focusing on grocery, and in this category we cover a wider range of products than Gorillas. In fact, our competitors are traditional offline supermarkets and online Comprehensive e-commerce platform. In the next phase, the company will conduct vertical integration, gradually optimize the supply chain, eliminate middlemen, and establish its own distribution warehouse.”

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